Caution: The meaning of monitoring

February 3, 2017: This post came up in the stats today and now that I see it again, I can see it needs rewriting, something I don’t necessarily have the time to do. So here’s the point: Monitoring describes a legal subset of stalking activities in which the victim is being watched. Real estate mobbers, at least those mobbing me, monitor. If you read the earliest posts, this is how I became aware that I was being “mobbed”—because it became clear my “neighbors” were watching me.

Monitoring means giving the victim the experience of being continuously watched and followed, in the car or on the computer, in the bathroom and out of state. This is how these tenant relocators make their victims feel oppressed and threatened. This is a chief component of how the mobbers compel the victim to abandon her contracts, rights and her legal home. Monitoring means that even if the mobbing houses appear to be dark and no vehicles are outside, there is probably someone inside monitoring me or monitoring the use of a likely system of shared wireless speakers with the other mobbing house. It means that it could be very useful to look at the constant stream of people in and out of the mobbing houses and the Crossfit guy in the red SUV who appears to be central to the ring and who routinely mutters “Move on!” whenever he gets into or out of his vehicle and I am outside gardening in my yard. Monitoring also means that they stop harassing me when people come to the house or are near enough to hear. And that they pause when “mobbing” over cell phone, public address system or computer when they’re not sure that a lack of ambient noise, inattention or other circumstances will prevent potential witnesses from becoming aware of the verbal abuse. This is how they protect the crime.  This is why it becomes so difficult to report or to detect.

Working from taller residences that flank the victim house and exceed its footprint, gives the mobbers surveillance angles into the victim house, and up and down the street. The proximity of the mobbers to the victim allows for shortened attack vectors that enable a range of strategies to coerce the victim into abandoning his home. All told, this formation means that real estate mobbers easily monitor and harass under the noses of authorities, even watching the entirety of the street for police cars with scanning radios. If the mobbers don’t hear the victim leave by eavesdropping, they can see her departures and her arrivals and deploy whatever means of harassment they use to follow her as she travels. And it means that if you approach the victim, the mobbers know, and if they’re using parabolic microphones, they can certainly hear every word. Either way, a victim who is aware she is being monitored will not be able to talk freely and, if she chooses to ignore the fact that she is being monitored, the mobbers will know the information she’s given.

To monitor me, the mobbers must to some extent monitor those around me. It was no coincidence, for example, when the same mobbing house owner who called in a complaint about my legal noise, made sure he was outside on his veranda when Seattle Police Department came. This made it all the easier for him to use innuendo to discredit me in court later that same week when I tried to get a protective order against him, by asking if it was true that I told SPD during that visit that I heard harassing voices on my radio. Unfortunately, neither the police nor the Judge seemed at all familiar with the use of shortwave radio to harass, which appears to be a common way of doing such things. This is a simple instance of monitoring that occurred out in the open, but between lurking, camfecting and parabolic microphones, monitoring someone in a small house with WiFi that spills over the bounds of the property, a small house with many windows not more than ten feet away from the residences in which real estate mobbers trying to “clear” her work, is apparently a simple task.

Sounds unlikely that so much would be put into a single effort? I agree. Typically a mobbing is probably just a few weeks. I recall overhearing the mother of the south mobbing house owner assuring her son as the parents left his home, “A few more days.” This was the same mother who had told me the first time she met me a few years before, that “most [renters] aren’t very good people.” Shortly thereafter, one day the owner of the south mobbing house stood on his veranda, pointing out to his father: “She parks there, and sometimes she parks there.” His father replied, “Don’t worry, son, we’ll get her out.” In the mobbing harassment I later heard a bragging voice that sounded a lot like the south mobbing house owner, “We’re a harasser family.”

The problem here, is that I made up my mind not to be forced out of my home. Deadlock ensued.

The mobbers probably can’t risk giving up and leaving me here to keep reporting what has happened, especially if they are a ring of “tenant relocators” that hopes to stay in business. Maybe they promised the nasty neighborhood watch lady, who continues to openly display her involvement in the whole mess by participating in monitoring activities, that they won’t leave before “getting [me] out.” It’s possible that they still think they can pressure my landlords to sell the house if they can force me out. Early in the mobbing when I left the house one day I heard a couple at a white van at the north mobbing house talking: “Are they going to take the house?” The response: “After they get her out.” My landlords don’t want to sell but they could tell them they’ll do what they did to me to their next tenant, and that they probably won’t get another tenant who will hold out this long.

The point is, that real estate mobbing like I am being mobbed means that investigators who are familiar with criminals who are watching their victim need to investigate from a distance to get the evidence they  need to apprehend those involved. I’ve been here and aware of being mobbed for nearly three years. I could be in danger, but there’s no telling whether leaving would make me safe at this point anyway since I have gone out of my way to expose a real estate scam, complete with real estate agents and developers. Come on SPD, arrest these people so I can get back my life. I’m paying dearly for being someone who reports a little known crime. As I said in an earlier post, bring the paddy wagon. I could use a drink.


