Countermeasure: Split the signal with an auxiliary speaker

One of the most prominent and destructive features of real estate mobbing, at least as performed by those mobbing me in this lakeside neighborhood of northeast Seattle, is the mobbers’ injection of their prattle and babble into my home. The mobbing harassment includes constant threats, insults and demands, but one of its most important aspects is how it overtakes the life and world of the victim. In and of itself, this is perhaps the greatest threat to the life of the mobbing victim: The loss of quietude, the loss of time.

One of the bitter facts about how these shady criminal speculators or tenant “relocators” who work on their behalf force their way into the life-world (Husserl’s Lebensweld) of the occupant of the property they seek to take, is that they utilize that which belongs to the victim, by lease, by purchase or by gift. In the same way that they utilize the physical body of the victim by striping her of privacy and replacing the solitude of the mind with inescapable harassment heard not just by ear but by bone (bone conduction), the material possessions of the victim themselves—the things themselves—become bound up in the harassment whose goal is the unlawful forced eviction and forced sale of property. This includes the systems and surfaces of the victim home, the structure that the mobbers seek to acquire and then raze and replace with another that will net them a hefty profit.

The window panes of the home leased or owned by the victim occupant become the substrate for harassment projected by parametric or parabolic speaker. The ventilation systems of the victim home that are leased by the victim, and provided by law and in adherence to code, become channels for the effective transport of the slings and arrows of the criminal speculators who lie in wait, trafficking in the lives of their victims, the structural flaws of their homes, and watching always for the emotional frailties of their victims.

“Can we get in on that?” I’ve heard the mobbers say time and time again in the many moments of stress or emotion that I have experienced during this invasive crime. To “get in on that” is to take advantage of the victim’s emotional crisis to force her capitulation and finally compel her to quietly leave her home.

The victim’s latest and greatest devices, the iPhones, radios and tuners that map her connections to culture, to other human beings, and to the world, become vulnerabilities. Switching on the radio to listen to The Moth, or selecting a recently released indie film from On Demand broadcasting, becomes a decision that must be carefully weighed against her current emotional state and level of tolerance for the assault of the unwanted soundtrack of mobbing harassment that inevitably overlays the programming whose complete enjoyment she is denied as a victim of a crime of a neighborhood watch gone bad.

Over the near thirty months of real estate mobbing that has damaged my life, I have explored many ways of blunting the mobbing harassment, as well as how it might be forensically captured. As a mobbing victim who has lost jobs because of the damage of the mob, money is usually a factor, but so is energy. I can see how a mobbing victim might become obsessed with recording and proving the mobbing harassment to the point of self-sabotage. To survive in a situation of real estate mobbing, you must be able to maintain your life, to keep your job, and to guard your emotional health to the greatest extent possible. And when I wasn’t intimidated out of recording in my own home by threats that they’d claim illegal two-party recording early on (in Washington State, both parties must consent to the recording of a communication; in some states single-party recording is permitted), the mobbers let me know that if I captured the mobbing harassment on a recorder, they would say the “evidence” was fabricated. There’s a greater issue too: How am I to be sure of any mobbing harassment I am able to record when the mobbers continue to harass me during  playback?

Clearly, when a corrupt neighborhood watch has seduced the Seattle North Precinct police who most frequently respond to calls in this neighborhood into taking their dim view of those who rent homes, and when those involved in the crime lie and defame the victim to ensure that victim statements and reports are not well received, any recordings that the victim might present probably won’t help him.

Ultimately, the victim is not responsible for gathering evidence or “proving” a crime. In crimes of hacking or crimes effected using subterfuge, investigators must find another way. This is why I have argued that because of the forked tongue of real estate mobbing whose only public utterances are in the civil arena, mobbing should be investigated first as racketeering with the use of a grand jury to begin to investigate the extent of the felonies that attend the crime.

On a practical level, the war against real estate mobbing is fought one day at a time, and every day that a mobbing victim achieves moments of enjoyment of his or her life-world is a victory for the right to domicile. For this reason, I often record to dampen and discourage the injection of harassment into my NPR programming or my favorite shows on television.

I purchased Century Link’s DVR product for Prism TV, thinking that if I recorded the shows, I might have a chance of recording the mobbing harassment and that, even if the mobbers took evasive action and switched to surface harassment on the windows, the level of the harassment would be dampened. Then I learned a bit more about how companies like Comcast and Century Link typically handle DVR requests, which is to wrap up the programming on the back end as a file that is dropped on the hard drive of the set-top box. This means you just get a copy of the film you request. You are not recording it as it plays on your tuner.

I’ve also experimented with a few inexpensive microphones and with the use of Audacity, the free software application, but recording harassment from a device that is not patched in, that is, not on the same line or channel as the harassment, seems to return nebulous or no results. The mobbers do show caution when I stick a microphone on my iPhone, open a recording application and place the recorder  near a speaker that is playing their harassment track or near an open door that they’re venting harassment into, but I don’t know that I am able to record anything that would be taken seriously by officers who’ve been disinterested or skeptical when I’ve risked making reports of radio-based harassment, monitoring, or hacking.

One of the greatest frustrations and ultimately, dangers, of being a victim of real estate mobbing is that the mobbing enlists not only the civil services of the City of Seattle into the mobbing with the inaugural complaints and allegations about parking, waste disposal, noise, uncontrolled animals, failure to be a home owner and what have you, but Seattle Police, and particularly the North Precinct police who serve a more conservative and suburban populace than the East Precinct in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, for example, may almost become agents of the mob. I hope to write a blog with more details on how mobbers groom the police to assist them in their forced evictions in the next week.

But I finally realized how I might better blunt some of the mobbing harassment, if not be better able to put a recording device on the same line and get a better recording: A simple splitter. Last week I purchased a Bose auxiliary speaker. I would have preferred one that lacked wireless capabilities and could therefore be isolated from access by WiFi. This hinders my ability to accurately assess its performance because a speaker with wireless capabilities could be vulnerable to being co-opted as a device to broadcast mobbing harassment. As a precaution, I am not using the wireless capabilities of the speaker. But I found I can put splitters on the analog receiver I use to listen to NPR as well as on the headphone jack of the digital television. This allows me to use one auxiliary cable to the speaker, so that I can hear the broadcast, and to put another line out to a recording device.

A side benefit of the setup is that I can turn the volume of the television way down, which diminishes the volume out of the harassment to the auxiliary speaker. Then I can turn up the volume on the auxiliary speaker to better hear the program and to blot out some of the harassment that they inevitably begin to put on the surfaces of the window panes to ensure I have an end-to-end experience of mobbing harassment. The surface harassment on the windows I then attempt to soften by fitting a few well chosen pieces of acoustic board against the windows.

I also got one splitter that allows volume controls for both lines out and have been experimenting with further dropping the volume on the side of the splitter that goes to the speaker, and then increasing the volume on the speaker to bring up the level of the sound track that the programming should have, the one created by the sound artists who made the film or broadcast and not the one created by those sound criminals who are the real estate mobbers working from the residences to my north and to my south to force me out and compel the sale of my legal rental home. ▪



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