Countermeasures against mobbing

It’s been a while since I added a new tip giving a countermeasure to mobbing. The idea for such a series of tips to help other victims blunt and ultimately survive a real estate mobbing long enough to see the crooks arrested and prosecuted was perhaps more timely last year. By the end of the first year of mobbing, I had begun to understand the combination of methods that were being used to harass me out of my home and had hunkered down to experiment with countermeasures.

This page lists blog entries on countermeasures as well as entries in which the use of countermeasures is discussed.

Specific discussion

Countermeasures against cell phone lurking and harassment
Countermeasure: Quieter sleep for side sleepers during mobbing
Countermeasure: Vent blocking
Countermeasure: Split the signal with an auxilary speaker
Countermeasure to mobbing harassment: The weather

General discussion

The Theater of Property War
Sound check, one two
An offer you can’t refuse
Guantanamo in South Cedar Park