Updates on the meaning of monitoring

Some changes have been made to the blog entry, Caution: The meaning of monitoring, to better describe the implications that monitoring has for any investigation into real estate mobbing or other crimes in which victims are monitored. Monitoring is a prominent aspect of real estate mobbing, especially in cases where mobbing real estate speculators move into residences flanking the victim house to crowd and better harass the victim out of the house and to then turn over the property for speculation. Expect to see this type of strategy in gentrifying neighborhoods where anti-renter neighborhood watches support the expulsion of renters and believe that the only appropriate home owner investment is flipping. Harassing (“mobbing”) a tenant out of his legal home to force a “reluctant owner” to sell is a real estate scam, one that reveals the vast disregard for the constitutional rights of those who lease their homes. ▪

Use of anti-harassment orders and Chronic Nuisance Ordinances (CNOs) to constructively evict

Real estate mobbing, with strong civil and criminal components, is a two-pronged approach to turning over a property based on constant complaints of civil and criminal code violations side-by-side with a “surround-sound” method of clandestine criminal harassment in which  “mobbers” work as “tenant relocators” from the flanking residences. Real estate mobbing, also referred to as “property mobbing,” puts the victim residence under siege in what those “mobbing” me have bragged is “property war,” by criminalizing the tenancy of the victim resident, and by laying waste to her life.

In my own case, the connection between the monitoring, stalking, and criminal harassment into my home and the drive to gentrify the neighborhood, is revealed by a years-long neighborhood bullying situation whose documented players include real estate developers, their real estate agents, and a malignant neighborhood watch in concert with some criminal real estate speculators apparently skilled in the methods of “tenant relocation.” The criminal harassment is an escalation of what the mobbers once quipped was “clearing by smearing.” This criminal method was taken up when I was not expelled by methods more firmly planted in the “civil” arena, and when neither the Seattle Police Department (SPD) nor the City of Seattle reined in a neighborhood watch that went so far as to copy SPD on their plan to use civil code enforcement to turn over some single-family homes that were leased to renters. In this way, mobbing in my neighborhood has occurred as a continuum from the civil to the criminal, and ultimately with both prongs continuing side by side.

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Quick links to the “On being mobbed” blog series: Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing

Just a note, the Recommended reading on the “On being mobbed” blog page has been edited to add a section for the blog series on the use of “unmotivated” sound in real estate mobbing. The final blog entry on unmotivated sound is yet to come and will focus on mobbing sound and aerial warfare. Stay tuned also for a post on how real estate mobbers abuse civil anti-harassment orders to criminalize tenancy and constructively evict. ▪

Police practice must change to protect us from mobbing and IoT crimes

The Seattle Police Department visited me the other day. I didn’t invite them. And I’m pretty sure any attorney would have told me to not to speak to them outside of her presence. But I haven’t quite yet retained an attorney, and it didn’t immediately occur to me to turn them away, not even when I asked what they wanted and the male officer glibly said that their unit “gives aid.” During the hour or so the two officers and the “social worker” they said always comes with them stood in my home, it was suggested to me no less than three times that I might find it easier to cope with my “stress” and this “stressful time” if I had someone to “talk to.” These suggestions that I should see a shrink came chiefly from the male officer. The social worker pretty much said nothing; perhaps she was observing (me). The female officer distinguished herself by suggesting that the attorney I’d talked to about representing me, might be overcharging me. Actually, what she said, I believe, is that he might be “taking” me. I’ll be sure to pass her opinion along to my attorney.

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$5,000 for turning in Seattle real estate mobbers

TenantHarassment.com is offering a $5,000 reward for the real estate mobbers or “tenant relocators” who continue in their attempt to harass the author of this blog out of her home in northeast Seattle in order to force its sale to real estate speculators. The reward will likely be matched and will be given for the arrest and prosecution of the mobbers themselves, or those in the neighborhood watch or in business with them who were instrumental in installing the mobbers in the houses around the author of this blog. This is a serial crime and there may be a circle of people who “clear” residents for developers or for their own ventures, so it’s possible that if you’ve experienced something similar or heard of something similar, that some of the same people may be involved.

