Get off the phone! We might have a drone!

In the early months of the real estate mobbing, a time when the harassers made grandiose statements intended to befuddle and bewitch, claims about winged flying machines were made during the nighttime harassment the mobbers quickly applied in an effort to make my home unlivable:

We might have a drone, one of the mobbers suggested.

Get off the phone! cried another, in mock amazement.

This was before every Tom, Dick and Harry got one for Christmas the year before last, before the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) promulgated regulations on registering unmanned aircraft of a certain weight and class (Unmanned Aircraft Systems,, and before cases like one in the courtroom of Seattle Municipal Court Judge Willie Gregory, in which the operator of an out-of-control drone that knocked out a woman at Seattle’s Gay Pride Parade was sentenced to 30 days’ jail time. This was before drones became reality in the American mind, before Tattoo’s excited cries of “The plane!” approaching Fantasy Island (an American television series, 1977-1984, morphed into the calls of exercised home owners about “A drone!” at the bedroom window.

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There’s no one-armed man in the mob, but there might just be a one-eyed one

The real estate mobbers, those criminal spectulators or those who hired them, who have been trying to forcibly evict me from my legal home and convince my landlords to sell have shown increased caution as of late. This since a formerly vacant house on the other side of the south mobbing house was sold at a King County Sheriff’s auction a few weeks back.

The house was purchased by a guy who rehabilitates and flips houses—a house flipper, yes—but the feeling I get from him, an affable man of European origin who has been friendly to me, is that he is an ethical businessman who doesn’t shy away from taking part in the work from which he seeks to make a living. He and those working with him seem a breath of fresh air in this unfriendly enclave overrun by a dysfunctional neighborhood watch and influenced by an elderly and scheming builder who hails from a more conservative state as well as from a time when “clearing by smearing” was likely how you ran the residents off a property to “acquire” it. At least, given what I’ve heard this builder said about there being “ways to get [me] out,” that’s what I’m given to believe.

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Countermeasure: Vent blocking

Just now I remembered how, not long after the self-important owner of one of the mobbing houses took up residence next to me, it became clear from his conversations that carried over the property line how much he liked to listen to himself talk. As I was being harassed just now while standing at the sink, by surface harassment simultaneously directed at the north and south windows of the house (until I inserted the sound board in some windows and they jumped on the TV for the evening news), I smiled at how appropriate it is that he and others involved in this criminal attempt to harass me from my home would choose harassment—yammering—to do it.

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My neighborhood has a problem with bullying

It makes sense that a real estate mobbing, an organized crime whose goal is forced eviction and the “turning over” of a property for speculation, would occur here in this lakeside neighborhood of northeast Seattle that has been the focus of a small group of residential developers and real estate speculators since the early days of recovery from the “Great Recession.” It makes sense that this brutal crime would be perpetrated by small-time house flippers who thrive on neighborhood brouhahas and economic distress, or fly-by-night developers thrilled at the prospect of playing cops-and-robbers as they bully the vulnerable off property they want. Symbolically, real estate mobbing might be seen as a revenge crime of embattled home owners against the renters they scapegoat for diminished property values or a “feel-good” crime of owners against renters who fared better than they did in the recession, kind of like the crimes of the Nazi era against the Jews they blamed for any downturn.

No matter how you cut it, real estate mobbing makes sense in my anti-renter neighborhood. My neighborhood has a problem with bullying.

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What is mobbing?

Early on my mobbing, those harassing me called themselves mobbers and claimed that they were mobbing me and would mob me at least until I left my home. “We’re the mob!” they would shout into my house.

I began looking online for references to “mobbing.” It took a long time until I found the United Nations article about “Forced Evictions” that listed “real estate mobbing” as one of the means of forced eviction. During that same period of time, I also found an Amnesty International reference to it as a Human Rights violation. And I learned about the recognition given to “mobbing” of all kinds as a problem in Europe. In Spain, in particular, there has been a great problem with real estate mobbing in Madrid.

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To catch a mobber, a note

In an earlier post with a title similar to this one, I described how I thought it might be possible to gather information in a mobbing case like my own. But perhaps the best way to catch a mobber, to catch those who are mobbing me, have likely mobbed others and will likely mob others in the future, is to follow me.

I want to make it clear that police authorities who seek to investigate this matter are more than welcome to follow me. I haven’t had any privacy for more than sixteen months so it makes no difference to me and I would hope that your interest would either give me some much needed relief or bring this to a close. So if you don’t feel that hands-off police work is likely to be productive–for example, interviewing people in the neighborhood who probably know there is something going on–please find a way to put surveillance on me or on the harassment.

In light of my beginning this blog, or perhaps in light of the failure so far of the “mobbers,” who may be experienced tenant clearers, professional harassers or “World’s Worst Neighbors” who harass people from communities for whatever reasons are supplied by those who pay them, or even people who actually move in around you and harass you out so they can take the property and profit off of real estate speculation, things have been rather intense as of late with round-the-clock harassment, deprivation of sleep, and even comments from the mobbers that they don’t care if they harass me into a health emergency of some kind of another. After my starting to use sound board sized for my windows at the recommendation of a private investigator, and since I have a device on order that should be able to pick up sound projected onto my windows… not to mention my writing more letters as of late to Seattle city officials, the mobbers are kind of testy.

So here is some information about what to look for.

