Some people should not be involved in government

Just now, I was stopped at an intersection not far from my home when Sandra Motzer, crossing the street with her husband Tim, said loudly, “Oh god, there she is!” They passed in front of my car, Tim Motzer smirking.

Sandra Motzer, active in numerous neighborhood organizations including the councils, is someone who once wrote an email to other members of her neighborhood watch, several developers, and several apparent house flippers, talking about how parking strips could be marked and then the codes enforced to get renters in her neighborhood to move. Perhaps not so auspiciously for the homeless, she also chaired the Lake City neighborhood committee on Mayor Murray’s homelessness initiative. Tim Motzer is a former City of Seattle Parks and Recreation manager and, at least until Mayor Murray withdrew funding from the neighborhood council (I haven’t kept up on that; I hope  funding was not restored), was active in the neighborhood councils as well as a neighborhood watch member who attempted to intimidate renters in his neighborhood out of parking on public streets with a public display of anger and fist-shaking.

It’s hard to imagine that people like this exist, or that they would be welcome in local government in an increasingly diverse community of any egalitarian spirit. I’ve barely even met either of them and probably spoke with one briefly once or twice before their sentiments became clear. With behavior more fitting for high school than in community, it’s no wonder what has happened to me in my neighborhood; small-minded people are the spirit of mobbing. These are the people who would be enthralled by an old-fashioned shaming of those they cannot control.

Mean-spirited people who hide what they are in positions of supposed benevolence, small-minded people who drain city coffers with their nuisance complaints, their incessant and often bogus reports of civil code violations, their misuse of civil services including false reports to police, people like these who would try to run off those who rent or those they plain don’t like, should be excluded from leadership roles. This is the only way to create change for the better. The time for “leaders” like Tim and Sandra Motzer has long since passed.



How the Seattle mobbers use Seattle Police Department to do their dirty work (part 1)

Property mobbing is war. The self-dubbed mobbers of northeast Seattle will tell you that straight off. They told me early in the mobbing harassment as they barraged the window panes of my small older rental home overlooking Lake Washington with the hoaxes, threats and harassment intended to rattle and then vanquish me, their sworn enemy, a legal tenant refusing to budge who began working to expose their racketeering, a legal tenant of now six-plus years who this summer is finishing parts of a garden and painting the house while newer homes around me fall to speculators and investors to be razed, rebuilt and sold at double the value.

In the first year of the mobbing, these scumbucket real estate investors who work with or are criminal tenant relocators had their heyday here in northeast Seattle, working from houses on both sides of me while their nasty neighborhood watch sponsor cheered them on from across the street, propagandizing neighborhood passersby into ignoring the mêlée and turning justice on its head with malicious gossip and lies that sought to make me—the tenant victim—appear a degenerate and a criminal.

“This is a property war,” crowed a voice that sounded a lot like the bratpack owner of the south mobbing house.

“It’s a professional real estate hit,” cried another.

Real estate mobbing here in this rarefied enclave of northeast Seattle is, in the mobbers’ own words, war—a war they fight on every front. In my last post, I likened the lies and malicious gossip of the mobbers to Nazi propaganda. It serves the same purpose. It is intended to make fertile the soil, in other words, to prepare the neighborhood so that individuals who might otherwise be appalled and immediately move to report the crime, instead act in a manner that ultimately supports the mobbing. By this I mean that people become inured to what should be an alarming situation in their neighborhood, or that they make a quick decision that it does not concern them.  I can’t say why that is. I’m sure that sexism works in favor of the mobbers and that, for that reason, some regard any visible signs of the mobbing on as a “cat fight,” a civil dispute over issues like parking or simply a case of personal dislike on the part of the nasty neighborhood watch woman being played out in the public sphere. It’s also possible, as one of my landlords once suggested, that others in the neighborhood know “what [the nasty neighborhood watch woman] is like” and don’t want her bringing the same hellfire down on them, or that ignoring an abnormal situation is how some protect their own interests. Yet another possibility is that they blame the victim, having been seduced into the victim-blaming that any good mobbing is.

