Good neighbors gone bad and on speaking no evil—at least, not appearing to speak it

It’s a given that one of the ways real estate mobbers drive legal residents out of the homes that developers want to acquire is by interfering with, and hopefully removing altogether, your quiet enjoyment. When you’ve been real estate mobbed for more than two-and-a-half years as I have been in northeast Seattle, this obstruction of quiet enjoyment is felt on a day-to-day basis as the NPR storytelling hour, The Moth, is disturbed; as it becomes difficult to contemplate and to write about things that are of value and not of greed, crime and criminal real estate speculators and neighborhood watches; and as it becomes difficult to enjoy any entertainment or communications without the harangue of the mobbers.

This morning as I sit at the window, I listen to Wait wait, don’t tell me on NPR. The nasty neighborhood watch woman across the way and her Boeing husband took off in their separate cars, one by one, removing themselves from complicity to the extent there’s a chance of convincing a prosecutor that they’ve nothing to do with the property mobbers they were instrumental in putting into place around me.

Overlapping the NPR broadcast, there’s the sound of the voice of the owner of the north mobbing house, the one who is ennobled by his profession and not much else, one and the same with the “crazy, right-wing” nasty man who blustered on to a new home owner just a few weeks ago about shooting me in the face and coming up with some excuse for the murder. The home owner who had to hear this troubling statement apparently was told some ruse or ploy that the north mobbing house owner rambled on about. I didn’t hear anything after the “shoot her in the face” part so can’t say for sure what excuse the owner of the north mobbing house said he would give.

Some of the other voices turning up on the radio include the those that sound like the girlfriend of the north mobbing house owner and the franchise family girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house who’s keeping such a low profile these days that I seldom see her here. The SUV of the tribal tattoos guy with the Crossfit stickers and the Seattle Parks and Rec shirt is parked in the driveway of the south house, as is common these days. He’s the one who brings his kid to the house while looking at his feet and harassing me under his breath—”Move on!”—as he gets out of his SUV and herds his child into the south mobbing house, a procession commonly followed by the sound of his voice projected onto the glass panes of my windows and into my house over directional speakers, ventilation and radio systems. Note that this averting of the eyes while muttering insults, threats and demands under the breath is one of the mobbers’ commonly used techniques, one perhaps advocated by their skanky attorney friend for how it sets up the victim for courtroom interrogation:

So-called “mob attorney”: “Well, well, little lady mobbing victim, when Mr. Big Man allegedly told you to ‘Move on’, where was he looking?”

Mobbing victim attempting to explain: “He wasn’t looking at me but he clearly meant me to hear. This happens all the—”

So-called “mob attorney”:Objection! You claim, you insignificant legal resident who is taking up valuable property we could be building a mini-mansion on and flipping, that Mr. Big Man was not looking at you but was talking to you???? You’re paranoid! And in our way!”

Case dismissed!

Interestingly, this technique is another abstraction of voice from body that is used to introduce doubt not only into any identification of the criminals that the victim might attempt, but into the mind of the victim herself. This is much like the mobbing technique of hiding on the other sides of walls and bitterly threatening, insulting and harassing legal residents out of their homes, while attempting to convince the victim that there is no hope of prosecution, and all this with the braggadocio of statements that actually include the real names of the scumbucket mobbers: “I am or I represent [the franchise family girlfriend… or the nasty neighborhood watch woman…  or the south house mobbing owner and his designer sunglasses],” and “Who am I?”, as though to at once probe the victim’s ability to identify the speaker while making the point that the victim has little chance of making a convincing identification of a disembodied voice. In an associated feat of mobbing doublespeak during bedtime mobbing around the same time, there was an elaborate and obviously scripted speech during which a daisy-chain of mobbers recited a lengthy statement, each mobber taking uttering a phrase, the statement asserting in conclusion that it could be attributed to no single one of them. The mobber who claimed to be “Daria” played a strong role during this time; she claimed to be an attorney, though at other times they all claimed to be attorneys, in the same way they claimed to be traffic cops, home owners, and more. Who knew you could learn such things in law school! Take note, this how the pros do it.

Human beings have great difficulty with the accurate recollection of physical appearance in cases of crime. I wonder how much more difficult it might be to identify by voice. You can be certain that an attorney could put that to good use in a defense and could at least make a reasonable effort at impeaching a witness who offers an identification based on voice alone; the crime of mobbing is constructed for this very defense.

If you can’t see them, and if no one else hears them, it must be in your head.

Today isn’t a great day. Because I hoped that the presence of a roommate would blunt mobbing harassment, I took into the home I work so hard for a man who has not paid me a cent for rent and who seems to have the expectation of being able to sponge off of me. Probably because in telling him that I was the target of a development-related harassment situation, I looked to him like someone who might be an easy mark. After all, I gave him house keys before taking money. He was new in town and job hunting, and I’m generally a charitable type, incense and peppermints and all. In no time flat, he was talking about being a house husband back in Illinois, a state from which someone or some entity seems to have sent some papers after him in the hands of a King County Sheriff’s detective as soon as the scofflaw put my address on his shiny new Washington State driver’s license.

This is what it is to be a woman who is the victim of a predatory crime. This is what it’s like to be a woman who by her very victimization becomes prey to other scammers and scofflaws. And now I have to evict the guy, which is pretty sad, because people like him make people who rent look bad. I doubt that the protections afforded by Seattle’s Just Cause Eviction ordinance are intended for someone who pretty clearly never intended to pay rent to begin with. You would think that contract law, with its concept of “consideration,” would preclude the privileges and protections of tenancy from being bestowed upon someone who fails to make even a first rent payment.

Unadvisedly and unlike most of you who only play attorneys on TV, I play one in the courtroom as well, because as a justice-seeking victim of a crime whose most visible face is civil, I made the mistake of going mano a mano against the mobbers, their defamations and lies, in a courtroom. If this is the one blog of mine you read, know that fighting a mobber civilly is what they want. All the better to defame you, my dear. Don’t do it that way or at least, don’t do it that way unless you know you can win, and by that I mean, don’t do it unless you’ve got the forensic proof or witness statements that cannot be defeated, in which case, you should probably just present the evidence to the police and go for the criminal investigation.

Guerilla warfare is the better way to war with mobbers. And pens are mightier than parametrics. Like Sun Tzu, pick your battles wisely. Draw the scumbucket mobbers out into the open; let them hang themselves. Use public disclosures to neuter their use of local codes to suppress and constructively evict. Look for patterns in their behavior and the relationships between them and their neighborhood watch and developer cronies. Use public writings to expose them and send letters referencing your public writings to interest authorities. If the scumbuckets have mobbed before, and if accusations of the mobbing are made in any public records—court records showing attempts to get orders of protection, for example—your sharing of your own experiences will undoubtedly help those who perhaps could not prove their claims in the past as well as those who are spared mobbing in the future. And even if you can’t find the constellation of crimes documented as their practice, it’s clear this is a practice that is known and occurs from time to time, a practice that can be documented and a crime that can be prosecuted.

Real estate mobbing is not civil; it just uses civil law to make good its crime. We need to expose real estate mobbing and property mobbers in the United States, to understand and document the racket, and then to prosecute them for their organized crime and all the felonies it entails. These are criminals, criminal real estate speculators or tenant “relocators.”  They need to be caught.



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