Making sure they don’t get away with it

I’ve never been enamored with blogging. For me, the act of journaling is private and meditative, and has nothing to do with publishing. I am a writer who has never wanted to blog. And if I were not the victim of a real estate mobbing, I probably would not have created one.

On being mobbed has the goal of exposing an organized crime called real estate mobbing, a racket that has victimized me in northeast Seattle for more than two years. This is a crime that involves a Seattle neighborhood watch colluding with real estate speculators who either include criminal harassment in their repertoire of tricks to “clear” and “turn over” properties for development or who hire those who do it in their stead. They use whatever methods they can, old and new, including attempting to criminalize a tenancy while engaging in criminal methods of chasing a legal resident from his or her home. The criminal methods include monitoring, cyber-stalking, hacking, and radio-based as well as directional speaker and ventilation harassment. All this conducted alongside orchestrated civil harassment that is used to give the appearance that it is a run-of-the-mill neighborhood dispute over issues like parking, noise or garbage disposal. In my own case, there are documents that reveal the involvement of local developers, real estate agents from Washington’s largest real estate company, and the captains of the not-so-good neighborhood watch. Once an investigation begins, there will likely be a finding of obstruction of justice against those home owners of the mobbing houses, their college chum attorney, and others based on their representations in U.S. District Court in several proceedings.

In real estate mobbing, the civil harassment is a smokescreen. “Mobbing,” as I have known it in northeast Seattle at the hands of the not-so-good neighbors who are colluding with the neighborhood watch in hopes of acquiring the property on which my rental home stands, is criminal and brutal in its unceasing monitoring and cyber-stalking. It has to be. The very platform of mobbing is deprivation of quiet and privacy, perhaps the two most important entitlements of a legal home. Committing criminal acts to effect tortious interference in a contract for lease or purchase is how the Seattle real estate mobbers criminally and forcibly evict.

The reason why I write this blog, is to make sure they don’t get away with it. At a minimum, I write in hopes that  the Seattle City Attorney and the Washington State Attorney indict the co-captains and their real estate cronies of my northeast neighborhood watch for racketeering. This should be a baseline charge. Felony charges for stalking, cyber-harassment, malicious harassment, hacking and more will fall out from there. And if real estate mobbing is a trend among criminal speculators in other parts of the country—and in my experience in Seattle I have noted how the owner of the mobbing house to the north complained that he had people coming to “mob” me from across the State of Washington—real estate mobbing in the United States as practiced by house flippers and shadowy developers should be the target of an investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. The right to make a home and enjoy a leasehold mediated by legal contract between property owner and tenant is fundamental to our rights as citizens.

I believe that the captains of my neighborhood watch, in their passive-aggressive maliciousness, believed they would be insulated from the crimes committed by those or in the houses of those they ensured were sold the houses around me several years back. These people they knew to be interested in at least flipping the houses they acquired and have since continuously “improved.” These people they knew to be interested in acquiring the property on which my own home stands between theirs, probably splitting up the lot and “building out.” At least, I’ve heard conversations with neighbors in which the owner of the mobbing house to the south complained when asked whether he still intended to “build out” that I wouldn’t “get out.” I am given to believe that my landlords would have received yet another offer on the house if I had left, and that more pressure would have been applied to force them to sell. As for me and my efforts to expose the criminal nature of their attempted forced eviction, it’s possible that if I were to acquiesce and leave my home, threats of a lawsuits or an actual lawsuit whose goal was to shut me up would follow. But I’m not leaving.

The civil codes for harassment include having others to do harassment for you, that is, you can be charged with harassment if you hire or otherwise persuade someone to do your dirty work for you. It is my belief that the captains of the neighborhood watch never expected the real estate mobbing from the houses around me to fail. Mobbing seems to be designed as an all-out, short-lived blitz attack on a legal resident, intended to scare him or her out of the house or put them into a state of legal peril that makes them want to leave pretty immediately. They likely did not address the possibility of a refusal to leave and, worse yet, an effort to expose them and have them arrested for the organized crime of racketeering. And racketeering is what real estate mobbing is.

So in this blog, I try to write carefully, to show that the nasty co-captain across the street knows full well what I have been subjected to as she quickly scurries back inside on those occasions when after she comes out to bang her trash cans when I am outside gardening, I call out and remind her directly from where I turn the soil, of the hacking, cyber-stalking and the constant speaker harassment into my home that she and the other not-so-good neighbors who captain the watch chose to use to harm me in their misguided drive to teach a legal tenant a lesson while they line their pockets from the sale of other people’s properties.

To the same end, sometime in the last year, I wrote a letter directly to all those members of the neighborhood watch about the monitoring, cyber-stalking and speaker and radio-based harassment into my home. In the letter I pointed out that as captains of the neighborhood watch, I was certain they would want to know about the crime that was occurring in the neighborhood and affecting a legal resident, and I copied the letter to the City of Seattle.

Let none of these people say they did not know.






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