The death threats of mobbers

Addendum: Today I was looking through some old public disclosure requests showing the things some of these crooks said when they called the police to make nuisance complaints about me listening to music during hours that are not quiet hours in Seattle. Disturbingly, I found that the men on both sides of me seemed to have been able to get further with their complaints than they should have legally been able to do, especially considering that underneath their white collars, they are crooks in the middle of committing a crime that involves monitoring, hacking, and cyber-stalking in the name of property acquisition. It is quite disenchanting to see how easy it was for them to con Seattle Police. Maybe the police have become unable to check into a situation before doing what the biggest whiner or he who drives a BMW wants them to do. Maybe Seattle’s North Precinct Police are unable to see or don’t want to admit, that the people who are pointing the finger in this situation are actually the crooks, trying to enlist the police in helping to constructively evict someone from a property they want. I am a middle-aged woman who, when she is able to work out of state between episodes of job-ending harassment, makes six figures. I am more liberal than many, perhaps most, having grown up next to Berkeley, and graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in history. My photographs and kiln-formed glass work have been shown in galleries, my films have shown in venues national and international, the writing I’ve been able to complete while being treated like a criminal by my neighborhood watch in northeast Seattle has received awards. You could probably say I’m a bleeding heart liberal, I stop for bunnies on the Burke and do my best to avoid killing insects in my garden. I love bicycling, cooking, and the Burke-Gilman. I never had a problem with the police, ever. Not until I moved into this neighborhood in which to rent is to be a criminal. How is it that criminal bullies, bullies who even threaten violence, can successfully make their victim look like the criminal? How is it that the police believe them? Seattle Police: Don’t look only at one complaint made deliberately to enlist you in scaring someone out of their home. Look at the history of complaints and ask yourself: Why are these people accusing someone they’ve filed 120 abandoned car complaints against of being out of control? Why are all these people ganging up on one woman in this neighborhood where every other house is being torn down and built anew? Why are these people who have a history of involvement in lawsuits over property going after a renter who spends ten to twenty hours in her garden many weeks of the year? Why didn’t the community police ever show up and talk to her? Why didn’t the North Precinct police follow up on *her* complaints about harassment three or four years back?

Something unusual happened today. At least, something happened that has never happened before during the “mobbing”—the apparent real estate mobbing—that has made me, and my 1940s rental home in this gentrifying northeast Seattle neighborhood, its victim for some twenty-seven months now. And when I say twenty-seven months, I am referring to the period of time for which my life has been turned upside down by continuous speaker- and ventilation-transported harassment into my house and cyber-harassment inside and outside, as apparently deemed to be necessary in this effort to make me, a middle-aged single female renter, flee my home.

It hasn’t worked, by the way.

But what happened today is unprecedented in the mobbing. Today, one of the new owners told me that the owner of the mobbing house to my north, the owner who is ennobled by his profession and not much else, talked to him about shooting me in the face and then claiming it was self-defense or that I was on his property or some other excuse. I didn’t get the exact framing of the statement; perhaps I was distracted by its content. It’s not every day you hear that one of your neighbors has talked to another about shooting you in the face.

(I should point out that the last thing I would do is go on this man’s property. After all, I tried to get a protection order against him though I failed when, in court, he was able to ridicule me for reporting to Seattle Police that he and the owner of the other mobbing house were introducing tracks of harassment into any radio or television broadcasts that I listened to, something I found out later was not hard to do, not even in the days of wholly analog systems when a simple CB radio paired with a linear antenna could put sound on the speakers next door. But even before things got to this level, even before the full-on mobbing started, there was a period of weeks for which this guy’s hot tub leaked large quantities of water that drifted down a slope from the property line and pooled near the foundation of my home. Even then, when I called my landlords to tell them we were at near flood stage because of the guy’s hot tub, I told them I was not willing to knock at his door or go onto his property. Moreover, I told them to take care in dealing with him because I thought there was something wrong with him. Little did I know….)

The new neighbor who told me this, I believe, is a kind man. He talked about live-and-let live, a theory that suits me as someone who grew up with the “You do your thing and I’ll do mine” of the 1970s. But adopting a live-and-let attitude towards criminals who are barely trying to hide what they do is kind of like appeasing Hitler, which sadly is more or less what the United States did beginning way back in the isolationist late 1930s in ignoring the first reports of the slaughter that would kill six-million Jews as well as countless queers and other misfits of the Nazi era.

