How to catch a mobber: Talk to the neighbors

I recently mentioned the fact that the neighborhood watch co-captain, the one who lives across the street and almost certainly instigated my being real estate mobbed, has been renting one or more rooms in her house for the entire six plus years I’ve lived in this neighborhood. Naturally, this woman is one and the same with the one who once complained to Seattle Police Department (SPD) 911 dispatch that I do not have the same civil rights and liberties she enjoys because she pays taxes and that I do not. This blog entry takes a look at how the sociopathic nature of mobbing is in fact its greatest vulnerability.

Mobbing Takes a Sociopath

Mobbing is a form of bullying, in my case of real estate mobbing a bullying crime, that is commonly attributed to sociopaths, narcissists and borderlines. I recently wrote about Theodor Adorno’s F-scale, the scale of fascist attributes by which he described the authoritarian personality. The F-scale could be a match for the M-scale, a fantasy scale describing the aberrant mind of the mobber, a scumbucket miscreant who willfully disregards human rights as well as civil and criminal law in his drive for property, often in the guise of revenge. Either way you cut it, Adorno’s description of the authoritarian personality is a close fit to the features of the mobbing mind: “We’ve mobbed you. Now get out!” (“The Authoritarian Personality,” Wikipedia,

On second glance, however, that statement could also be attributed to the frustrated criminal who thought that mobbing would be for tenants and reluctant sellers what the Final Solution was for Jews. Many moons have passed in my own real estate mobbing and I still recall the words of the snarky attorney chum of the south mobbing house owner as he reassured a woman hesitant to join him on his friend’s veranda while I stood on my own deck, “There’s nothing she can do.” This show of boldness is an important part of the mobbing persona and the “shadow service” they once boasted they provide, like the What-Who-Me? of the hacker whose crimes are shielded by the physical media of the wire and abstracted away from his true identity as a malicious agent.

Mobbing takes a sociopath to set up and a village to execute;. At least, the victim of the mobbing should come to believe that the entirety of the village is complicit in the criminal bullying. The nasty neighborhood watch woman took to this role like flies take to… well, you know. She’s stood in front of her house and waited until I was within hearing to tell neighbors up and down the street about the “very sensitive microphones” deployed to detect my movements, and attempted to enlist passersby in heckling me as she stood before her hand-scrawled banner demanding me to remove legal security cameras I had installed after vandalism.

The real reason for the demand to remove the cameras, however, probably had more to do with the intention of the mobbing house owners to start the mob so they could force me out, pressure my landlords to sell the house, and then move ahead with permitting and planning for this lot. How do I know this? Within weeks, the harassment into the house began. As for pressuring my landlords to sell, they don’t want to, and I’m here still trying to get these crooks arrested for more than two years of felonies and constant harassment in and out of my home.

Mobbing Takes a Village

The thing is, that a mobbing requires a mob. And the imperative to create the mob creates witnesses to the mobbing. In this case, it is a mobbing of a duration that raises the seriousness of the act and should significantly heighten the penalties. And it is a mobbing that includes a daisy-chain of felony crimes like stalking in and out of state, cyber-stalking, threats of bodily harm, blackmail and extortion. Just a little extra fun for some bored white kids working their way up the ladder in real estate acquisitions. Ah, those halcyon days before the FAA instituted the drone registry….

At any rate, in creating the mob, the nasty neighborhood watch woman created witnesses to testify against her at trial. Her husband, who was her boyfriend when I first moved into the neighborhood and until around the time the mobbing started, can legally be excused from testifying against his spouse. But there are others who know. And Seattle Police Department can and should, talk to them as they begin to investigate what the owners of the mobbing houses are actually doing in this neighborhood and whether they are hosting minders and harassers who were intended to scare me out of this house years ago, or whether they themselves are the minders and harassers. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Now that the mobbing has been going on for more than two years, few of the neighbors up and down the street walk by. For example, I rarely see an attorney who lives up around the bend and used to come down the hill regularly to the nasty co-captain’s house. But then, she’s an attorney, probably one who, unlike the attorney chum of the south mobbing house owner, doesn’t want anything to do with felony crimes. This attorney probably stays away because she wants nothing to do with whatever the malicious co-captain of the neighborhood watch across the way is doing. But she knows something. She may know exactly what is going on here. She probably knows that I am being “mobbed” or, maybe in the same manner the nasty neighborhood watch woman boasted to her then boyfriend that she was “getting rid” of me (doesn’t that sound like a threat of bodily harm, by the way?) she let others know of her unending power, and spite. Because the co-captain of the neighborhood watch probably couldn’t resist telling everyone what she had up her sleeve, I think the attorney up the street knows. And she probably takes her professional oath seriously enough to stay away. Ask her, SPD. And ask the Mercer Island cop who lives down the road what he knows too. He drives by twice daily and won’t want anything to do with felonies like cell phone harassment and stalking either.

