Teardown for sale, appropriately priced

What’s up this week? More attempts to smoke me out of my legal home, this one made not by the north mobbing house owner who months back threatened to set up a generator to generate smoke into my bedroom window as I slept or who more recently boasted to a new owner about his intention to “shoot [me] in the face” on one pretense or another.

No, this time it was from the owner of the south house whose mobbers used to burn through loaves of bread venting all the while onto the south side of my home while intoning in the voice of doom, “We’re making toast.” This was an apparent attempt to excite my allergies, another facet of real estate mobbing that reveals not only the involvement of those with medical knowledge but investigation into my physical health or even, as they threatened early on, their actual hacking into my medical records. The mobbers ensured this was a believable threat by reciting information about my familial health history as well as my own.

The attempt of the south mobbing house owner to make me feel physically ill yesterday, however, was not by the use of stacks of burnt toast or the threatened carbon monoxide poisoning by generator of the north side house. Instead, the south mobbing house owner left an old, carbureted sports car idling  at the mouth of his garage while he stood yapping on his cell phone, allowing the exhaust to drift into my open windows until I began to videotape to capture the sound of the running engine. Usually when they’re in the mood to dish out some carbon monoxide poisoning, he and his friends position a meat smoker near his garage door and close to the property line for the most advantageous position beneath my side windows, and they keep it going for hours.

This is one of the ways in which at least these particular real estate mobbers or “property mobbers” send their victim a message that they’re willing to inflict bodily harm and are in fact trying to do so, so you better forget about your rights and get out.

Like many of the things these mobbers do outside the houses from which they harass their victim, these kinds of things are not easily reported as the harassment or assault that they are. To know their meaning, you must be aware of the pattern that includes such activities, the pattern of the crime of mobbing. Most people do not have this awareness and are not likely to take such complaints seriously. Of course, when property mobbing piggybacks onto a neighborhood bullying situation, the mobbers take every opportunity to laugh at their victim as he struggles with how to respond to such assaults without playing into the hands of a malignant neighborhood watch.

Why would anyone do this? As I’ve been saddened to learn during these last years, some people who exhibit a normal demeanor hide a cesspool of malevolence. The kind of people who’d criminally monitor, stalk, insult, taunt and threaten a legal resident day and night, crowing that it’s “a professional real estate hit” probably have a taste for cruelty, likely to the point of being sociopaths or psychopaths.




A writ ordering the sale of an abandoned home in a northeast Seattle neighborhood near the home of a neighborhood watch captain

A couple of weeks ago, a notice not unlike the one above was posted at a vacant house down the street whose alcoholic owner died a few years back. His drug-addled girlfriend and the teenage child of an alcoholic friend of his who was already on his own way to following in his father’s footsteps, squatted on the property for a good year, maybe two, after the death.

The nasty neighborhood watch lady told me when I first moved in that the drug-addled woman was crazy and that she had had to get a protective order against her. But once the nasty neighborhood watch lady set her sights on me, she quickly realized the potential of the drug-addled woman as an aid in her drive to end my tenancy, and the drug-addled woman and the messed up kid took the lead in getting the harassment started. When a vehicle of mine was vandalized, it was the drug-addled woman I thought I spotted crouching near the vehicle before I saw that its antenna had been broken off.

And before the drug-addled woman showed up at my landlord’s house one day demanding that they throw me out of my legal home after I called the police on her, on more than one occasion the builder of the new house just north of the nasty neighborhood lady had conspiratorial discussions with her in the street within range of my sight and sometimes my hearing. Small-time builders and house-flippers bank on small-mindedness as well as the hypocrisy and maliciousness of neighborhoods like my own.

Always a sociopath, the nasty neighborhood watch lady knew how to use someone who scared her against someone else. After months and months, the utilities were finally shut off. When the last of the squatters finally left and before the home owners on either side of me began piping criminal harassment into my home, the nasty neighborhood watch lady looked the other way while, with her obvious approval, the squatters came again and again to the vacant house, stripping the house of their dead alcoholic friend of its appliances and probably anything else that wasn’t bolted down. In the months after the squatters left, the nasty neighborhood watch lady, the builder of the house to her north and the owners of the mobbing houses to my south and north came to the fore of the effort to harass me out of my rental home and turn over the property.

The alkie house was left to sit with windows open to the northwest dampness and rains for months. People who walked by the obviously empty house began to ask about it as brush and brambles overtook its wooden steps. Even my landlords asked every now and then if I’d noticed any changes in its status.

The nasty neighborhood watch lady had keys to the house; I often saw her coming and going from the residence after the squatters finally left. Soon after a day when I pointed out to someone in the street that the windows seemed to be deliberately left open in the winter rains, they were finally closed.

That the house is by now a tear-down is no surprise. There’s a comment on an On being mobbed blog entry from some months back by a reader noting that, to drive down the value of a property, some developers will go to great lengths, even working to have a property condemned. That’s the same line of thinking that is evident in the regard of homes that are rented as homes that are not cared for and should be turned over, razed and rebuilt. And in the case in this neighborhood where my own mobbing may be part of a deliberate effort on the part of the neighborhood watch to work with developers to turn over homes and gentrify the neighborhood, the fate of the house of the dead alcoholic was likely aided and abetted by the same nasty neighborhood watch lady who delivered a eulogy at his memorial, ending it with a plea to “Help people.”

In the last few days, a second notice was posted beneath the writ at the foot of the overgrown wooden steps. This public notice announces that a complaint has been made and that the property is deemed a danger to the lives and properties of those who live nearby, and that this condition poses an emergency that must be addressed. As someone who has been criminally stalked and harassed within an inch of her life on a daily basis for years in this neighborhood, I can only wonder what is so dangerous about this home in which the neighborhood watch tolerated squatters for years, so long as those squatters would help them to constructively evict legal tenants. One can only wonder who made the complaint about that home and the dangerous condition that it has so suddenly fallen into after sitting vacant for three years. Perhaps the complainant is an acquisitive speculator or the ally of some speculator or builder who hopes to avoid competition for the lowball offer he intends to place on the property. At any rate, the house goes up for auction late this month. It will be interesting to see who bids on it.





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