$5,000 for turning in the Seattle real estate mobbers

TenantHarassment.com is offering a $5,000 reward for the real estate mobbers or “tenant relocators” who continue in their attempt to harass the author of this blog out of her home in northeast Seattle in order to force its sale to real estate speculators. The reward will likely be matched and will be given for the arrest and prosecution of the mobbers themselves, or those in the neighborhood watch or in business with them who were instrumental in installing the mobbers in the houses around the author of this blog. This is a serial crime and there may be a circle of people who “clear” residents for developers or for their own ventures, so it’s possible that if you’ve experienced something similar or heard of something similar, that some of the same people may be involved.

There are probably people out there who know who does this kind of thing in Seattle. The key elements combine surveillance techniques with cyber-bullying (also known as mobbing). There is cyber-stalking to enable clandestine vocal abuse over microphones and speakers within range of the victim. When the victim is at home, directional speakers are used to transmit noise constantly onto the windows of the house and radio, phone and hacking are most likely used to transmit the abuse into the house using any wireless or radio devices that are turned on. Mobbers may also use drones with parabolic speakers in order to stalk and harass legal residents out of their homes since this tactic is likely to confuse police and victims alike. I wrote recently about a California investigator who was hiring “gamers” to pilot drones for fraud investigations; real estate speculators might be doing the same to expel legal residents from the properties they want. The purpose of the harassment is to evict a legal resident quietly and quickly. In this case, it hasn’t been quick and it’s gotten all the more brutal because of it.

What’s happened to this writer should not happen in this country. Crimes intended to constructively evict and ruin another human being, are against civil law and the United States Constitution. No neighborhood watch of Seattle or any other city should work with criminal speculators to harass a legal tenant out of her home. Those that do have made themselves criminals and should be divested of their positions, no matter whether they are unpaid. Good people should not look the other way when dysfunctional neighborhood watch organizations commit crimes.

Sometimes it’s not wanting to get involved with a “civil matter” that allows a crime to occur. If you heard the nasty neighborhood watch lady say that I was being harassed out of my home or, as I heard her blurt out to one family who came to look at a house near here, that I would “not be here,” tell the police. If you heard the owners of the mobbing houses laughing about how they’ve fooled the police into thinking that their victim is harassing them, tell the police. What these bratpack real estate speculators are doing is not only wrong, it is criminal and must be punished. This is why I have stayed in my home. This is why I write this blog.

Do the right thing, turn these people in to the police. This crime will happen to others if it is not stopped here. And if real estate speculation is what motivates it, it may be a scam that has victimized many others and will continue to victimize others until it is exposed.

Thank you. ▪


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