The Southern Poverty Law Center should consider real estate mobbing as a hate crime

What if the KKK had drones? What if the Stasi had IMSI catchers? What if right-wing haters hire hackers? What happens when haters arm themselves with technology?

Real estate mobbing is weaponized hate. And mobbing is like a hate group that comes to your neighborhood, the way gay bashers always seem to go hang out in the Castro in San Francisco or on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It’s so much easier to find victims where they live.

In recent posts I’ve written about how real estate mobbers—tenant relocators or criminal speculators who are more than happy to get the job done on their own—harness the channels and streams that flow through a house to get their harassment to you. But it’s not all about real estate. There’s a good chance that real estate mobbers, like those who were welcomed into my northeast Seattle neighborhood by the neighborhood watch, get in the door because the nasty neighborhood watch lady thrills at the thought of harassing her neighbors out of the neighborhood in just such a brutal and secretive manner. And judging from the mobbers’ narrative, filled with threats, insults, and the tormented invective of hate groups and childhood bullies, mobbing assumes the guise of being a revenge crime that gives the angry mob its due. Mobbing  is a haters’ platform from which to  verbally abuse and berate the victim.

The language of the mob is hate speech. Jeering, baiting, accusations of having abortions or doing things to kids, we saw what you did, you’re old and too bold! The mobbers appear to relish the abuse they dish, at least they want their victims to be convinced of that. Tonight, Thursday night, is a case in point with the south house mobbing house owner and his buddies hurling abuse on my south windows using directional speakers as I sit writing in the dining room. It’s warmed up enough, now that it’s April, that I can open my front windows, which mutes much of the attack from the lakeside. But the south windows are the old standby for the south mobbing house owner, who apparently is not satisfied with all of the harm he’s already done me and my life. This is the south mobbing house owner, the same one who claims, more or less, that by living here I am victimizing him; the one with the franchise family girlfriend who said in court that they wouldn’t be able to have children if I continued to live next door; the same people who host any number of mobbers who avidly participate in the bullying and, indeed, who appear to go to that house to participate. This is the same house from which, early in the mobbing, I was told that if I reported they were harassing me, they would say I was harassing them.

An event that was pivotal in my being mobbed, one that would take on a greater significance after the harassment began into my home, was the unlikely coincidence of the two single men of respected professions who bought houses on either side of me  within months of one another more than four years back, men who with their packs of friends and family rapidly began to demonstrate their hostility to my tenancy as their chummy relationships to the developers, realtors and the neighborhood watch unfolded in public view. All the while, complaints, anonymous and otherwise mounted, to my landlords, the City of Seattle, Seattle Parking Enforcement and even the Seattle Community Police Team and police, about things I did that were not substantially different from the habits of others in my neighborhood. Even then, the groundwork for for the mobbing was being laid by defamation, although at the time, I knew only about the twisted statements of the nasty neighborhood watch lady, whose harangue seemed focused on what we should probably call my “degeneracy.” This was the “smearing” that was intended to hasten the “clearing.” When harassment begins into your home from sides north and south, both owned by men of traditionally respected professions who tell you they’re “rednecks,” when those houses begin to have constant overnight guests coming and going in “shifts,” and when the nasty neighborhood watch lady wastes no time in participating in the monitoring and “rattlin'” that occurs on cue whenever her victim emerges from her home, it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude they are operating as a ring.

I have in some past entries talked about how real estate mobbing is intrinsically criminal—a “neighbor mobbing” or “property mobbing,” complete with monitoring, stalking and “neighbor hacking” that even the mobbers let you know is intended to force you out of your home (We’ve mobbed you, now get out!). Not only that, however; I believe that the way in which I am being harassed out of my home, is probably similar to what I’ve heard has been done to child molesters who take up residence in certain communities after serving their terms, or what at least used to happen to lesbian couples who lived in some Oregon communities. Real estate mobbing is a crime that is supposed to chasten, humiliate and punish its victim. For more on mobbing as a shaming crime—as well as a look at the crime through Adorno’s lens of fascism, the F-Scale—see my blog entry, Forced eviction by shame and guilt.