I would answer with a parable that explains a lot of what I believe and why I feel a duty to so as I have done and to expose the organized crime and racketeering that comes at the expense of the lives of people like me.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

—Pastor Martin Niemöller

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How mobbers script harassment to avoid legal jeopardy

In a recent blog entry, Tip: The use of “safe” words in mobbing, I described how real estate mobbers use code when harassing over a public address system, a speaker-enabled access point, or the cell phones of those near their victim. For example, in my own mobbing, the mobbers began to use the name “Kroll” after I requested disclosure of inquiries from Kroll Background America and credit reporting agencies. After checking my credit report, I had come to believe that an illegal background check had been run on me. Those harassing me use “Kroll!” or “Call Kroll!” in the same way they use “Bot!”—as a demand for me to leave my home.

The mobbers also began to use “Kroll” to mean “kill,” most commonly threatening We’ll kroll you in court! This came after a period of time when they constantly threatened to “kill” me, and then, probably because the law spells out stiff penalties for threatening someone’s life, began to clarify that they would “kill” me “online.” To “kill” someone online, if I recall correctly, appears to be a reference to an extreme defamation of character. I remember one of the mobbers merrily threatening me in the earlier days of the mobbing from the other side of a tall hedge: “We’ll kill you online and off.” Those were heady days for the mobbers, before I became inured to the threats, days when they reveled in their power as the bullying took hold. But as the count of days in the mobbing wore on, they began to substitute the word “kroll” as code for “kill.”

Real estate mobbers, at least those mobbing me in this upscale enclave of northeast Seattle, use threats of civil action to clamp down on victim reports of the crimes they commit. Based on my own experience, I believe that in most cases, the threats mobbers use are empty. As the “white-glove” method of forced eviction, mobbers want you to believe their threats and leave quietly, and of your own volition; they do not want to carry out their threats and prefer to avoid actions that could expose them, and their clientele, to legal jeopardy.

When mobbers are forced to initiate or respond to civil action, their petitions and claims should be carefully examined for obstruction of justice. For example, while using directional speakers to ensure that no one but the mobbing victim hears the harassment, mobbers may claim in court that the victim is “hearing voices” or has become “paranoid schizophrenic.” If a mobbing victim attempts but fails to get an anti-harassment order because of the difficulty of proving harassment by radio or surface harassment projected onto window panes, mobbers may turn the tables on the tenant and make a bid to shut him down with their own petition for an anti-harassment order. They may even say that the tenant’s attempt at an order was harassment, a confounding thing for a victim of criminal harassment. In such a case, the petition for an order of anti-harassment against the tenant the mobbers are harassing should be construed, in its entirety, as obstruction of justice, because the ultimate goal of such a petition is  to intimidate the victim into acquiescence and finally vanquish him from his home.

The victim of real estate mobbing who fights for her home pays a price. Mobbing is highly illegal and includes the endless commission of felony crimes ranging from aggravated harassment and stalking to eavesdropping on calls and following over wireless networks. Mobbers construct their crimes to protect themselves and their partners from legal jeopardy. For this reason, the mobbers exact a penalty for each day the mobbing victim refuses to “get the hell out” of her home. In my own mobbing, the harassment escalated over time to the point of becoming relentless and including deliberate and repetitive early morning wakings, even on days when I face the grueling 800-mile-drive from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area to stay employed.

Mobbers construct mobbing harassment to ensure that even if you have a viable claim against them, you will have to brave courtroom humiliation to prove it. At least, that’s their expectation for civil claims where damages are tied to the depth of the humiliation and distress the victim recounts in court.  Mobbers assume that their crimes cannot be proved and that victims who fail to shut up and get out, lacking recourse in criminal court, will resort to civil court for remedy. Civil court, however, is part of the mobbers’ strategy.

Once you are in civil court, you will likely be made to recount, verbatim, the slurs of the mobbers. If your mobbers are like mine, they’ll be sure to script a flattering blend of accusations and insults. You’ll probably have to recount how they kept talking about “what you did to that kid” or how they described “your abs, Babs!” You might be asked to state exactly how they threatened to report you to your employer for lying on your time sheet, or how they went on about you kiting checks every time you stood at the cashier’s counter. Even if they only listen and never watch, they’ll be sure to tell you about how you look in orgasm, how you urinate, or how you touch yourself in the shower (washing is that way). When you’re asked in court under oath what they said, your testimony against them  will demand that you expose yourself to potential ridicule and may even, in the eyes of some, raise doubts about your own character.

