On being mobbed for the third Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. The nasty neighborhood watch lady has just left with her husband and adult child who is rarely in evidence these days. (This is probably the same daughter who had to brace herself against the dashboard of her mother’s van a few years back when the nasty neighborhood watch lady charged at me in her van as I stood watering at the bottom of my driveway.) The north mobbing house owner’s vehicles are in his driveway, and although the South Pacific Islander or Asian guy who is a “roommate” to the south mobbing house owner was here last night and this morning, his red SUV is not currently in that driveway, which shares a property line with my own driveway. Nevertheless, as I stuffed the turkey this morning and now as I tend it and do some cleaning, there is active mobbing from the south house.

If you’ve had a look at the crude diagram I drew up probably more than a year back with the blog title Parametric yes; prosecution no, you’ll see my suggestion that a shared wireless network between north and south mobbing houses—particularly within range these days of increasingly “skinny” modern houses of multiple stories—allows for a single mobber or the occupants of a single house to move the harassment from speaker to speaker, even speakers that might be positioned in venting for the transport of sound, as their victim moves about her house. There’s no need for them to staff both houses when they want to go to a Seahawks game or take off on holiday. And, again, the mobbers may not need eyes on their victim since a skilled listener using a parabolic microphone can “hear” where the victim is and what she is doing. If the victim walks around a house carrying a cell phone with active location, cell, and wireless services, following with harassing sound is a cakewalk, even if the victim is not near a window.

Harassing over WiFi by accessing speakers or speaker-enabled access points is very much an application of cyber-stalking. These real estate mobbers of northeast Seattle, some of whom may actually come from areas south of Seattle and even Oregon based on the license plates I see, have had to make a lot of accommodations for me, a victim who didn’t even use a cell phone when the mobbing first began and who usually leaves her cell phone at home with WiFi off. They use the cell phones of others who are near me, a tactic that may be routinely used in cell phone harassment to avoid detection. I keep the volume controls on my devices turned down except when I must use them and must therefore tolerate the mobbing harassment that jumps onto my speakers. When my roommates are gone, I disable my Century Link wireless service on the router although the north and south mobbing houses are so close to my own that they have easy access from their physical premises, which may well have been modified to transport harassment into my home by venting system and by directional speaker.

My mobbing has gone on so long, that I would be surprised if the mobbers did not routinely use “sound loops,” that is, recordings of harassment set to endlessly repeat, perhaps even as the mobbing was orchestrated, that one mobber can play or remix into a new streaming harassment track on a computer that is then played and move from speaker to speaker.

The frequent comings and goings from the houses of minders and mobbers, apparently designed to ensure I feel continually oppressed and never have quiet or privacy at my house, don’t necessarily indicate who the harassers are at any given time since there is also a high possibility that they attempt to confuse and may be harassing remotely or by satellite phone, VoIP or even software-defined radio. Based on the frequency with which one of the mobbers drives up just after I do, it’s also possible that they call in harassment from their cars. The constant coincidences of arrivals and departures began before the projection of harassment into my home. Revealing obvious criminal activity is probably a last resort for real estate mobbers or tenant relocators, even if they are confident that, as the snarky attorney of the south mobbing house owner reassured a young woman reluctant to join him outside as I stood on my own deck, “There’s nothing she can do.”

This all sounds pretty nutty, I know, but mobbing is a “white-glove” crime, a whodunnit constructed to ensure that victim reports are ignored and high-profile clients like real estate speculators and neighborhood watches can get away with lining their pockets by forced eviction and hostile acquisitions of property, in a tight market and in a liberal city. The mobbers seem to think they’re so clever that no one will ever figure it out. But time is not on their side and over the months of the mob, I’ve been looking back at them.

And now it’s Thanksgiving and as I sit here writing this, there is a familiar female voice, perhaps that of a thin, dark-haired woman who drives a mini and seems to work side-by-side and to be involved with the South Pacific Islander guy. Like most of the mobbers most of the time, they don’t begin to harass until they enter the work site, that is, the north or south mobbing house; they harass only from the other side of the walls of the mobbing houses. Because it’s pretty clear that all of the minders and mobbers who come through on shifts are not “roommates” or “guests,” I would not be surprised if they also cultivate the appearance of being couples in an attempt to eliminate suspicion. There’s also the voice of the South Pacific Islander, or at least the voice I associate with him. This is the guy with tribal tattoos and a Crossfit sticker on his vehicle, like a few others of them, and who the other day was wearing a grey sweatshirt that said “STRONGER” on it. Along with the typical harassment is the garbled track of some broadcast projected onto my windows to ensure that I have no quiet, and perhaps in an attempt to disrupt my writing of this entry. “Will you leave?” a male voice says. Another says, “I got you out of Microsoft.” And still another, “You’re the Village Idiot.” These statements and others like, “Move on!”, “We’ve seen you giz and wiz”, and “You’re old and ugly,”  have been repeated hundreds and probably thousands of times in the harassment piped into my home for more than two-and-a-half years. It is as if by rote that they continue. Or perhaps, it is by repeat—that is, by the Repeat button.

This is not a one-off neighborhood bullying situation. It’s no accident that people with the intent and purpose of tenant relocators or residential relocators are next door to my older rental home in this neighborhood gone wild with speculation and afflicted by the nasty neighborhood watch lady of the northeast and her neighborhood watch so bent on racketeering that they are willing to commit crimes in violation of basic human rights and to enlist others to commit crimes against legal residents. The people who are doing this, aren’t just crazy neighbors or neighbors at all. Nor are they “gang-stalkers,” something that at least most of the time, is probably a scam used in real estate to scare people out of their homes. These people are real estate speculators or perhaps they could be said to be tenant relocators who use mobbing or “neighbor mobbing” techniques. They are bullies for profit. They are criminal real estate speculators or they work with them to bully people out of their homes in an effort to convince “reluctant sellers” to sell the property they want to “acquire.”

It’s Thanksgiving, dear City of Seattle and State of Washington. I hope you’re finally beginning to figure out who these people are and what they do. This is the third Thanksgiving over which I have been mobbed. When you’re lucky enough to have residents steadfast enough to continue to attempt to report a serious crime for years, you need to listen and to act.

Come arrest the real estate mobbers. Protect home. Protect the right to domicile. Give us all something to be thankful for.


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