The City of Seattle has a duty to investigate the crimes of the neighborhood watch and their speculator friends, and to expose real estate mobbing in the United States

It’s a gorgeous here over Lake Washington, the full moon luminescent and suspended in the nighttide sky. And still from the darkness of the south mobbing house, the ever-present voices of the property mobbers—tenant “relocators” or racketeers—harangue me:

Move on!
I killed your cat!
We’re tired of watching you shit!
Give us the bot!

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An “unofficial demonstration”

Ever seen Fiddler on the Roof? My life here in this lakeside neighborhood in northeast Seattle often feels like that scene in Fiddler where the Cossacks show up at the wedding of Tevye’s eldest, Tzeitel, for “an unofficial demonstration.” In other words, when they show up on their horses even before the broken glass has been swept away and gallop through the celebration in an act that one website terms a “mild” pogrom. (Wikipedia, Fiddler on the Roof,

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Moral harassment and mobbing

In Le Harcelement Moral: La Violence Perverse Au Quotidien (Moral Harassment), author Marie-France Hirigoyen described the phenomenon of workplace mobbing, in Europe commonly known as moral harassment. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, the bullying of the workplace mob is “not homicide, nor is it physical battery, but Workplace Bullying in its most severe form is violence.” (“Bullying Is Workplace Violence,” The article includes a diagram of the continuum of bullying acts—”negative conduct”—that provides a useful visual aid for the regard of a type of behavior so common that we often ignore the damage it does.

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On gender, roommates, and being mobbed

It’s Sunday morning, a day when I often catch the rebroadcast of the Wait wait, don’t tell me! on a second NPR station offering programming in Puget Sound. The real estate mobbers working in the north and south mobbing houses have been attempting to heighten the intensity of their mobbing and jumped right onto the stage with Peter Sagal when the tuner fixed on the signal.

The intensification of the mobbing harassment might seek to take advantage of the stress that having to evict a scofflaw roommate adds to my already difficult situation as a legal resident who has been the target of a malicious and development-related attempt at constructive eviction now for years.

Or perhaps, as the voice of the franchise family girlfriend voice of the south house mobbing owner once declared during mobbing harassment when she probed to see how she might best manipulate me, they’re hoping that the additional stress of a roommate who is essentially forcing me to pay his rent will be the “friction point” that forces some break and compels me to finally move.

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Teardown for sale, appropriately priced

What’s up this week? More attempts to smoke me out of my legal home, this one made not by the north mobbing house owner who months back threatened to set up a generator to generate smoke into my bedroom window as I slept or who more recently boasted to a new owner about his intention to “shoot [me] in the face” on one pretense or another.

No, this time it was from the owner of the south house whose mobbers used to burn through loaves of bread venting all the while onto the south side of my home while intoning in the voice of doom, “We’re making toast.” This was an apparent attempt to excite my allergies, another facet of real estate mobbing that reveals not only the involvement of those with medical knowledge but investigation into my physical health or even, as they threatened early on, their actual hacking into my medical records. The mobbers ensured this was a believable threat by reciting information about my familial health history as well as my own.

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