If the FBI can infiltrate the Mob…

If the FBI can infiltrate the Mob, a ring of two-bit  criminal real estate speculators who  call themselves mobbers and scare people out of their homes should be a piece of cake

Lo and behold, later this week I will again be sojourning to work onsite in another state for a few days. Once again, I invite the FBI or other authorities interested in what those house flippers won’t do, to come along for the ride. If you are an investigator, you can find out who I am—the Seattle Police Department can tell you. And from there you can find my flight itinerary and where I’ll be staying. This time has me in staying in two places, one for weeknights near work, and another for a journey with a friend to some redwoods grander than any mini-mansion on the shores of Lake Washington.

Come one, come all. The scumbucket mobbers will be with me until they’re arrested; at least, they want me to think they’ll be with me until their methodology for forced eviction does the trick and sends me packing. So feel free to join us, FBI and anyone interested in domestic terrorism that involves rackets and organized crimes committed to turn over properties for personal profit. Let’s show those scumbucket real estate mobbers that the pen is mightier than the parametric.

See you on the road.


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