This is what the mobbers bank on—that your own discomfort with describing the content of the harassment they’ve subjected you to within and without your home and in and out of bed and bath, will silence you and send you packing. This is why they like to threaten, We’ll kroll you in court!

These threats of criminals who call themselves “the mob,” these threats of criminals who are either tenant clearers or real estate speculators who clear tenants for a good deal, these threats must be stripped of their power.

Real estate mobbing is a racket and should be investigated and prosecuted as one. The crimes that this racket includes should be prosecuted and those who commit them should be regarded as criminals. Victim’s compensation should be exacted by the prosecutorial system through civil or criminal forfeiture whenever possible to save victims from having to relive the mobbing in civil court. Those who are victims of real estate mobbing should be protected by the court from further violations of privacy during the prosecution of mobbing crimes. Mobbing crime should be prosecuted in criminal court before damages are sought for civil claims and courtroom attempts of the mobbers or the attorneys of the mobbers to embarrass and humiliate the victims of mobbing should be met with objections and with the same disciplinary measures and penalties meted out to officers of the court who would blame victims of rape for the violent acts against them.



Why real estate mobbing is a good reason to make renters a protected class

Real estate mobbing is an organized crime in which a legal resident is chased out of his or her legal home by criminal real estate speculators who want the property. In a cops-and-robbers’ wet dream, the harassers stalk, monitor, and harass their “target” using methods of surveillance and harassment. Real estate mobbing—continual harassment within and without one’s home by methods including radio, cell phone, wireless network, and surface harassment projected onto windows—is intentional harassment intended to take a physical, emotional, and mental toll on its victim. Over the very short run, real estate mobbing probably constitutes at least assault and battery. Over the long run, a real estate mobbing like the one I’ve endured for nearly two years to try to get an investigation, probably amounts to aggravated assault and maybe even attempted murder. It’s probably fair to say that real estate mobbing is domestic terrorism. Regardless of whether or not it is regarded as real estate scheme, racketeering, or domestic terrorism, real estate mobbing should interest the FBI.

Based on what I’ve witnessed as a victim of real estate mobbing in my northeast Seattle neighborhood, with cars coming and going under cover of darkness, dropping off and picking up people as though in shifts, there is a network of real estate mobbers who, in the mobbers’ parlance, “clear” tenants for the shady real estate speculators who are willing to use them. They conduct advance surveillance of the victim before mobbing to get information they can use to force a tenant to quietly leave. In my case, I was assured by a harasser early on that they had “all the email” I had ever written. Based on the domains of knowledge they display, mobbers include “private eyes” (and do seem to see themselves as “private dicks”) or those who thrill at using their methods, they include those with medical training to monitor and modulate the risk involved in deliberately stressing the victim, and they probably include part-timers who don’t mind committing a sneaky crime they are assured they’ll never be arrested for to make a few bucks. In an approach that blends old technologies with new to create a seamless experience of end-to-end harassment for the victim, mobbers are probably jacks-of-all-trades who know how to build vent work to transport harassment, how to use signal analyzers, packet sniffers and radio scanners to eavesdrop, and how to use cellular, wireless, and radio technologies—including software defined radios (SDR)—to hop from device to device and harass their victim.

In the best of all possible worlds, real estate mobbing is effected from a place of proximity, just a network hop away, with an attack vector that is hidden and short and with a human toll brutal and long. In the best of all possible worlds, real estate mobbing is a crime between neighbors in which harassment drifts from the eaves and wafts from exhaust vents like the smell of a warm cherry pie.

Boasting that they have “triangulated” the victim, the mobbers insult, and threaten, and taunt. They attempt to valorize a human rights crime by declaring a “property war.” Their aggression they deem a “professional real estate hit.”

