Tip for investigators: Look for the use of phone and radio technologies

For now, a quick tip to investigators of real estate mobbings that are similar to the mobbing that has victimized me in my home in northeast Seattle for nearly three years. Numerous of my blog posts have discussed the use of phone and radio technologies. You can look for patterns in the use and communications of the property mobbers and perhaps even at least the nasty neighborhood watch lady, to figure out how they’re putting harassment into my environment.

You can probably productively investigate my mobbing if you look from afar at the mobbers’ use of smart phones, satellite phones, VoIP, possible IMSI catchers, shortwave radio, particular radio bands and antennas, and software-defined radio. Embedded walkie-talkies might even work, but they’re probably not terribly secure. Remember, a Woodinville satellite phone contractor was photographed working on the lines of one of the mobbing houses.

Today when I called Century Link, for example, the mobbers jumped on my cell phone; their presence was particularly audible when I was on hold. What communication interfaces were active at the time of the call? Cellular service was on. Wireless and Bluetooth were off. Location awareness was on. The ringer was off. I don’t think iTunes or other extraneous sound applications were open. This is why I find myself wondering if IMSI catcher “interception” of a call allows cell phone mobbers to talk in the “background” of the call for a “party line” effect. I’ve also wondered, if they broadcast using the right radio bands, can they affect my devices?

The usual mobbing harassment that was added to the local channels as I watched the evening news tonight continues on. In a minute or two, when I get up to turn off the TV, that sound will end and the mobbers who are either in the north and south mobbing houses or working remotely will again begin to use the panes of the windows closest to me. Because a roommate came home and is in the shower downstairs, they may be restricted on what types of transport they can safely use for the harassment. This is because water in pipes also acts as a transport for sound. (In my next post, I’ll talk about the acoustic contact microphones used to detect leakage from water pipes.) I’ve noticed that having a roommate upstairs with me strongly limits certain kinds of harassment, although they seem to transmit onto Prism TV so long as no one is in the room with me. I note that the downstairs area is a basement  whose walls are the concrete foundation of the house, and whose windows sit at ground level. Cellular service does not work well downstairs. My downstairs roommates rely on household WiFi for signals.

It recently occurred to me that since televisions are dumb devices, even if the mobbers don’t access the set-top box, it might be possible for them to access a wired TV, for example, and put sound on channel 3, which is usually the base channel for cable. It’s likely that the design assumption is that only one interface is used at one time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if sound concurrently put on multiple interfaces ends up mixing on its way out to the speakers.  Interestingly, the mobbers seem to have a lot more trouble putting sound over streaming programs I watch using the Amazon Firestick and often seem to use fallback “surface harassment” on the window panes when I do use the Firestick. As of late, for this reason, I prefer the Firestick over Century Link/Prism TV over fibre.

Remote mobbing could easily be done over the phone, or over wireless speakers deployed and shared between the mobbing houses. Mobbing could even be done completely remotely by surveillance drone—and drones are increasingly being used in real estate, so using them to “acquire” property increases ROI (return on investment).  Drones, too, are controlled by radio and, in this scenario, would likely broadcast a directed message over radio. That would also explain their vulnerability to wind and bad weather interfering with outside radio signals. When I turn on cable on days of high winds, the signal to the television is not so easily affected as radio, which could suggest a hack of some kind as a means of adding a “harassment track” to the television.

For later on this week, you can expect a tip on the finer points of using soundboard to lessen mobbing noise along with more discussion of the mobbing noise itself. The tip is, of course, written to help those who are being “real estate mobbed,” “property mobbed,” or otherwise harassed, inside of building structures, in ways that probably involve the use of beam-focused sound from parabolic and parametric speakers projected onto window panes. But it may well help others being harassed using the surveillance technologies employed by unethical private investigators and their shady clientele, which include parabolic speakers and microphones. ▪


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