How the Seattle mobbers use Seattle Police Department to do their dirty work (part 1)

Property mobbing is war. The self-dubbed mobbers of northeast Seattle will tell you that straight off. They told me early in the mobbing harassment as they barraged the window panes of my small older rental home overlooking Lake Washington with the hoaxes, threats and harassment intended to rattle and then vanquish me, their sworn enemy, a legal tenant refusing to budge who began working to expose their racketeering, a legal tenant of now six-plus years who this summer is finishing parts of a garden and painting the house while newer homes around me fall to speculators and investors to be razed, rebuilt and sold at double the value.

In the first year of the mobbing, these scumbucket real estate investors who work with or are criminal tenant relocators had their heyday here in northeast Seattle, working from houses on both sides of me while their nasty neighborhood watch sponsor cheered them on from across the street, propagandizing neighborhood passersby into ignoring the mêlée and turning justice on its head with malicious gossip and lies that sought to make me—the tenant victim—appear a degenerate and a criminal.

“This is a property war,” crowed a voice that sounded a lot like the bratpack owner of the south mobbing house.

“It’s a professional real estate hit,” cried another.

Real estate mobbing here in this rarefied enclave of northeast Seattle is, in the mobbers’ own words, war—a war they fight on every front. In my last post, I likened the lies and malicious gossip of the mobbers to Nazi propaganda. It serves the same purpose. It is intended to make fertile the soil, in other words, to prepare the neighborhood so that individuals who might otherwise be appalled and immediately move to report the crime, instead act in a manner that ultimately supports the mobbing. By this I mean that people become inured to what should be an alarming situation in their neighborhood, or that they make a quick decision that it does not concern them.  I can’t say why that is. I’m sure that sexism works in favor of the mobbers and that, for that reason, some regard any visible signs of the mobbing on as a “cat fight,” a civil dispute over issues like parking or simply a case of personal dislike on the part of the nasty neighborhood watch woman being played out in the public sphere. It’s also possible, as one of my landlords once suggested, that others in the neighborhood know “what [the nasty neighborhood watch woman] is like” and don’t want her bringing the same hellfire down on them, or that ignoring an abnormal situation is how some protect their own interests. Yet another possibility is that they blame the victim, having been seduced into the victim-blaming that any good mobbing is.

I would answer with a parable that explains a lot of what I believe and why I feel a duty to so as I have done and to expose the organized crime and racketeering that comes at the expense of the lives of people like me.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

—Pastor Martin Niemöller

The innuendo that the nasty neighborhood woman spread about renters whose houses she sought to turn over shows the pattern well. Resourcefully and insidiously, as only a sociopath can do, the nasty neighborhood watch woman spearheaded the propaganda campaign. She made insinuations to neighbors, landlords, police and eventually the courts, about the public drunkenness of one resident, the anger management of another. She reported one resident as a coke dealer, and complained that another was a pornographer and might even have made “girls” uncomfortable by soliciting them to pose for photographs (an out-and-out lie).

Side by side with the drive of the mobbers for the hearts and minds of those who would otherwise have realized that what they were seeing was illegal bullying by real estate speculators and their neighborhood watch friends, the mobbers wage a campaign of civil complaints, enlisting the apparatus of government in their drive for property. In my own northeastern neighborhood, for those who rent and especially me, having been unfortunate enough to unknowingly rent a home with the greatest proximity to the nasty neighborhood watch woman, this has meant countless complaints to Seattle Police Department’s Parking Enforcement unit, complaints to the police that are accompanied by innuendos of a dangerous or degenerate nature, complaints to landlords about appalling and egregious “behavior” that is oh-so-unfortunately legal, and complaints to animal control, Seattle Public Utilities, and anyone else who will take one. And don’t forget the website with its “badass” brag about how wannabe speculators can use civil violations to press “reluctant sellers” to give it up for house flippers who have a constant need for inventory.

A blog devoted to the strategy of the mobbers could be called How to make an honest person who has never had a problem with police look like a criminal. Just the same, one hopes that at least the Seattle Police Department would know how to tell the difference between a social justice seeking single middle-aged woman who is the target of a real estate-motivated bullying campaign from a criminally degenerate floozy in a trench coat, in much the same way in fact that you’d hope they could put together a series of events and see through a veneer of white collar professionalism, complete with white coats, to apprehend a gang of thugs who participate in a racket to harass people out of their homes and turn them over for speculation.

