How being a victim of real estate mobbing is a bit like living Harrison Ford’s role in “The Fugitive”

You remember the Harrison Ford vehicle, The Fugitive (1993). Forced to do his own detective work on the run, Ford’s character breaks into the apartment of Sykes, the one-armed man, and finds some telling photographs in a drawer. He calls Tommy Lee Jones’ character from the phone of the one-armed man, to tell him that he just found a big piece of the puzzle.

Figuring out mobbing is a bit like that, and choosing to remain in a mobbing situation is a bit like being on the run, though the mobbers certainly couldn’t stand up to Tommy Lee Jones’ down-home detective—the mobbers wouldn’t even make a B grade cast. Sometimes they do remind me, however, of failed voice-over actors who, denied a career in acting, seek solace in harassing legal residents out of their homes. After all, there’s typecasting as well as method acting in the many hoaxes and roles (of poor character) they play. But let’s get back to Harrison Ford and the puzzle.

It was a bit like figuring out a piece of puzzle when, with nowhere to flee, I wound up staying in my legal home in northeast Seattle and was not blown to bits, made famous for my potty-cam and shower-cam on the Internet, or killed online and off, despite the many threats of the mobbers.

Another piece of the puzzle fell into place when a Microsoft friend told me that directional (parametric) speakers could explain why I heard the familiar voices of the neighbors and their mobbing friends when I worked outside my house when others did not. With a bit of research, I learned how directional speakers isolate a single person for a communication and, because of their novelty, can result in someone coming to believe they must be “hearing voices” and might even be losing their grip on reality.

It was like figuring out a piece of the puzzle when I experimented with opening windows and using sound board and found that both would quiet the level of the mobbing harassment, in other words, when I came to understand the phenomenology of surface harassment on the window panes of my home from the mobbing houses north and south.

It was like figuring out a piece of the puzzle when I blocked access to the half-light window in my kitchen door from the kitchen exhaust fan of the south mobbing house, and it quieted a significant portion of the mobbing harassment that I faced any time I went to the kitchen to prepare meals.

And it was like figuring out a big piece of the puzzle when I realized that drones now becoming ubiquitous on the consumer market could be used to follow and for mobile hacking. Sports photography offers an example of early adopters of not only parabolic microphones to capture the drama of the final kick in a soccer game; cameras like the GoPros that athletes use to record their own feats of daring can now take flight and follow by drone. The ability to follow from a remote location and by machine increases the ease, affordability and efficiency of constant surveillance while reducing the risk of detection. And radio-powered drones provide a fantastic platform for mobile hacking as well as for the deployment of a range of technologies for reconnaissance and attack.

The piece of the puzzle that one of this week’s blog entries is about, is one I haven’t written enough about: the pairing of a drone with a directional speaker. Stay turned for a post coming up soon, in which we talk about swimming pools, residential air conditioning, and the inscrutable pairing of the drone with traditional techniques of ventilation-transported harassment.



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