SPD pays a visit to the south mobbing house

I considered the alternate title of “Yet another tip for investigators” for this blog entry on this week’s visit by Seattle Police to the south mobbing house. This in the hope that they came away from their face-to-face with the snarky owner of the south mobbing house and his “friends,” with the sneaking suspicion that something is up. But that would be more optimistic than a woman who has been the victim of a continuous crime for more than two-and-a-half years should be.

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On being mobbed for the third Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. The nasty neighborhood watch lady has just left with her husband and adult child who is rarely in evidence these days. (This is probably the same daughter who had to brace herself against the dashboard of her mother’s van a few years back when the nasty neighborhood watch lady charged at me in her van as I stood watering at the bottom of my driveway.) The north mobbing house owner’s vehicles are in his driveway, and although the South Pacific Islander or Asian guy who is a “roommate” to the south mobbing house owner was here last night and this morning, his red SUV is not currently in that driveway, which shares a property line with my own driveway. Nevertheless, as I stuffed the turkey this morning and now as I tend it and do some cleaning, there is active mobbing from the south house.

If you’ve had a look at the crude diagram I drew up probably more than a year back with the blog title Parametric yes; prosecution no, you’ll see my suggestion that a shared wireless network between north and south mobbing houses—particularly within range these days of increasingly “skinny” modern houses of multiple stories—allows for a single mobber or the occupants of a single house to move the harassment from speaker to speaker, even speakers that might be positioned in venting for the transport of sound, as their victim moves about her house. There’s no need for them to staff both houses when they want to go to a Seahawks game or take off on holiday. And, again, the mobbers may not need eyes on their victim since a skilled listener using a parabolic microphone can “hear” where the victim is and what she is doing. If the victim walks around a house carrying a cell phone with active location, cell, and wireless services, following with harassing sound is a cakewalk, even if the victim is not near a window.

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A tip for investigators

I have written numerous times about an email from one of the South Cedar Park “Good Neighbors Association” captains named Sandra Motzer. Motzer, as I have described, has played leadership roles on the Lake City Neighborhood committee reviewing Mayor Murray’s plan to ameliorate homelessness. Her husband, Tim Motzer, in addition to admonishing renters in his neighborhood for parking on public streets, is a former City of Seattle manager now active in neighborhood council groups and attempting to play a role in shaping Seattle’s transportation plan for North Seattle.

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On the eve of my third Thanksgiving as the victim of real estate mobbing in Seattle

It’s Sunday night, the week of the American holiday of Thanksgiving. This will be my third Thanksgiving while living in the state of being real estate mobbed here in northeast Seattle in a small neighborhood afflicted by an old guard neighborhood watch gone corrupt and its real estate speculator cronies, including builders, house flippers and other “investors,” and the real estate agents who profit off of them.

Tonight the owners of the north and south mobbing houses, their minders and their mobbers, are attempting to make a strong showing and hammering me with surface harassment on the window panes of whatever room I’m in as well as adding a track of harassment to the television programming that I just turned off.

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On writing Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw

My work is cut out for me as a victim of a real estate mobbing in the United States, a country that has not yet recognized this crime that the United Nations lists as a major cause of forced eviction worldwide.

Forced evictions violate, directly and indirectly, the full spectrum of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights enshrined in international instruments.

A partial list of the rights that forced eviction violates, rights that have direct bearing on what my life has been over years of being victimized by this organized crime, includes:

  • Freedom from cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, art. 6.1)
  • The right to security of the person. (Ibid., art. 9.1)
  • The right to non-interference with privacy, home and family. (Ibid, art. 17)
  • Freedom of movement and to choose one’s residence (Ibid, art. 12.1)
  • The right to health (International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, art. 12)
  • The right to work (International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights., art. 6.1)
  • The right to an effective remedy (Ibid, arts 2.3 and 26)
  • The right to property (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, art. 17)

—Forced Evictions, United Nations Human Rights Fact Sheet No. 25, p. 6 http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Publications/FS25.Rev.1.pdf

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Unmotivated sound and the narrative of mobbing (part 3, continued): The Con

Yesterday morning as I sat here trying to work, I saw a black car with tinted windows, an old Honda maybe, drive down the hill, and then I saw it drive back up the hill. A minute or two later I saw a guy dressed in black and wearing a cap, standing in front of my vehicle taking pictures of it, and then he walked back up the hill. I can only hope that this is a sign that some investigation by benevolent agents is underway, and not one from agents of the mobbers whose purpose in driving by and photographing would likely be to attempts to intimidate me. And so, I continue in my efforts to convince authorities about what is really happening here in this dysfunctional neighborhood of northeast Seattle, and finally publish this blog on the con of unmotivated sound in mobbing. Next up in the final part of this blog on unmotivated sound, we’ll take a look at the near certainty of drone-stalking in mobbing.

