Moral harassment and mobbing

In Le Harcelement Moral: La Violence Perverse Au Quotidien (Moral Harassment), author Marie-France Hirigoyen described the phenomenon of workplace mobbing, in Europe commonly known as moral harassment. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, the bullying of the workplace mob is “not homicide, nor is it physical battery, but Workplace Bullying in its most severe form is violence.” (“Bullying Is Workplace Violence,” The article includes a diagram of the continuum of bullying acts—”negative conduct”—that provides a useful visual aid for the regard of a type of behavior so common that we often ignore the damage it does.

The milder conduct begins with Inappropriateness and then moves on to behaviors given the following labels: Incivility, Disrespect, Mild Bullying, Moderate to Severe Bullying, and then Battery and Homicide. Abusive conduct that is associated with threats to identity, despite and even suicide begin in the range of Moderate to Severe Bullying. The terminus of the continuum is the Physical Violence, Injury, and Death associated with Battery and Homicide. Assaults, murders, and even genocides can be seen as the final act of a bully, the last brutality in a bullying.

Mobbing as practiced by the criminal real estate speculators of my lakeside neighborhood in northeast Seattle, with its (to use an adjective of Guantanamo) “enhancements” of cyber-harassment, stalking, and projection of constant voice harassment, threats, intimidation, taunts, demands and insults, into the very home of the “target,” no doubt falls on the extreme side of the continuum. Real estate mobbing should be considered in and of itself battery or, in acknowledgement of the fact that bullying this extreme is a threat to identity whether or not physical harm results, attempted homicide. And with the involvement of apparent medical professionals who assess the condition of the victim and monitor and attempt to manipulate her emotional and physiological responses during more than two-and-a-half years of mobbing harassment in a botched attempt to constructively evict, there is no denying the mobbers’ understanding of the serious harm and even death that may result from their crime of greed, this intentional effacement of a human being.

These obvious criminals, criminals on par with psychopaths and torturers worldwide, attempt to minimize the gravity of their crime by (1) mobbing intensely and cruelly in hopes of shortening the time it takes to constructively evict; (2) mobbing after the soil has been made fertile by neighborhood bullying; (3) attempting to create the appearance that their victim is a no-good or a criminal; and (4) attempting to seize the moral high ground while monitoring, stalking, harassing and cyber-harassing their victim in and out bed, bath, hearth, and home.

Hard to believe, but criminal real estate mobbers use morality as a foil. This unending hypocrisy is evident in numerous ways including in any civil harassment that exists alongside the hidden criminal harassment. You can see it in the statement of the franchise family girlfriend in court about how she and her south mobbing house boyfriend won’t be able to have children if I continue to live next door. You can see it in the disturbing way the nasty neighborhood watch attempts to induce panic among the other home owners by making veiled accusations that renters in the neighborhood are drunks, have been arrested or have asked to photograph children. And in the case of the nasty neighborhood lady who arms herself with signs to “KEEP CHILDREN SAFE,” such innuendo exists side-by-side with her encouraging young children to push her car uphill on a slick and icy road in the snow, or her accelerating her van while her daughter braces herself against the dash to frighten a renter she hopes to force out of the neighborhood. In the case of another of her co-captain friends who is a retired and apparently senile man who has lost all judgment, it is his holding of the title of co-captain of the neighborhood watch while he told the wife of a renter that because she was a renter, he could make her move or his willingness in rendering clearly unprofessional “assessments” of renters who’d never seen him inside a therapist’s office in the courtroom. It’s also clear in the actions of the simpering south mobbing house owner, who simultaneous with whining to his daddy about where I park, mutters statements under his breath and with eyes averted like, “You’re the wrong demographic,” and mounts a criminal campaign of harassment with the goal of forced eviction while displaying the American flag from his veranda for a good year or two before replacing it with a Seahawks flag and now, with nothing.

Oddly, this attempt to take the moral high ground or to effectively pose as decent people becomes a con used in the mobbing harassment against the victim herself. The imposters frontload the mobbing harassment with statements of morality and moral offense in an attempt to convince the victim as to why she must move. There are many statements made in an attempt to elicit feelings of shame that the mobbers seem to expect to cause the victim to instantaneously decamp, although many of the statements have a very distinct moral tone. It’s possible that the thinking behind the use of these statements is that if they cannot cause the victim to doubt herself, perhaps she’ll be frightened for her reputation or will find it so insulting that she’ll leave or sabotage herself by running to the police and repeating such statements. For example:

We heard what you said and saw what you did!

What you did to that kid!

You’ve killed three girls!

We’re all pro-lifers here!

She’s about to kite a check!

We’re all traffic cops here!

We can tell you’re becoming aroused!


There is a deep irony to being victimized by criminals who commit felonies that harm others while claiming the moral high ground. Imagine what it’s like to stand at the kitchen sink doing dishes or to sit in front of your computer while criminals north and south use radio, hacking or directional speakers to penetrate the windows and walls of your legal home with this criminal harassment. Among the mobbers’ cars I’ve seen vehicles with angel wings hanging from the rear-view mirror, stickers claiming Washington ROOTS, Christian symbols of devotion, and more.

It is apparent that these criminal real estate speculators at least want to make it appear that theirs is a “moral harassment” whose only intention is to make neighborhoods safe for the good families and children of the northwest, and not to clear properties for profit. But that’s the case here in northeast Seattle, on the street of the nasty neighborhood watch lady, the street of dysfunction where the moral compass skitters around like Linda Blair’s head in the Exorcist.

So it was no surprise when I happened upon the Facebook page of the owner of the south mobbing house and saw his claim to be a believer in The Golden Rule. Yes, the rule of reciprocity, of doing nothing you wouldn’t want done to yourself, or treating thy neighbor as you yourself wish to be treated.

If only Facebook had a rule about hypocrisy.








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