How to prosecute neighborhood watch captains and other individuals who are party to organizing a property mobbing

For more than two-and-one-half years, I have been the victim of a real estate mobbing in a lakeside neighborhood of northeast Seattle overrun with development and afflicted with the Pol Pot of neighborhood watch groups.

The United Nations cites real estate mobbing as a major cause of forced eviction worldwide. Amnesty International claims that real estate mobbing is a human rights crime.

Real estate mobbing, like the “property mobbing” or “mobbing” that has victimized me, is made up of crimes, inside of crimes, inside of other crimes. In other writings, I talk about how mobbing is like a hoax, inside a scam, inside a con. Within the context of forced eviction, which is always criminal, all of these are crimes, one unfolding inside another that is enfolded by yet another, like Matryoshka dolls.

Every day, as I sit at this table trying to work through harassment that is pelted at the surfaces of my windows or into them if I open them wide enough, through insults and demands that are audible on the speaker of my cell phone if I take or make a call, through port 80 traffic on my computer if I turn up the volume to participate in a Skype meeting or to listen to a YouTube video, every day I see the mobbers come and go in shifts, coordinating between themselves and with the nasty neighborhood watch lady across the street, it appears, to ensure that someone is always here to monitor me and protect the crime by monitoring the street for potential witnesses. It has been clear from the start that the nasty neighborhood watch lady of the northeast was deeply involved in bringing real estate mobbing to me. She has flagrantly joined the “unofficial demonstrations” that I wrote about in another post. Before the mobbing even began she told her then boyfriend in a stage whisper as I gardened in my yard that she was “getting rid” of me. And during the weeks when I was stunned by hearing the voice of the owner of the north mobbing house and his girlfriend talk about “turning down the mic” when I was using the toilet, the nasty neighborhood watch lady ensured that I was again outside to hear her telling a passerby that “we have very sensitive microphones in place” to hear when I move my cars.

I’m not just making an experienced guess that the nasty neighborhood watch lady was involved with inviting a crime upon me, a legal tenant with a well-maintained rental agreement who is her neighbor and peer. She ensured that I would know—as I was being monitored in bed and bath, stalked and cyberstalked, threatened, insulted, and emotionally and physically harmed—that she was responsible, that she is the true Queen Bee.

How then should those who instigate real estate mobbing be prosecuted, even if they have limited to no role in the litany of crimes that constitute the extreme invasion of privacy that is the mobbing, a crime done in all denial of the Levinasian face of the victim, a crime that attempts to effect an effacement that the mobbers once called a “professional real estate kill,” an effacement that forcibly denies the victim of home and vanquishes him from community. When you’re prosecuting the Pol Pot of neighborhood watch groups, you should indict them like you’d indict Pol Pot—even if like Pol Pot, they force others to do the dirty work.

Mobbing should be prosecuted like murder

Mobbing should be regarded as attempted murder. The law commonly provides that one who hires another to harass is guilty of harassment. Likewise, one who enters into a contract with a hired killer to murder, is guilty of murder. Like AIDS, mobbing effects the social death of the victim within the community, in advance of her physical death. To invite mobbing is to solicit murder for hire. To mob should be treated like attempted murder, at least felony murder if the victim dies during the period of mobbing. A baseline charge of aggravated assault should be routinely applied. The effacement of a human being from community and the deliberate attack on home and on the physical person of the victim as inhabitant, is a violent crime against human and civil rights.

Mobbing should be prosecuted like a hate crime

It is difficult to understand how those who would real estate mob, for profit or out of maliciousness, could have a view of other human beings that is so diminished. Whatever could so malignantly afflict people to cause them to zealously undertake monitoring, harassing, cyber-stalking and stalking their carefully selected “targets,” every moment of every day until their victims are so intimidated, terrorized, or broken that they willingly and quietly leave their homes.

