Recommended reading on the “On being mobbed” blog

A year ago, in August of 2015, I created On being mobbed and started blogging about the crime that has taken me as its victim in this northeastern enclave of Seattle. And along the way, as I’ve come to better  understand how this crime works and learned about the technologies that are involved and how they are likely applied, I’ve written more than 150 blog entries in hopes of getting the attention of investigative authorities, criminologists and forensic specialists who should be interested in how the crime of real estate mobbing unfolds in the United States. Depending on my level of stress, my energy, and the moment, some of the blog entries are better written than others, and some may be far more useful than others in revealing how the crime works and pointing investigators as well as other victims in the right direction.

The WordPress theme I’ve chosen doesn’t seem to work that well to thematically organize posts, or perhaps I haven’t taken advantage of all of its features. I’ve been meaning to look into upgrading the theme to one that might help with such things but in the meantime, whenever I send out letters to the Attorney General, the City of Seattle Prosecutor, Mayor Murray and those other distinguished persons I continue to appeal to for an investigation, I list a few key blogs. This page will do the same to provide something of a shortlist of recommended reading on this blog site, On being mobbed.

NOTE   This page was created August 20, 2016 and must be developed further to provide the best selection of On being mobbed entries to read for a roundup of what real estate mobbing is and how the real estate mobbers of northeast Seattle operate.

The Platform of Mobbing

On being mobbed
My neighborhood has a problem with bullying
The Theater of Property War
Teardown for sale, appropriately priced

Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing

Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing (part 1)
Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing (part 2)
Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing (part 3)
Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing (part 3, continued): The unreality of cyberstalking
Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing (part 3, continued): The con

Technologies of Mobbing

All your device are belong to us
Parametric yes; prosecution no
Beam-focused sound: The Artillery of Property War
Mobbing close to the bone: Bone conduction
We’re in the wind: Drones and other fly-bys
Flying the friendly skies

Misuse of Civil Process or Conning the Cops

An “unofficial demonstration”
Countermeasure: Split the signal with an auxilary speaker
Good neighbors gone bad, and on speaking no evil–at least, appearing not to speak it

How to Catch the Mobbers

Fighting crime with acoustic detection systems
How to catch a mobber: Talk to the neighbors
To catch a mobber, catch a cyber-criminal
To catch a mobber, catch a racketeer