On Christmas Eve

As I’ve begun gathering funds for an attorney, the mobbing has intensified. I believe the owners of the mobbing houses and their mobber friends did not expect, nor do they want, to have to go to court. They probably figured the hoaxes, the threats, and the bullying would quickly get the job done. For these reasons, I suspect they’re looking for a pretense to call the police on me, the middle-aged female renter they’ve been attempting to bully off of property they and their nasty neighborhood watch and speculator friends want to turn over. If neighbors seeking pretenses to do you damage isn’t the world you’ve had to live in and this all sounds rather unlikely to you, let me remind you of how a new neighbor told me a few months back, that the owner of the north mobbing house had gone on to him about shooting me in the face and coming up with a pretense for having done so. Real estate mobbers, whether criminal real estate speculators or tenant locators, and their nasty neighborhood watch friends are all about pretenses and pretension. For me, living in this northeast Seattle neighborhood, with its nasty neighborhood watch and their strategy of enlisting the Seattle Police Department (SPD) in their drive to turn over rental houses, has fundamentally changed my relationship to SPD and undermined any faith I had that I would be treated fairly by the police.

In the past I’ve allowed my security DVR to simply record over itself when it ran out of space, occasionally backing up footage from some unusual or threatening event for storage. But it appears that the strategy of the mobbers is to harass their victims from their homes while accusing their victims of harassing them. This is in keeping with the threats mobbers make of calls for “welfare checks” on their victims as well as of how they respond to victim reports of harassment. The goal is to control the victim and to shut down reporting until they can effect the forced eviction. And it further appears that they would prefer to harass their victims from their homes while avoiding taking the stand and, in the case of the attorney friend of the south mobbing owner, avoiding the thorny issue of suborning perjury. For these reasons, it seems a good idea to protect myself against lies and dirty tricks to the extent that I can and save all of my security video for at least a while. At this point in time, terabytes of storage are fairly inexpensive. I may also have to spend some time away from home, even as I continue to hold the lease and maintain the house, to protect myself.

In the last days, I had email from a prospective roommate who volunteered that he was aware of speculators whose practice was to harass residents who were “the wrong demographic.” Interestingly, this is the same phrasing used by the owner of the south mobbing house when he stood outside his home one day, eyes averted, and muttered in a manner clearly intended for me to hear, that I was “the wrong demographic.” I would have liked to find out if this guy knows more about such practices, especially since he said he was a union carpenter, but it was clear that he was overwhelmed by having to find a new place to live from out of state and with inadequate funds for deposit. I told him I was unable to help anyone else right now and could not have him here, having had to evict a roommate last summer who never paid me a dime for rent and took advantage of Seattle’s Just Cause Eviction Ordinance to stay here until the day the Sheriff had noticed for the eviction.

The harassment into the house continues, but in the last weeks, perhaps since I added the WiFi firewall and perhaps because of the file-based nature of streaming video, I’ve been able to watch several films in relative quiet, mostly on a second HDMI interface on the television. The soundtrack of the film overpowered the softer harassment by speaker that appeared to be projected onto the window panes but quieted by the use of sound board and by the wet weather. My ability to enjoy a few films could be because of increased caution on the part of the mobbers, but could also be because they were watching holiday football games or more interested in going off skiing at this time of year. The coverage has often been uneven on football nights or around holidays.

In the next days I should be able to publish the second part of the blog about real estate mobbing being a crime of bias. For the first part, see Real estate mobbing is a crime of bias (part 1). The final part of the series on the unfamiliar phenomenology of cyberbullying (also called “mobbing”) is also coming up, including an argument on why the drones should be heavily regulated and perhaps even banned from the consumer market. ▪



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