What kind of people would recreate Jim Crow law for the tenants who reside in their neighborhood? What kind of “neighbors” would harbor criminals in their homes to harass those next door from their legal home? Why would any “good neighbor” do this? Why would a neighborhood watch conspire to commit such a crime against a local resident they should protect?

Real estate mobbing, in its cops-and-robbers approach to forced eviction, intentionally criminalizes and dehumanizes a legal resident with innuendo, mudslinging, hypocrisy, and the abuse of civil process. This is the propaganda that heralds the “war.” It’s no coincidence that such a nasty, take-no-prisoner method of profiteering would be used by real estate speculators.

Those who ply the predatory and criminal tactics of property mobbing seek appropriate victims. As a “class,” those who rent have or are perceived to have positions that are weak economically, socially, and in their neighborhoods. In my neighborhood where members of the neighborhood watch, even those who’ve worked in management positions for the City of Seattle, shake their fists in the street and openly cry that renters have no right to park on the public streets, “renters” are the appropriate victim class. The handy thing about mobbing is that you don’t have to worry about forcing someone who is not a criminal out of their home, because the goal of mobbing is to make them look like one.

As a neighborhood bullying situation enabled by the collusion of a corrupt neighborhood watch with real estate speculators evolved into a situation of real estate mobbing, I sought help through avenues including the ACLU, the Seattle Tenants Union, and agencies like the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) and the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR). While I believed that a great part of the reason why I was targeted for the crime of real estate mobbing was the fact that I appeared, based on stereotype, vulnerable as a middle-aged woman living alone, it was difficult to claim that I was being victimized because I am a woman, because I am a single woman, or because I am middle-aged. Real estate mobbers, at least those mobbing me, attempt to use any and every facet of a person’s identity and existence to threaten, hoax, taunt and blackmail them out of their legal residence. If a mobber can use it to compel you to quietly leave your home, the mobber will.

The most likely reason for their interest in my home, and in the homes of most who rent, however, is that it is not “owner-occupied.” Real estate mobbers expect to be able to scare a tenant off of a lot because a tenant is not perceived as being invested in remaining in her home. Mobbers then expect to be able to pressure an “absent” owner or a euphemistically dubbed “reluctant seller” into selling a home based on the devaluation of the tenant in and the exclusion of the tenant from the community. The insurance policies that cover adverse possession lawsuits from avaricious neighbors are defensive and provide no protection from tortious interference by third parties into the contract between landlord and tenant, or from tenant harassment by third parties that is nothing more than a criminal proxy for an adverse possession lawsuit that is untenable. Real estate mobbers expect to be able to commit a crime against good people who rent because the rights and claims of home owners, especially if they are captains of the neighborhood watch, may be given greater weight than the contracts, rights, and even the lives of the “renters” they disdain.

But because tenants are not a protected class, real estate speculators can declare open season on those who legally rent homes on lots that speculators want to acquire. When neighborhood watch organizations forget their duties, when they stop existing for the good of all those in the neighborhood and instead use community to vent their spite, the neighborhood watch becomes a racket and its members racketeers. Racketeering or not, the wholesale disregard for the rights of tenants constitutes a wanton display of discriminatory bias.

Anti-discrimination laws exist to provide equal protection under the law. Generally the protected classes are defined to include physical characteristics including sex, race, and ethnicity. In liberal cities like Seattle, these classes may be widened to include political opinion. When housing is concerned, receiving Section 8 economic aid may also be included. But those who rent are not defined as a “protected class.” It is this lack of protection, in a neighborhood like mine, that has contributed to my being the victim of racketeers who are willing to assault and batter a legal tenant, to ruin her life for profit and not for just a bit of sport.

Reward for information that leads to the arrest of real estate mobbers is offering a $3000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those involved in mobbing the author of this blog in northeast Seattle. If you have information that is likely to compel the arrest of those involved in this organized crime whose purpose is the illegal forced eviction of a Seattle tenant and the “turning over” of the property on which she resides, likely for acquisition by real estate speculators, please give that information to the Seattle Police Department.  Helpful information would probably include the identities of those involved, the identities of any past victims, and details about the methods of harassment they use such as radio, cell phone, wireless network, and speakers.

