Another tip for investigators

Another holiday tip for investigators. Yes, I am war-weary, an admission that goes to the crows of the real estate mobbers (tenant relocators) early in the mobbing that they were waging a “property war” against me, the legal tenant of a home occupying a lot that some not-so-good neighbors seem to want to turn over to speculators.

But who wouldn’t be war-weary after more than two-and-a-half years of constant harassment being piped into their home? And that doesn’t even account for all the hoaxes, cyber-stalking and harassment that makes up the crime known as real estate mobbing here in the rarefied northeast Seattle neighborhood of the nasty neighborhood watch.

I’ve sure for any of you who are trying to help me and catch the mobbers, it’s difficult to find the most useful content in this marathon blog, so I’ll bring this to your attention.

A while back, I wrote a blog about how the first private investigator I tried to use suddenly terminated our contract by which he was to help me gain public disclosure of what turned out to be more than 100 complaints to Parking Enforcement about my legally parked vehicles. He told me that an attorney for “the home owners [around me]” had contacted him and threatened to bring multiple suits against me, for “valuation,” and probably for other crimes including daring to park on public streets in my neighborhood and being a “renter.” But I digress.

That private investigator sold me out. He refused to work with me on the absolutely legal task I had hired him to help me with, and when I pressed him for an accounting of how he’d spent his time he threatened to sue me if I contacted him again. But he did give me in writing a statement that an “attorney” had contacted him. He also said in writing that he’d been told I was being investigated by a “North Precinct detective,” a statement that a later public disclosure request of mine showed to be false.

Seattle Police or FBI should interview this private investigator and find out about the supposed attorney who contacted him and what really transpired. Although on its face this incident would be in the realm of “civil harassment,” if the “attorney” was not an imposter, he was likely one and the same with an attorney chum of the south mobbing house owner who is deeply involved in this whole mess. Not to mention the fact that when an investigator refuses to identify to his client an attorney who has called and threatened her, there’s clearly an ethical problem and probably an underlying bad act. It probably wouldn’t take much more than some interviews to begin to unravel this crime.

For the details, including a few facts about the private investigator that should aid in locating him, read the On being mobbed blog entitled How predatory crimes like mobbing make victims attractive to other scam artists at

And now, excuse me while I put more sound board into my windows.


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