Educate neighbors and help the cops catch the mobbers by demonstrating mobbing methodologies and countermeasures

Obtaining an investigation into the bad acts of a corrupt neighborhood watch is no mean feat. This I realized in the first year of my mobbing.

As I reported the early hoaxes in the mobbing and got funny looks whenever I tried to describe what I came to understand was harassment originating from radio, speaker, and ventilation, it became clear that  despite the boldness of this highly predatory crime in which tenant relocators may work from next door, getting an investigation requires a feat of rhetoric. Not in the sense of bullshit, but in the art of persuasion.

As the victim of a criminal attempt at forced eviction that a mobber once warned me was “clearing by smearing,” the mobbing victim who seeks justice has a lot to undo and must overcome multiple forms of bias and defamation, as well as ignorance. Not only must the mobbing victim convince authorities that an actual crime is taking place, but the mobbing victim has the additional burden of demonstrating to authorities even while being brutally harassed day and night, that he is neither criminal nor has he suffered a psychotic break.

This is why, along the way in my own mobbing, I’ve developed strategies that include writing the On being mobbed blog. But despite the fact that the pen is mightier than the parametric, you can’t hold off a pack of tenant relocators, criminal speculators and the Pol Pot of neighborhood watches, with nothing but a quill. And despite the fact that there is a significant component of cyber-crime in the mobbing, the threats to me and my life are not virtual but material.

For these reasons, it becomes important to seek the arrest and prosecution of the mobbers using a multi-pronged approach including ways that help you to get attention, for example, the $5,000 reward that is offering for information given to the police that results in the arrest of the crooks real estate mobbing me. The justice-seeking mobbing victim can, however, go further, and probably should go further to get the attention that will help to keep her safe as she resists the mobbing. Call it public relations, if you will. This kind of attention has the additional bonus of making criminal real estate speculators uncomfortable.

One way you can focus attention on the mobbing in your neighborhood is to write and post educational materials, for example, on your car for the good people of your neighborhood to read. You can also help people to understand what might be happening on the street by creating a few “installations” that show how mobbing works. Doing such things can be a way to fight back against the gossip that nasty neighborhood watches and their criminal speculator cronies spread to defeat your victim reports. You can help to accurately reframe what is happening in your neighborhood and help to make good people aware of what sorts of conditions they should be most concerned about in neighborhoods heavy with speculation and ripe for mobbing.

You can use the following ideas to create street-side installations and demonstrations that will help people to understand what mobbing is and how it could be happening right under their noses. Note that the best practice here would be to keep the information or installation on your own property, whether this means on the lot or affixed to a vehicle that may be parked on the street. Take care not to play into the mobbers’ hands by demonstrating mobbing technology in a manner that allows them to make trouble for you. For example, if you demonstrate a parametric speaker, make sure that the volume for those who stand in the beam does not exceed local regulation and that the beam of sound stays on your own property, even if it terminates where your property meets the sidewalk.

For more information about countermeasures to mobbing harassment, see the page of the same name at

Demonstrate the use of a parametric speaker

You could position a parametric speaker towards a spot on your own property, near the edge of the lot, and put a big red dot on the pavement for people to stand in to hear a “secret message.” Passersby might find it amusing to dodge in and out of the sound beam, but they’ll come away with an understanding of how one person can hear something that is inaudible to someone else six inches away. Consider the SoundLazer for this (, since it’s small and has the familiar look of a personal device, or perhaps the SoundLazer Whisper Bar (

Demonstrate the use of ventilation harassment

This would probably just require a fan in a box with a speaker behind it. The fan could be turned off and on by a timer or remote, so that the sound was transported to the ear of the listener only when the fan was turning.

Demonstrate the use of bone conduction

Find a product that uses bone conduction to convey sound. This shouldn’t be too hard. These days there are underwater radios that transmit sound via bone as well as “silent” pillows that play music only for the person whose cheek is to the pillow. Here’s an article on the Best Bone Conduction Headphones of 2016.

Show people what soundboard looks like and explain its use by mobbing victims

This is an easy, non-technical presentation. All you need is a piece of soundboard with a sign tacked to it that says “THIS IS SOUNDBOARD” and then explains why and how “mobbing victims” use it. You’ll want to talk about mobbers and mobbing victims in the third person and not name names. But with careful use of language you should be able to exercise your First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech with reasonable safety. Make people understand that “mobbing victims”—you—live in a prison of what should probably be prosecuted as sound torture. Before you can get an investigation, you must get attention on the crime in a manner that exposes the real estate mobbers while protecting you from greater harm.

You can get cheap soundboard at Lowe’s or other large hardware supply stores. You can look for pricier products, like sound-insulating drapes that the mobbers could probably also permeate, on the web.

Use information from this site and to write a brochure about real estate mobbing

Post a packet of educational brochures about real estate mobbing on your vehicle. Even if you don’t name names, people will understand that they’re there for a reason.

Make your own stickers

You can design your own stickers on numerous Internet web sites. Some ideas might be “I’M BEING MOBBED/Stay back 10 feet,” “REAL ESTATE MOBBING is CRIMINAL” or “REAL ESTATE MOBBING is RACKETEERING.” While I’m all for mobbing victims keeping their sense of humor in this bizarre criminal situation, if you’re thinking of a sticker that says, “MOBBERS LIKE TO WATCH,” I’d say drop it though I am hoping that when those mobbing me are finally arrested, they’re charged with sex crimes for the invasion of privacy, even if it turns out that they “only” listened.



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