The City of Seattle has a duty to investigate the crimes of the neighborhood watch and their speculator friends, and to expose real estate mobbing in the United States

It’s a gorgeous here over Lake Washington, the full moon luminescent and suspended in the nighttide sky. And still from the darkness of the south mobbing house, the ever-present voices of the property mobbers—tenant “relocators” or racketeers—harangue me:

Move on!
I killed your cat!
We’re tired of watching you shit!
Give us the bot!

There’s scarcely been a car in the driveway of the south mobbing house this weekend, and the darkness of the house, a common feature of the mobbing houses on both sides during nighttime mobbing, would tend to undermine any victim reports of harassment into her home that she might make to the skeptical officers of Seattle’s North Precinct about the mobbing houses on either side. The characteristic response from the mobbing home owners would probably go something like this: What? That crazy lady said that someone was harassing her from inside our home? We weren’t even home! Were any lights on in the house? OMG, you don’t think someone broke in, do you?

The result would probably more or less mirror what happened at the beginning of the mobbing when I reported hearing a woman whose cube-shaped SUV was parked at the foot of the south mobbing house driveway asking the franchise family girlfriend if she could “get [her] on [my] router.” For this call, the responding officer briefly talked to the south mobbing house owner, who was coincidentally sitting in his SUV in the driveway when the officer arrived, and informed me there was no probable cause.

Tonight, it could be that the north mobbing house owner or mobbers working from his house are monitoring the street and using IP addressing to put the vocal harassment on speakers, directional or otherwise, that he shares with the south mobbing house. The mobbing harassment follows me from room to room, probably based on my position as it is revealed either by parabolic microphones or some other type of spying. In this case, my reflection is probably visible on the front windows of my small dining room as I sit here to write. It’s kind of like a child’s game of peek-a-boo: We’re mobbers who work for or are snarky privileged white collars who want to make money in real estate! Betcha can’t catch us! You can’t even see us! Har-har-har!

There are a few other possibilities: They could be using cell phones or satellite phones to harass from remote locations—in another blog entry I document seeing a local satellite phone provider working on the lines of the south mobbing house—and there have been times when the house has been completely dark and then, sooner or later, someone emerges from it and takes off in or gets picked up by a vehicle during an apparent transition in coverage.

Sounds like a lot of work, I know, but remember, real estate mobbing is a nasty whodunnit intended to make quick work of forced eviction, and the real estate speculators and nasty neighborhood watch captains expected to get one over me, and “get [me] out,” and quick!

Now they’re in a bit of a pickle because I’m still here, and the nasty neighborhood watch lady, who was no doubt instrumental in giving me the gift of mobbing, seems downright agitated. So let’s keep working on documenting this crime of Human Rights and civil rights, this slew of felonies that the United Nations and Amnesty International recognize as “forced eviction,” and that we’re trying to document to the point necessary to prompt a federal investigation of yet another illegal development and house flipping scheme. Heck, I’ll even settle for a Grand Jury. You don’t even have to have proof of the felony stalking and cyberstalking for that. Just get the nasty neighborhood watch captain and some of her co-captains before a Grand Jury and they’ll probably fall all over each other trying to make sure that they don’t go to the prison for the crimes of the mobbers in the houses south and north of me.

But I digress, something that’s easy to do when you’ve been living in a situation of criminal harassment and stalking for going on three years. It takes a lot of energy to persevere in such a situation.

Come on Mayor Murray and Pete Holmes, you don’t want criminal real estate speculators, developers and house flippers forcing legal residents out of their homes in the good City of Seattle.

There’s got to be a way some Seattle Police detectives can begin to ask around about what’s really happening on the street of the nasty neighborhood watch lady of the northeast. And believe you me, there are people who know that something bad is happening here. I’m sticking it out here because I feel I have a duty to myself and to others; I could not forgive myself if I walked away knowing this has likely happened to others and likely will again.

And the City of Seattle has a duty to all of us and to the good citizens of other cities, counties, and states as well. Real estate mobbing needs to exposed in the United States, and those who use it to “turn over” properties and put them out to market should be prosecuted. The City of Seattle can, and should, use this opportunity to discourage real estate mobbing in Seattle, and in the United States.

Let’s prosecute the scumbuckets and set an example for those who would do the same to others. What has happened to me here in this Seattle neighborhood reveals just how out of control are the forces of real estate speculation.



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