This cautionary note is intended for readers who may not understand the full meaning of being a victim subject to mobbing, and what it means for an investigation. In other words, this note is intended for readers who have not been real estate mobbed by a ring of mobbers using the modus operandi (mode of operation) of those mobbing me in northeast Seattle, and for police or other investigators who may not have had experience with crimes that involve constant monitoring of the victim and may not be accustomed to factoring it into the investigation.

I believe that by being increasingly aggressive in trying to get help and by trying to attract attention to my neighborhood, I may be making some progress towards an investigation. With several houses in the area having changed hands, the criminal real estate speculators or house flippers who are mobbing me from the neighboring houses in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Seattle, the mobbers have become more cautious, and sometimes more quiet. An additional factor in their caution may have been that I’ve been keeping two roommates the last few months; unfortunately, one of them has departed and I have not yet replaced him, and the other is taking a lot of trips. As always, the mobbers take great advantage of any opportunities when I am alone and they are reasonably sure that the new home owners to the north of the nasty neighborhood watch lady either are not home, or will not hear the method used to broadcast the harassment. Likewise, this last week the European owner of the house to the south of the south mobbing house has often been gone. This has opened up other opportunities for the mobbers to harass without fear of detection.

As I have mentioned in other blogs, wind and rain muffle and diffuse the harassment, making it appear more certain that when television and laptop speakers cannot be accessed, beam-focused sound or radio-based sound are used to project constant noise and abuse into the victim residence. Today has been a beautiful fall day, so with roommates gone and the SUVs of the south mobbing houses owner as well as his frequent guests and apparent harassers—a blond woman who drives a white BMW SUV and an Asian man who drives a red SUV and has “tribal” tattoos—the harassment picked up again.

It is very important that investigators of crimes like this one do not take a cursory look and conclude that the victim is imagining things. Real estate mobbing appears to be a fairly sophisticated crime. When the mobbers cannot safely harass using one means of harassment, they elect another. If by chance I am lucky enough that CenturyLink is monitoring sound on my set-top box, for example, the absence of harassment during sampling does not mean that I am not being mobbed. The mobbers increasingly use methods that have shortened attack vectors, like directional speakers, when I am home. If they use directional speakers to project sound onto the panes of the windows just behind my television, I may not always be sure of where the harassment is coming from, at least until I turn down the television and the volume of the harassment diminishes with it. But what’s especially important is that if harassment is not detectable on the television, that does not mean the victim is a lunatic or that the mobbers have given up and gone away. All it means is that they are using increased care. In my case, this has been going on more than two-and-a-half-years, probably because the mobbers are protecting their crime. Chances are, their victims aren’t usually so stubborn or the mobbers don’t usually miscalculate to the extent that they have here.

Remember in earlier blogs I wrote about how the harassment is quieted if a police vehicle is in the vicinity. The mobbers quiet the harassment to prevent its detection. They select the method they use at any given time for the same reason—to evade detection, as well as to ensure the experience of continuous and inescapable harassment for the victim.

This means that if the property mobbers of northeast Seattle use satellite phones—and I do have a picture of a local satellite phone provider working on the line of the south mobbing house—the mobbers are probably using them to “mob” from remote locations or to hide in plain sight. If VoIP or software-defined radio is used to transmit harassment to speakers, a low-power radio station, or a drone, the mobbers can also obscure their location and purpose by working from remote locations. Based on the ease with which public address system harassment is performed by dial-up to wireless speakers that use default passwords, it’s even possible that property mobbers just buy public address or intercom systems for their homes and hide the speakers in the walls. If they are using a drone, they could presumably perch the drone on the the roof of either of the three-story mobbing houses near the gutter that runs above my home, and batter my windows with sound from that. The side benefit is that they’re always ready to give chase by drone when I leave home, or to fly the drone away if they pick up a police car being dispatched to the area. In a neighborhood like this where every other house on the block has been flipped at least once in the last few years, the property mobbers have allies working the street and can base their drone within a few hundred yards without the added risk of launching from home. Using a drone as a low-power radio station also makes it easy to stalk and harass while evading police detection.

All of these things are possible. These brat-pack snarky criminals seem to think they’re pretty clever. That, combined with their vast underestimation of their victim as well as the Seattle Police and other investigative authorities, should aid in their apprehension. Once the novelty of the crime wears off, its methods become obvious.

You probably shouldn’t approach a mobbing victim unless he or she is in imminent danger and requires your immediate help. Likewise, don’t approach me, although I would certainly appreciate the break I might get if the mobbers began to be afraid for themselves. To catch the property mobbers, investigate those around me from a distance. You can probably drive by in unmarked cars and collect the plate numbers of any vehicles left outside the mobbing houses, but I probably have most of them. Use my letters to the Attorney General, as well as to local officials, and use this blog to get the information you need to know how to proceed in an investigation. Investigators familiar with crimes like this will know what to do.

It’s been clear to me for some time, that the kind of crooks who real estate mob, especially when they’re mobbing on behalf of a high-end clientele that includes neighborhood watches and real estate speculators who are averse to exposure, are unlikely to give up and go away. You’re going to have to come get them.

If you want to catch sneaky crooks,  you have to be a sneaky investigator.







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