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Real estate mobbing is a crime of bias (part 2)

Real estate mobbing is a crime of bias (part 1) took a brief look at how real estate mobbing is a bias crime. This predatory crime constructively evicts legal residents by victimizing them with a daisy-chain of felonies that are enabled by and include monitoring and stalking. The victims of mobbing are carefully selected based on vulnerabilities the mobbers believe they can exploit. The success of this racketeering crime depends  upon the mobbers’ ability to cultivate and enlist the bias of police as well as of other social and judicial institutions. Mobbing, a bullying crime that singles out a “Village Idiot” for punishment, enlists social institutions in ousting victims from the workplace (“workplace mobbing”) or from the community (“real estate mobbing”). Mobbing, a provincial crime of parochial mentality, takes a Village.

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On Christmas Eve

As I’ve begun gathering funds for an attorney, the mobbing has intensified. I believe the owners of the mobbing houses and their mobber friends did not expect, nor do they want, to have to go to court. They probably figured the hoaxes, the threats, and the bullying would quickly get the job done. For these reasons, I suspect they’re looking for a pretense to call the police on me, the middle-aged female renter they’ve been attempting to bully off of property they and their nasty neighborhood watch and speculator friends want to turn over. If neighbors seeking pretenses to do you damage isn’t the world you’ve had to live in and this all sounds rather unlikely to you, let me remind you of how a new neighbor told me a few months back, that the owner of the north mobbing house had gone on to him about shooting me in the face and coming up with a pretense for having done so. Real estate mobbers, whether criminal real estate speculators or tenant locators, and their nasty neighborhood watch friends are all about pretenses and pretension. For me, living in this northeast Seattle neighborhood, with its nasty neighborhood watch and their strategy of enlisting the Seattle Police Department (SPD) in their drive to turn over rental houses, has fundamentally changed my relationship to SPD and undermined any faith I had that I would be treated fairly by the police.

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Real estate mobbing is a crime of bias (part 1)

If you’ve been property mobbed in a manner similar to that described in On being mobbed, or if you’ve been the target of a “neighbor mobbing” using similar methods that you believe was related to a drive to acquire your property, please write with a general summary of where you are, what happened, and provide contact information. Also please write if you have information about instances of property mobbing or the methods that are used to mob a property and its occupants. The writer of this blog is now in jeopardy for refusing to leave her home and instead writing to expose real estate mobbing in the United States.


The execution of a crime like real estate mobbing in the United States of America, particularly in the liberal City of Seattle in the comparatively liberal State of Washington, requires equal measures of confidence and daring. As I have written in numerous of the entries on the On being mobbed blog, the confidence is based on the clandestine methods of the real estate mobbers (“mobbers”).

Mobbers are tenant “relocators” who are, or work for, real estate developers and speculators. In my own case in northeast Seattle, the real estate mobbers appear to be house flippers welcomed into the neighborhood by the neighborhood watch, to turn over houses for speculation. Under ordinary circumstances, they can probably promise their clientele a few weeks of amusement until the residents of the property they’re brought in to “clear” head for the hills. In a case like mine where there is a victim who refuses to accept the forced eviction, mobbing becomes a contest of wills in which the bullies become all the more brutal and the nasty neighborhood watch members who once so reveled in the mobbing that their voices were featured in the harassment seldom drive by.

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A case of neighbor harassment using infrasonic sound

Here’s something I just happened across and hadn’t heard about before. A case of using infrasonic sound to harass a neighbor, interestingly a type of sound that generates vibrations and that, according to the Instructables page that tells how to build an infrasonic speaker, can surmount obstacles that might interfere with other ranges of sound (Build an Infrasonic Subwoofer, http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-an-Infrasonic-Subwoofer/). Ultrasonic sound, used in directional speaker technologies, is an example of sound that is impeded by obstacles since it falls back into the audible range on impact, its reference beam colliding with the carrier beam.

The study of such sound waves is sometimes referred to as infrasonics, covering sounds beneath 20 Hz down to 0.001 Hz. This frequency range is utilized for monitoring earthquakes, charting rock and petroleum formations below the earth, and also in ballistocardiography and seismocardiography to study the mechanics of the heart. Infrasound is characterized by an ability to cover long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation.

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A small note of status as winter solstice draws near

On being mobbed, a blog documenting the more than two-and-one-half years for which I have been living in a state of being the victim of a real estate mobbing in northeast Seattle, now has 171 blog entries.

My hit counts are up today, a factor that I hope will bring or is the result of increased awareness of and interest in my situation on the part of the City of Seattle and investigative authorities. Thanks to The Stranger for the discount advertising.

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