(Addendum: On second thought, the guy taking the pictures may have been trying to intimidate. He looked a bit like one of the mobbers I occasionally see monitoring from the south house. He backs a small blue SUV with specialty Washington plates up the driveway and spends a lot of time standing at the mouth of the open garage.)


Real estate mobbing (“property mobbing”) is an unbelievable crime constructed to ensure that the reports of the victim are not believed. Systematic defamation works hand-in-hand with the unfamiliar phenomenology of cyber-crime and harassment transported by ventilation and beam-focused speakers to discredit the victim and his reports. Mobbing is a complex of crime made up of daisy-chains of monitoring, harassment, cyberstalking, intimidation and more. A hoax inside a scam inside a con, and as a con, mobbing works by turning what we know about the world on its head. Mobbing is a hack.

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$5,000 reward for the arrest and prosecution of the Seattle real estate mobbers

TenantHarassment.com is offering a $5,000 reward for the real estate mobbers or “tenant clearers” who continue in their attempt to harass the author of this blog out of her home in northeast Seattle in order to force its sale to real estate speculators. The reward will likely be matched and will be given for the arrest and prosecution of the mobbers themselves, or those in the neighborhood watch or in business with them who were instrumental in installing the mobbers in the houses around the author of this blog. This is a serial crime and there may be a circle of people who “clear” residents for developers or for their own ventures, so it’s possible that if you’ve experienced something similar or heard of something similar, that some of the same people may be involved.

Caution: The meaning of monitoring

February 3, 2017: This post came up in the stats today and now that I see it again, I can see it needs rewriting, something I don’t necessarily have the time to do. So here’s the point: Monitoring describes a legal subset of stalking activities in which the victim is being watched. Real estate mobbers, at least those mobbing me, monitor. If you read the earliest posts, this is how I became aware that I was being “mobbed”—because it became clear my “neighbors” were watching me.

Monitoring means giving the victim the experience of being continuously watched and followed, in the car or on the computer, in the bathroom and out of state. This is how these tenant relocators make their victims feel oppressed and threatened. This is a chief component of how the mobbers compel the victim to abandon her contracts, rights and her legal home. Monitoring means that even if the mobbing houses appear to be dark and no vehicles are outside, there is probably someone inside monitoring me or monitoring the use of a likely system of shared wireless speakers with the other mobbing house. It means that it could be very useful to look at the constant stream of people in and out of the mobbing houses and the Crossfit guy in the red SUV who appears to be central to the ring and who routinely mutters “Move on!” whenever he gets into or out of his vehicle and I am outside gardening in my yard. Monitoring also means that they stop harassing me when people come to the house or are near enough to hear. And that they pause when “mobbing” over cell phone, public address system or computer when they’re not sure that a lack of ambient noise, inattention or other circumstances will prevent potential witnesses from becoming aware of the verbal abuse. This is how they protect the crime.  This is why it becomes so difficult to report or to detect.

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How to prosecute neighborhood watch captains and other individuals who are party to organizing a property mobbing

For more than two-and-one-half years, I have been the victim of a real estate mobbing in a lakeside neighborhood of northeast Seattle overrun with development and afflicted with the Pol Pot of neighborhood watch groups.

The United Nations cites real estate mobbing as a major cause of forced eviction worldwide. Amnesty International claims that real estate mobbing is a human rights crime.

Real estate mobbing, like the “property mobbing” or “mobbing” that has victimized me, is made up of crimes, inside of crimes, inside of other crimes. In other writings, I talk about how mobbing is like a hoax, inside a scam, inside a con. Within the context of forced eviction, which is always criminal, all of these are crimes, one unfolding inside another that is enfolded by yet another, like Matryoshka dolls.

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