A small note of status as winter solstice draws near

On being mobbed, a blog documenting the more than two-and-one-half years for which I have been living in a state of being the victim of a real estate mobbing in northeast Seattle, now has 171 blog entries.

My hit counts are up today, a factor that I hope will bring or is the result of increased awareness of and interest in my situation on the part of the City of Seattle and investigative authorities. Thanks to The Stranger for the discount advertising.

In my last post on SPD paying a visit to the south mobbing house, I indicated that it would probably be optimistic to assume that much would come out of their visit. Indeed, early this week one of the mobbing households appears to have once again enlisted the Seattle Police Department in the kind of cat-and-mouse game the mobbers intend to outmaneuver their victims, squelching civil liberties and rights as well as victim reports, and forcing eviction. This weekend I’ll publish a post that details this example of using the police in their criminal drive to turn over properties for speculation.

I’ve been promising a blog on how the mobbers cultivate and use police bias. It’s nearly done and I hope to get it out this weekend as well.

And then it’s on to commanding the skies with drones, the last part of a recent marathon series on how mobbers bank on the unfamiliar phenomenology of cyber-stalking and harassment to protect them from exposure. Just a thought on this point, it is my experience that the real estate mobbers stalk and mob across a daisychain of wireless networks, public and private. Certainly the easiest way to gain access to a speaker-enabled access point within a network might be calling the unchanged, default number of the public address system, if there is convergence between wireless provisioning and building safety systems. If not, the mobbers must gain access to the wireless system in building after building or to the vulnerable smart phones of those in each of the successive buildings if the victim travels with cellular service off, and the mobbers must be able to follow the path of the victim by building security system, by camfecting, or by GPS-stalking the victim phone if location services are turned on.

All of this no doubt is a lot of work and the preferred way to mob must be an all-out blitz attack of short duration that quickly flushes out the victim. As we move forward into the era of smart homes and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is increasingly possible for real estate mobbers to take hold of your devices and use them against your quiet enjoyment of home, even if you aren’t immediately terrorized out of your residence. In a case like mine, mobbing is perhaps not the most cost-effective way to “acquire” property. But either way, stalking a victim across a mesh of distinct wireless networks may ipso facto mean remote hacking by surveillance drone. I’ll return to this point in the upcoming post on omniscience and drones.

Thank you for reading and, if you are able, for bringing my continued “captivity” as the victim of this stalking and monitoring crime, to the attention of the City of Seattle, to the Seattle Police Department, and hopefully, and finally, to the FBI, the agency that is charged with handling the kinds of crimes that real estate mobbing involves. Don’t forget the $5,000 reward that RenterHarassment.com is offering for information given to Seattle Police Department or the FBI that leads to the arrest and prosecution of those property mobbing me in northeast Seattle.


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