A tip for investigators

I have written numerous times about an email from one of the South Cedar Park “Good Neighbors Association” captains named Sandra Motzer. Motzer, as I have described, has played leadership roles on the Lake City Neighborhood committee reviewing Mayor Murray’s plan to ameliorate homelessness. Her husband, Tim Motzer, in addition to admonishing renters in his neighborhood for parking on public streets, is a former City of Seattle manager now active in neighborhood council groups and attempting to play a role in shaping Seattle’s transportation plan for North Seattle.

The email in question from Sandra Motzer was addressed to others in her neighborhood watch, including captains Lee Mozena, John Clark, and her husband Tim Motzer. I have described the antics of this neighborhood watch group numerous times in other blogs. See Recommended Reading on the “On being mobbed” blog for the blog entitled My neighborhood has a problem with bullying. Motzer’s email was also addressed to two builders working or planning work north and south of the two rental properties that were the subject of her email, as well as to two single male home owners and apparent house flippers or, more euphemistically, “investors,” living on either side of an embattled female tenant.

Motzer’s mail suggested the bright idea that the renters in the two houses could be compelled to leave the neighborhood if certain civil codes were used to mark and enforce parking on the street. Apparently an onslaught of nuisance complaints to Seattle Parking Enforcement hadn’t done the job.

How did I come by this email? A couple dwelling in one of the two rental homes that were the topic of the email was given the email by one of the two builders who was a named addressee. I believe this developer’s first name is Bob and that he’s built other houses around Seattle. It was good of this developer to hand the email over to the renting couple; I’m going to consider it a sign that he wouldn’t do the kind of thing that’s been done to me. However, it’s possible that he has some information that could aid in investigating and prosecuting the crime of which I am a victim.

One day when I was out in my garden, I saw the developer talking to the nasty neighborhood watch lady of the northeast who stood at his truck stopped in the street. The nasty neighborhood watch lady was talking about people selling their houses and leaving her “holding the bag,” whatever that meant.

If this developer was good enough to give renters an email damning their neighborhood watch, perhaps if investigators approach him, he will also tell what he knows about my situation.  I’m hoping he wants nothing to do with the crime of real estate mobbing legal tenants from their homes. Because this developer purchased a lot not far from me and soon will begin to build on it.

Ask him.



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