Thank you.


My neighborhood has a problem with bullying

It makes sense that a real estate mobbing, an organized crime whose goal is forced eviction and the “turning over” of a property for speculation, would occur here in this lakeside neighborhood of northeast Seattle that has been the focus of a small group of residential developers and real estate speculators since the early days of recovery from the “Great Recession.” It makes sense that this brutal crime would be perpetrated by small-time house flippers who thrive on neighborhood brouhahas and economic distress, or fly-by-night developers thrilled at the prospect of playing cops-and-robbers as they bully the vulnerable off property they want. Symbolically, real estate mobbing might be seen as a revenge crime of embattled home owners against the renters they scapegoat for diminished property values or a “feel-good” crime of owners against renters who fared better than they did in the recession, kind of like the crimes of the Nazi era against the Jews they blamed for any downturn.

No matter how you cut it, real estate mobbing makes sense in my anti-renter neighborhood. My neighborhood has a problem with bullying.

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The natural alliance between tenant clearing and hacking (part 1)

I’m in the kitchen preparing a late dinner and walk over to the sink. “Move on,” a masculine voice whispers from the other side of the window pane. The voice doesn’t register and I figure it’s either the guy whose red SUV has been in evidence nearly every day these last weeks, or another guy I’d just seen awkwardly walking away from the mobbing house, his head covered with the hood of a jacket, to a truck that seemed familiar to me. I consider whether I have the plate number of that truck and remember that the owner of that mobbing house has driven one like it in the past. I finish dinner and sit down to begin this post. “Hey! Idiot!” The masculine voice is dim though I hear it right next to me. It’s probably a projection timed to hit me as I sat down to work. Usually it’s “Village Idiot,” an insult that I had concluded fits in well with the narrative that mobbing seems to be. At least, it’s been a famliar part of their incantations for more than sixteen months since I first heard the neighborhood watch co-captain telling a few young adult women in the street that I was “the village idiot” before being aware that I was been “mobbed,” much less coming to understand its meaning. This insult has been but one in their oft-repeated refrain,  this song with which they seek to disgorge me, the renter, from my home. The tone of voice changes depending on how the insults are transported to me, but it’s probably not the first time the voices of these men have been transmitted to me from a nearby home. They’re probably the same ones I’ve heard in my bedroom, observing how I look as I sleep, how much of my body is revealed when I cast off the sheets in the summertime heat, and where I keep my hands. It’s nothing new. Not anymore.

This is the backdrop against which my life has been lived for the last sixteen months, but it’s often more intense than that, at least, they want it to be. Harassers seem to need a lot of attention.

For now though, I focus on my thoughts and the whispers quiet. For the moment, I focus on this writing, these words.

Back in the days of blockbusting, developers got residents to scurry on with whispers and rumble machines. As I’ve learned firsthand, ventilation and water systems transport and even amplify sound. As builders with a ground-up understanding of building systems, developers’ intimate knowledge of architecture, materials and fabrication allowed them to make structures unlivable. The super could shut down water and heat; the rumble machine could shake occupants into submission. These appropriations, even subversions, of building utilities and services remain the way to, in the idiom of my mobbers, “get you out.” My own mobbers keep window fans poised in locations above my own windows and the sound drifts down to me, they’ve likely stationed speakers on the opposite sides of the fences we share and activate them when I’m within range in my bedroom, outside in the garden, or in the bathroom. They’ve bounced sound of my windows, they’ve used my air cleaners as propulsion systems for harassment, they’ve taken advantage of the concrete slab that connects our houses. Sounds they don’t have, like the rumble of a blockbusting rumble machine, or the gunshots I joked that it would take to evict me, even these sounds they can manufacture and project to me.

But while mobbing uses the old-school and the low-tech, it’s decidedly high tech. This, I would wager, is a natural outgrowth of the development and real estate industries being very forward-thinking when it comes to investigating new ways to make money. Real estate was very quick on the uptake with digital cameras and 360 degree environments to entice customers who want to feel what a house looks like before they see it. Developers and builders have been quick to adopt drone technologies to survey properties, especially those on steep lots as in my own neighborhood, and perhaps to survey their occupants as well. Where profit margins are concerned, the bleeding edge is worth the risk.