This is a racket that the police, and the FBI, should also want to get into, but not in the same way. Because real estate mobbing as done by the mobbers of northeast Seattle is a veritable cornucopia of felonies including monitoring, stalking, cyber-stalking, wireless following over public and private networks and public address systems and probably using the same drones that developers and real estate speculators increasingly use for site surveys and marketing. I have been harassed over public address systems in secured buildings, on the cell phones of others in locker rooms, and even on aircraft like the 737 that provide in-flight entertainment systems and wireless access to customers. This is a bullying crime that victimizes residents and home owners alike. This is an organized crime called racketeering that destroys homes, neighborhoods, and lives—the mobbers of northeast Seattle have sure tried to destroy mine.

Why would they do this? Because they’ve been able to commit felony crimes without detection in the past; hacking is difficult to report and not so easy to prove. The phenomenology of victimization by cyber-harassment has apparently not been explored or not been adequately explored, and is not well recognized. It can take a long time for someone who is being harassed over public address systems, cell phones and private audio speakers to get a grip on how it works, especially when the mobbers use directional sound to avoid detection by witnesses and, conveniently, in an attempt to convince you and others that you’ve “lost it.” In property war, there is no demilitarized zone, no cease fire, and there are no Geneva Conventions.

But the greater reason why a gang of criminal real estate speculators or tenant relocators would chase a single middle-aged woman around for years is that the mobbing failed. A successful mobbing would have driven me out, permanently and quickly, before I began to understand what was happening around me, before I began to realize how it worked. The mobbers, who probably promised the neighborhood watch they’d “get [me] out,” pressure my landlords to sell, and that no one would be the wiser, have had to relentlessly and brutally continue to mob me because if I am able to get an investigation that exposes them, they and their developer and nasty neighborhood watch friends will probably go to prison for years and even decades.

Moreover, it is likely that an investigation by the United States Justice Department will ensue, into similar criminal practices across the United States, because it is doubtful that these people operate in a vacuum. At this point, real estate mobbing is a brutal and highly effective scam that northwestern speculators and perhaps speculators across the United States use for hostile acquisitions of property. When a racket works this well, those who profit from it must protect it. It’s been clear that this crime involves a “ring” of participants since the early months when I started to see a beat-up white van near the north mobbing house, once overhearing a thin woman with long strawberry-blond hair talking to a tall slender man with a light beard: “Are they going to take the house?” The answer? “After they get her out.” In the months since, many other mobbers in many other cars have come and gone from the houses north and south, the “mobbing houses” as I’ve come to call them.

Stalking and hacking people out of their homes is nothing less than felony. Amnesty International cites real estate mobbing as a Human Rights violation and real estate mobbing is exactly what this is, even though it is a crime that we have not yet acknowledged in the United States.

As usual, I’ve written a lot and still haven’t gotten to the gist of what I want to say. Let’s call this part 1. In part 2, we’ll look at the nuts and bolts of how real estate mobbers use the police, in this case the Seattle Police Department, in their forced evictions for some extra special and very psychopathic fun and profit.


It’s Saturday night and I’ve gone out gardening while, at the south mobbing house, some barbecue appears to be underway, this one held in the back yard for a change. There is the usual collection of cars, some of them familiar, like the blue SUV driven by a dark-haired woman who once showed up at the house during the day and after she went inside I heard a woman’s voice asking, “What is she doing right now?” This is the blue SUV with the Washington ROOTS sticker on it, and, like the tattooed guy, she also has a Crossfit sticker on it. The tribal tattoo bully, the one who comes with his child, pulled in yesterday wearing a t-shirt type vest, if that makes any sense, with patterned reflective material on it, like the vest of someone who worked in the road. The back of the vest read “Seattle Parks and Recreation,” which was interesting because one of the neighborhood watch, one who raised his fist at me in the street one time and angrily stated that “Renters have no right to park on public streets” is a former Parks and Recreation manager. And the tribal tattoos guy was also at a neighborhood watch event that I made an appearance at last year, when I came in hamming it up with the wife of the former manager. More connections.


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