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Why police should investigate

It seems odd that I should have to write a post, much less a blog, to get Seattle Police to investigate my being “mobbed,” but I do. I am in a situation of harassment so extreme that I have likely had few moments of privacy at least for the last sixteen months. And my requests to the City of Seattle and to Seattle Police Department for help date back at least three years. I’ll write a related post in the next few days or add a section to this one on why the police should probably refer the investigation to the FBI but for now I want to write about why an investigation of my harassment in this neighborhood should be ordered.

Monitoring someone in their home is a form of stalking and a felony. I have been monitored in and out of my home for at least 16 months. I know I am being monitored because the harassers let me know. Why? I have concluded that part of how mobbers “get you out” is to watch you in a manner that is oppressive, onerous, and deeply, deeply illegal. Even if they only have shotgun microphones following me around and are only tricking me into thinking that they also have eyes in my house, that is eavesdropping, especially when it continues when you are in the bedroom, in the bathroom and regardless of the clothing you may or may not be wearing. What’s more, it’s a sex offense. Anyway, realistically, the mobbers must either be so highly skilled at listening that they can tell where my hands are or whether I am bending over or they have a method of seeing me in my house. I doubt it is cameras — that was another early probable hoax used to get me, the victim, into a panic of checking each and every light fixture for cameras and I will write about that hoax another day. It’s likely that in this lakeside community where windows look into windows, they were able to gain a lot of information about me before I realized they were intentionally and continuously watching. But during the harassment, they have also claimed to have some infrared devices or night vision goggles. Might be another hoax, but it would explain their knowledge of my movements in my home. Anyway, they have let me know that they are not only listening but watching. I believe they are at least always listening because the harassment chatter confirms it. Either way, felony, felony, felony! And for more than sixteen months now! It’s tantamount to being in John Fowles’ The Collector, or Michel Foucault’s panopticon, which will be another blog posting in the near future.

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The method

I spent much of the last week traveling traveling out of state for work. It’s always interesting to see whether or how the harassment changes, as I move around, changing modes of travel and environment and experimenting to see how I can blunt the constant monitoring and harassment. As fall approaches and I continue to attempt to get help and an investigation from local and federal authorities in Seattle and in Washington State, the harassment is sometimes muted and the methods seem to become more circumspect, at least for a short time.

To continue trying to get help by sharing my story anonymously and doing my best to expose what, based on the practiced manner of the harassers, is likely a repeating crime or at least a sideline profession in “clearing” residents, this post will describe what I perceive as different forms of conveyance for the voice harassment and will then suggest the most likely source. I’m doing this because what has been done to me is criminal and it seems to be a crime hired by those gifted with the nasty combination of financial resources unrestrained by ethics or law. I would suggest that the most likely perpetrators of this type of crime would be those from nasty neighborhoods and out-of-control neighborhood watch groups, those with interests in speculative industries such as real estate development and investment, or both.

The following table is for those who might have the power to begin an investigation or to refer this matter to those who are able to make an appropriate investigation. What has happened to me began with physical and documented bullying in my neighborhood. It is not difficult to trace and I would welcome contact from legal authorities who read these posts and see that they make sense, and that what has happened to me may have happened to others who may not have been as persistent as I have been, and may well be done by an organized group of people who “mob” people out of their homes for profit.

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“How are we going to get her out if we can’t see her?”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but in the days, weeks and months before the “mobbing” began, at least, before the events that make me realize that what was happening was more than malicious gossip or the nastiness of a neighborhood that combines unfriendliness with money, those who would be involved in mobbing me were preparing.

At least a year before, those living around me had begun to actively work in concert, if not to make my life so unpleasant that I would leave before the mobbing, to curb my expression of basic rights in a manner that allowed me to best hear the mobbing harassment and that would protect their access to me.

The summer before the mobbing started, the same people would begin to yell whenever I would open a door or a window. This consisted of the three houses closest to me, two of them so close that they would provide access to my every room for monitoring and harassment in the coming months; the third belonging to someone in the local neighborhood watch who had constantly complained about me and made bizarre accusations about me to my landlords and, presumably, to others. They would yell to each other that a window was open, they would yell that they would call the police even though it was not quiet hours. They would come outside and throw their trash cans around or turn on outside music so that there would be a price to having my door open in the summertime heat.

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The First Hoax: “They’ve agreed to sell us the house!”

“On being mobbed” is written to document the many unethical and illegal acts in the “mobbing” of a Seattle tenant. She became aware of the mobbing in May of 2014 and has refused to be harassed out of her home. Because of the duration of this illegal effort and the day-in and day-out cycles of hoaxes, threats, insults and so on, it is difficult to apply a strict calendar to events. These blog entries are written thematically with the goal of inviting a criminal investigation that would expose the mobbers, end the mobbing and, hopefully, discourage this type of predatory behavior in the future.

It was May of 2014 and I was balancing a full-time job and an academic program that I hoped would prepare me for a midlife career change. One day, as though by prearrangement, the neighbors on two sides of me stood in the driveway adjacent to my own, excitedly talking not far from my open windows. They were talking about an offer made to my landlords to buy the house in which I had resided for more than four years. One of the leaders of the local neighborhood watch congratulated the thirty-something couple who lived next door to me and, in her nasty way, began talking about how nice it would be to have me gone. Yes, they agreed. She went on to talk about the “green space” they’d have when I was gone. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard about this “green space.” One, maybe two years before that, she’d apparently called up my landlady and said she thought that the front yard or the front yard and driveway of the property that I leased should be “returned to green space.” They went on, talking about how glad they were that I’d finally be leaving, about their plans for the garden I tended after I was gone, and so on. It was an event obviously staged, one that continued through that week.

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