That this could even occur, let alone occur in a county like the United States that promulgates a philosophy of civil and equal rights, is saddening. Such a crime appears to be a hate crime, almost by definition, except instead of wearing white sheets and hats that hide their faces as they tar-and-feather and burn Christ signs, the mobbers are ensconced in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods by the sweet deals made possible by  queen bee real estate investors and neighborhood watch co-captains. In neighborhoods like this, the mobbers don’t wear sheets. They hide their eyes behind designer sunglasses, their faces behind the tinted windows of expensive BMWs and Lexuses. And as they harass, they hide themselves behind the walls of the house next door or by the remote use of network technologies to call into arrays of wired speakers powered on-demand as the victim walks from room to room in her home; small directional speakers that are installed within exterior walls to lean against wiring boxes never closed to the rain; kitchen ventilation systems that are never connected; window fans that slowly turn from facing windows; and cavernous garages always left open. It is difficult to avoid the comparison of those who would mob with hate groups like the KKK, because to do what they do, one must hate. Except the hate of these real estate speculators, these Trumps, is monetized.

The crimes that mobbing includes should be severally prosecuted

Monitoring is legally considered a subset of stalking activities. Cyber-stalking is stalking that may include physical as well as virtual stalking. Following to harass is considered stalking. In a real estate mobbing like the one I have endured for more than two-and-one-half years, every day includes a host of crimes. Over the days, months and years of my mobbing, the nasty neighborhood watch lady and her fellow co-captains have looked on and even participated in mobbing me. Over the course of this protracted crime, there have been hundreds and thousands of instances of network intrusions, threats including threats of death, eavesdropping into areas of my home in which I should have a reasonable expectation of privacy—in short, crime. Mobbing is a continuous complex of crime in which crimes enfold other crimes, or shapeshift and transmogrify into still others as the victim traverses networks and physical environments. The crime of property mobbing as effected by the mobbers of northeast Seattle and the nasty neighborhood watch who put them into place to do it is a heinous crime. Indictments should include a voluminous count of each of the charges that are levied against the perpetrators to represent the horror of being continuously victimized in this manner for days, months, and years. Any neighborhood watch or other community group who would invite this upon a fellow human being they would claim to represent and even to protect, must be severely punished. Any neighborhood watch or neighborhood council whose members solicit such a crime and, worse yet, participate in it, should be disbanded and its members prosecuted as criminals. Moreover, all those who know of the mobbing and who knowingly allow and even watch the stoning of the victim, should be charged. Organized crimes rely on the silence and complicity of all those who know.

The professionals who front mobbing should be immediately stripped of their licenses and all appropriate charges levied for their breach of the public trust

One of the cons of mobbing is to use doctors, dentists and lawyers in addition to neighborhood watch and council members to front and protect the crime. Upstanding citizens provide the facade of respectability that cons the police and other authorities; they provide the scaffolding for the cultivation and use of police bias against the victim. Their presence embeds the crime into highly respected professional institutions. When a doctor home owner with a right-wing agenda can appear in court and, with a simple question, lead a judge to believe that a mobbing victim is not the victim of criminal harassment but instead “hears voices,” it is clear that the involvement of those entrusted with the public good is pivotal in the crime of mobbing. The participation in a mobbing of licensed professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists and therapists is an immense breach of the trust that their licenses confer. Like the rest of us, doctors are social and political animals. We must not allow the profession or tax bracket of an individual to blind us to his character. We must not give them carte blanche when it comes to the rights and liberties of others.

Charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment should be considered for those who mob and those who invite mobbing upon another human being

Theoretically, a real estate mobbing does not restrict the movements of its victim. The mob moves with the victim, encapsulating her in a prison, in effect imprisoning her and sequestering her in a world apart from “free society.” She is imprisoned within a world of harassment and terror. At least as the mobbers of northeast Seattle practice the crime of mobbing, it is unremitting and ceaseless.

One of the female mobbers once claimed “We login with you.” This was her characterization of how they would “enter” into my privacy online, how they would intrude on networks I used. As the north mobbing house owner once said for my benefit in order to warn me of what my life had become here in my legal home in the good City of Seattle, “Don’t let her have any quiet.” I suppose you could say, if you wanted to be “gangsta” about it, that mobbing is total. It certainly is in the spirit of totalitarianism. At any rate, it is a truism that mobbing moves with you. This is another reason why it’s almost certain that real estate mobbers use drone stalking to keep up with their victims. Let’s face it, it’s a lot of work and more exposure to follow someone everywhere in a car. If you have a surveillance drone, you can just have it follow the victim’s GPS coordinates as advertised on her smart phone. At least, that would work for victims who are more cooperative than I am.

