Parametric, yes; prosecution, no

The following diagram is posted more or less as a draft. It’s a first cut at showing how “mobbers,” the modern day “blockbusters” or tenant “clearers,” use new technology to illegally evict. And believe you me, they’re all over it! Anyway, lots to do. As a woman that nasty people are trying to “mob” out of her neighborhood, I’m balancing a full load between work, traveling in and out of state to do my work since I lost my contract here in Seattle after the mobbing started about seventeen months back, exercising and gardening so that I can be a happy camper while being harassed day-and-night, writing public disclosure requests and letters to the City of Seattle and to the Seattle Police Department, and on and on. You know how it goes; idle hands are the devil’s workshop! So little time, so much harassment.

Anyway, oy vey, let me post this diagram of parametric peril that I drafted last night for you. You may not hear from me for a few days but I trust that by now I have put a sufficient amount of information on this blog to keep you, and any  police authorities who finally take an interest, interested. The diagram needs revisions that will have to wait but I wanted to get it out there in case the Seattle Police or the FBI actually do begin to look into the sorry mess on my street.

Be safe, gentle reader. Avoid neighborhoods like mine. As Raoul Vaneigem said in The Revolution of Everyday Life:

People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have corpses in their mouths.
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