But Dachau, the first concentration camp, opened March 22, 1933. Mobbing takes a village, and you don’t propagandize a village overnight anymore than you suddenly inculcate a nation into blaming its woes on a minority populace. It takes years to desensitize the collective into brutalizing other human beings; it takes psychopathy and opportunism to leverage the runaway inflation of Weimar Germany or the economic sufferings of the more recent Great Recession. The dynamic of hatred is the same whether the climate is antisemitic, anti-Black, or anti-renter. No matter the circumstances or the opportunist, when one neighbor talks to another about shooting a third neighbor in the face on some pretense, it’s not a “live-and-let-live” kind of situation.

This man who is ennobled by his profession and not much else, I remember how earlier on in the mobbing harassment he made comments about how easy it might to kill someone—me— by just leaving on a carbon monoxide-generating compressor near my bedroom window. And there have been other threats of death like We’ll kill you online and off!, that fall into the class of those made to intimidate and frighten me, the victim of this real estate mobbing at the hands of the nasty neighborhood watch and their shady cronies in real estate. But this one, this threat was made for the ears of someone else.

It’s possible that the north mobbing house owner was attempting to convince a new owner, one who talks to me and has begun to take notice of unusual events and dynamics on what I have called “the street of dysfunction,” that I was dangerous or crazy. This is how things appear to proceed in real estate mobbing. Remember the renters down the street from me who, after a spate of civil complaints about things like dog barking, parking and waste disposal, were reported to the Seattle Police as cocaine dealers and then issued a summons to appear in court when the nasty neighborhood watch woman who lives across from me attempted to get an order of protection against them for being “dangerous.” These days I chuckle whenever I go up the street and see at another new house that has been flipped about twice already since it was built just a few years ago, a vinyl-wrapped van advertising for a legal marijuana retailer. I wonder if the nasty neighborhood watch has reported them as cocaine dealers too.

Another possibility, is that the owner of the north mobbing house was, in effect, “setting [me] up” by telling the new owner who talks to me that he would have to shoot me to protect himself. This would also be in keeping with the mobbing, which seeks to discredit and defame whilst simultaneously criminally victimizing the target of the real estate mobbing.

Or it’s possible that the owner of the north mobbing house who is ennobled by his profession and not much else had considered that the new owner might tell me what had been said and took the chance that the relayed threat of being shot in the face would be enough to finally convince me to give notice so that he’d have an opening to make an aggressive offer on the home that I have rented for more than six years, the home I have lived in for the longest time in my adult life. There have certainly been lots of opportunities to frighten me.

The problem is their theory that a person who is frightened will accept the evisceration of her privacy rights, her civil and legal rights, and finally her human rights, inevitably acceding to the demands of the criminal real estate speculators and willingly leaving her home. With this phrasing I remember the statement in the mobbing harassment, “Daria says she has to leave of her own free will.” This is how the mobbers inform their victim of their expectations. This is how the mobbers instruct their victim while evading culpability and liability alike. And this theory that a person can be criminally bullied into quietly leaving her legal home? This is the false tautology that is real estate mobbing.

I suppose I could contact Seattle Police and ask them to go interview the new owner about what was said to him. The new owner made other statements that agree with my own assessment by and large. He said that the owner of the north mobbing house was “crazy,” a right-wing conservative with a strong military background. So it does seem that he sees the owner of the north mobbing house in the same way I do. If anything happens to me, perhaps the Seattle Police will finally begin to interview people in the neighborhood. But this is another instance that makes clear that this situation will not be resolved by taking a “live and let live” attitude. In this situation where an organized crime that should be prosecuted as a racket has continued for years, “live and let live” is a free-for-all, spurring on the criminal plundering of the human and civil rights—the very lives—of the residents of victim properties, the victims of mobbing.

Come on Seattle Police, do your duty and begin to investigate what this is. It is likely criminal real estate speculators who are willing to harass people out of their homes in whatever manner works best, in order to get a good deal on a property. And as someone who refuses to give in and continues to try to expose them, I’ve gotten on their bad side. This is an opportunity for the City of Seattle and the Washington Attorney General to take the lead in exposing what is likely a criminal trend in real estate acquisition and speculation across the United States. Real estate mobbing is acknowledged in Europe, the United Nations and Amnesty International both acknowledge it, but we have not adequately exposed or studied its occurrence in the United States.

Come on Seattle Police, I’m trying to do the right thing. Protect me.





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