There’s no lack of risk with hacking. But for developers and real estate speculators, hacking of all forms is a great way to offload risk. For speculators who sometimes walk fine lines between legal profit and criminal racketeering, mobbing can be a way to achieve the goal of turning over properties for speculation while remaining shielded, even practically indemnified, that is, if the victim swallows the mobber’s line.

To learn why real estate speculators are mad for mobbing, read The natural alliance between tenant clearing and hacking (part 2), to be published in the next day or two.

What is mobbing?

Early on my mobbing, those harassing me called themselves mobbers and claimed that they were mobbing me and would mob me at least until I left my home. “We’re the mob!” they would shout into my house.

I began looking online for references to “mobbing.” It took a long time until I found the United Nations article about “Forced Evictions” that listed “real estate mobbing” as one of the means of forced eviction. During that same period of time, I also found an Amnesty International reference to it as a Human Rights violation. And I learned about the recognition given to “mobbing” of all kinds as a problem in Europe. In Spain, in particular, there has been a great problem with real estate mobbing in Madrid.

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To catch a mobber

“On being mobbed” is written to document the many unethical and illegal acts in the “mobbing” of a Seattle tenant. She became aware of the mobbing in May of 2014 and has refused to be harassed out of her home. Because of the duration of this illegal effort and the day-in and day-out cycles of hoaxes, threats, insults and so on, it is difficult to apply a strict calendar to events. These blog entries are written thematically with the goal of inviting a criminal investigation that would expose the mobbers, end the mobbing and, hopefully, discourage this type of predatory behavior in the future.

This morning is like most mornings since I’ve become aware that I’m being mobbed. Except perhaps because of the sound board I had cut for one of my bedroom windows, and the packing materials and packages of toilet paper that I inserted between the storm windows and the interior windows on the other seem to have helped to quiet the mobbers. And it might not hurt that I’m becoming skilled at sleeping while propping my head up on the pillow without my ear touching the case and tend to use one, but not two earplugs in order to stifle and not amplify the sound. Anyway, perhaps for those reasons, my sleep was not broken at 3:00 am or 4:00 am. The mobbers may also be slightly more cautious these last few days in light of the information I’m imparting from this blog to anyone who will read it and might be persuaded to direct it to the attention of the proper authorities in Seattle or might themselves be the proper authorities, and perhaps because of my recent missives to city officials and legal authorities in Seattle.

At any rate, this morning, I woke up, had a nice stretch and a yawn, and thought about how I could help authorities to help me. Here goes.

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The method

I spent much of the last week traveling traveling out of state for work. It’s always interesting to see whether or how the harassment changes, as I move around, changing modes of travel and environment and experimenting to see how I can blunt the constant monitoring and harassment. As fall approaches and I continue to attempt to get help and an investigation from local and federal authorities in Seattle and in Washington State, the harassment is sometimes muted and the methods seem to become more circumspect, at least for a short time.

To continue trying to get help by sharing my story anonymously and doing my best to expose what, based on the practiced manner of the harassers, is likely a repeating crime or at least a sideline profession in “clearing” residents, this post will describe what I perceive as different forms of conveyance for the voice harassment and will then suggest the most likely source. I’m doing this because what has been done to me is criminal and it seems to be a crime hired by those gifted with the nasty combination of financial resources unrestrained by ethics or law. I would suggest that the most likely perpetrators of this type of crime would be those from nasty neighborhoods and out-of-control neighborhood watch groups, those with interests in speculative industries such as real estate development and investment, or both.

The following table is for those who might have the power to begin an investigation or to refer this matter to those who are able to make an appropriate investigation. What has happened to me began with physical and documented bullying in my neighborhood. It is not difficult to trace and I would welcome contact from legal authorities who read these posts and see that they make sense, and that what has happened to me may have happened to others who may not have been as persistent as I have been, and may well be done by an organized group of people who “mob” people out of their homes for profit.

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