Mobbing is a moving imprisonment. Like a traveling matte, it replaces the environment that is the world of lived experience or life-world (Husserl’s lebenswelt) of the victim, situating her like a cutout in a violence that constitutes domestic terrorism. Being mobbed is like being kidnapped and imprisoned at the same time. Charges of false imprisonment and kidnapping should be considered not only for those who mob but for those, like the nasty neighborhood watch lady, whose involvement is in instigating the mobbing or remains as an accessory after mobbing begins. There are things I do not and cannot do because I am being mobbed and do not have privacy or confidentiality in my existence. I write this blog in hopes of exposing this crime and freeing myself and others who are victimized by it. I write this blog so that those who would commit such a heinous crime are brought to justice. And yet I have not been able to finish a novel for which I received an runner-up award at a writer’s conference. I have not been able to complete the writing of a novella that is an important part of my life’s work. I have tried not to halt my life for the mobbing, but my life is no longer mine. Once called a “free spirit,” I now live my life in a cage. I cannot live or love freely. If I bring someone home to bed with me, the mobbers will be there too, and though they have learned that their threats of potty-cams, shower-cams and sex-cams mean nothing to me, there is no intimacy in the panopticon. I could not make love in this prison.

Charges of wanton disregard or reckless endangerment apply to those who invite a mobbing upon another human being

The victim of a mobbing is entirely at risk during a mobbing. Victims of any kind of bullying have increased risks to their physical and emotional health and if the bullying in and of itself doesn’t kill them, it may drive them to suicide. In a situation like mine in which the mobbing has gone on for more than two-and-one-half years around the clock and the victim is refusing to accept criminal eviction and working to expose those involved in the crime, it is possible that those who are involved could become desperate and the victim could be assaulted or even murdered. And that is one of the many, many risks that the nasty neighborhood watch lady and her nasty friends decided I should be exposed to when they saw fit to attempt to forcibly evict me from my home. Even if we just look at the number of times that I have nearly fallen asleep on the road driving to California to work because of sleep deprivation in my home, reckless endangerment is appropriate.

When a mobbing begins, there’s no telling how it will end. It is a volatile situation with too many variables. No one can assure the survival and good health of the victim. For these reasons, charges of reckless endangerment should be levied against those who incite the crime of mobbing.

Mobbing is a sex crime

An essential component of mobbing is ensuring that the victim never has a moment of privacy. Ideally, you flush out the victim by making them think you’re watching them flush the toilet. My own mobbing opened, or at least came to my awareness, with the words of the owner of the north mobbing house that he was turning down the microphone because I was on the pot. The first hoaxes were intended to make me believe that they had cameras in my home. Mobbing is the constant and extreme invasion of privacy.

If invasion of privacy is what the mobbers want, prosecute them with sex crimes like eavesdropping. Even if they only listen or only make you think they listen, it is the impact on the victim that matters here. So far as the victim is concerned, she’s naked and surrounded by peeping Toms. Not only that, but I do recall a night when the mobbers seemed to be playing with a laser light or some other highly directional beam-focused light when I was in bed. I’ll leave it at that for now, but property mobbing is not just another alien anal probe story. But, hmmm, perhaps there is a legal precedent here, of sodomy charges for use of a laser light.

Mobbers should be charged with counts of sex crimes. Nasty neighborhood watch ladies who set up their neighbors for “shaming” crimes intended to forcibly evict them, especially with the awareness that they will be continually “molested” in one way or another, are like accomplices to rape. It’s nasty neighborhood watch ladies of the northeast who would hold others down to be raped, or perhaps they would simply look the other way, enthralled by their power to hurt. Early in my own real estate mobbing, the mobbers would crow that it was “property war.” There is a longstanding tradition of rape in war and, so far as I can see, property war is no different.


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