This crime of bullying legal residents out of their homes, is probably logically a hate crime. Those who participate attempt to insult and taunt based on their trumped up ideas about what will hurt the victim resident enough to make her break and leave her home. This crime includes no end of hate speech as defined under the laws of the City of Seattle. Indeed, it is crucial that the victim of a real estate mobbing believes that she is hated, and hated not simply by those in her neighborhood, but by even her family and friends. When I lost my Microsoft contract at the beginning of the mobbing after a hoax that there was a bot on my work machine, the mobbers crowed with satisfaction, even making a call or emulating one, to the nasty neighborhood watch lady across the street and letting me overhear her happiness that I had lost my job and would presumably be leaving my home. From the start, the nasty neighborhood watch lady, made sure that I knew of her involvement in the crime that befell me. But it didn’t start there. The impersonations extended to my landlords, my mother, to the first few contract positions I managed to get in the months after the harassment began into my home, and even to people I hadn’t seen for 25 years. The impersonations, as well as the cases in which they are used, appear to be based on eavesdropping coupled with the likely investigation of the victim’s background for “dirt.” I suspect that when I had a cordless phone, there was a scanner in use that was used to gather information and then, when the mobbing began, to talk in the background of my cordless phone calls. It’s also likely there has been some level of hacking and the mobbers did claim to have “all of the email [I] ever sent” in the first months of the mobbing, although this was likely relayed to me so that I would be fearful of being “killed” online, something that I later learned means that some psychopath dumps a lot of personal artifacts of their victim online in an attempt to humiliate him. Here the equation is made between shame and death, at least a social death. Online “killing” has taken center stage in numerous cases of cyber-bullying, some of them ending in the victim’s suicide, fewer ending in prosecution of the bullies.

Property mobbing or real estate mobbing, at least that practiced by the northeast Seattle mobbers who appear to consider themselves masters of “clearing by smearing,” operates much like a real-world geographically distributed form of cell phone bullying, which is also called “mobbing.” According to Wikipedia, cyber-bullying extends to impersonation and literally “victim-blaming,” that is, convincing the police that the victim of the mobbing is harassing the real estate mobbers. This is a chief tactic in dealing with a reporting victim, like me.

In the three years now of being harassed in my home, I have heard the same slurs, taunts, threats and insults countless times. Words that were supposed to be the sticks and stones that would break me and make me finally flee. Words like “ugly” and “old,” titters when I’m in the shower, voice-over narration when I use the toilet. I’ve been accused of being a “baby killer,” of check-kiting, of being “slatternly,” having one breast that is bigger than the other (asymmetry is the norm, however, something I already knew; this is a “truth” that can be used to insult any woman who might consider it a flaw), and more. All of these intended to assault in a manner that would make a reporting victim appear crazy. It’s like that racist asshole down the street with the AK-47, except now he’s got a drone. It’s like a bunch of guys hazing another guy in the military with a broomstick but these ones are using a laser mic. They’ve got directional speakers and they may well use night vision goggles and an IMSI catcher. It’s like a bunch of buddies who never had enough of a taste of war in Iraq are bringing it home to the neighborhood with shortwave radio, software-defined radio, a linear antenna, and TV transmitters. They’re going after the lesbians down the street, or the interracial couple in the next house. They’re out to get the renters who park too close to their house, and they can’t resist going hammer-down on the female victim of a neighborhood bullying campaign. Anything is a platform for hatred when you hate, and if you can keep neighborhoods white and make some money off of flipping houses at the same time, why not? I’ve seen angels’ wings on the rear-view mirror of at least one of the cars whose driver appeared to monitor from the north house, I’ve seen Washington ROOTS and Semper Fi stickers, and Christian symbols on the vehicles coming and going from the houses north and south as the mostly familiar voices of the harassers, too, come and go. There’s also always been a strong correlation between the vehicles of those at the houses north and south, and the content and cruelty of the harassment that is directed into my home.

Criminals that go to this length to attempt to harm someone, even if they do it simply because they believe it an effective ploy in flushing a victim resident out of her home, enact hatred. What else could a ring of people who hide behind walls and technology while they brutally harass people out of their homes be, but a hate group.

Southern Poverty Law Center should add real estate mobbing rings to their databases. No matter whether the real estate mobbers of northeast Seattle harass people out of their homes for developers, so the nasty neighborhood watch lady can get her jollies, or for themselves, what they do is hate crime and it should be treated as such. What’s more, the nasty neighborhood watch of northeast Seattle should probably be investigated as a hate group by extension.

It is proper that under Mayor Murray’s tenure, the City of Seattle has discontinued funding for the Seattle neighborhood councils, at least one of which includes some of those who continue to participate in the virulent activities of the nasty neighborhood watch. ▪




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