The nasty neighborhood watch woman also has a tenant, a long-term tenant who has been here going on a  year, maybe two; a student in her twenties. This is an age group that the malicious captain of the neighborhood watch seems quite comfortable with, an age group she seems to be able to manipulate, at least, she seems to do so with those who believe in respecting the authority of those older than themselves, those who are naive and unable to recognize the nature of a sociopath.

Over the past months, when this twentysomething leaseholder from the nasty neighborhood watch lady’s house comes and goes, I’ve seen her self-consciously acknowledging the mobbers, who may even use their directional speakers to whisper sweet nothings in her ear, at least, that seems plausible based on the smile she flashes to the houses north and south of me though I hear no audible conversation or greeting. But it’s clear that she knows. It seems likely she knows that there are home owners around me who are trying to eject me one way or the other. I did hear the south mobbing house owner complain to some home owners down the street, if I heard correctly anyway, that I “won’t get out” and that it’s hampering their construction plans.

It’s possible that the tenant across the street does not know the extent of the crimes that are involved in this neighborhood brouhaha, but I believe she knows that someone here is being harassed out of her home. Perhaps she’s flattered by the attention of the mobbers. Perhaps she enjoys being part of a larger drama or narrative. Perhaps when it comes to living at the house of a woman with an understanding of the law that hasn’t advanced to high school civics, a woman who takes such malicious glee in her bullying campaign, those who would do so self-select for the occupancy. It’s hard to say why someone would not report a crime like this; I’m pretty sure I would have at her age, but I grew up in a place with greater social and political awareness.

The tenant of the woman across the street, she comes and goes with a wink and a nod. She knows. At least, she knows enough to start the investigation. What she might not know is the extent of the felony crimes. It could be that her landlord, the nasty neighborhood watch woman, minimized what is going on. It’s likely she would; with her apparent failure to grasp high school civics, she certainly minimizes the legal rights of others under the law. Her tenant might not know how she could be prosecuted or treated as an accomplice to the crimes committed in this mobbing while she did nothing, besides enjoying being part of a secret, that is, and besides doing nothing. She might not know what an accomplice is. She might not know how the nasty neighborhood watch lady and the mobbers have exposed her to the consequences of being party to criminal harassment. She might not realize that just living with the nasty neighborhood watch lady may jeopardize her future. But she too knows, and perhaps to protect herself, she’ll realize she needs to report it. Ask her. Not everyone would lie about a crime.

Be sure and interview her, SPD. Interview the attorney who lives up the street. Find the children of the nasty neighborhood watch lady’s husband—they might not be legally excused from testifying about what is happening. And chances are they know. This is a woman who takes great pleasure in her spite. Talk to the neighborhood people who no longer walk up the street by the home of the nasty neighborhood watch lady and the victim of the real estate mobbing she likely instigated on her own after learning that if criminal real estate speculators were given first chance to purchase houses in the area, they might agree to “get rid” of  people just for the profit they’ll get from flipping the houses in a seller’s market. And don’t forget to talk to the long-retired and aging therapist who is a member of the neighborhood watch and who, probably at the request of the nasty neighborhood watch lady, unprofessionally and without qualification gave defamatory assessments of renters on this street in an attempt to undermine their leasehood. This older man had to be prompted in court by the nasty neighborhood watch  woman. Without her manipulation, he may begin to tell the truth. If asked by the police, many people would.

This old man, he played four,
He played knick-knack on my door;
With a knick-knack paddywhack,
Give the dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home 

              —Old English nursery rhyme

And if Seattle Police Department’s Community Policing Team (CPT) had taken an interest in this matter when I first began to complain about harassment from the neighborhood watch, perhaps the criminal real estate speculators invited into the neighborhood by the neighborhood watch and their developer friends would not have felt safe committing felony crimes against legal tenants here in this northeast neighborhood that overlooks Lake Washington.

What has happened in this neighborhood has taken place and continues to take place because of the neglect of the Seattle Police Department and their failure to respond to my complaints and to request the intercession of the FBI in this organized crime of threatening, hacking, stalking and effectively holding a legal resident hostage while attempting to extort her out of her home and turn over her home for speculation.

Ask them, Seattle Police. And then refer this case of racketeering to the FBI, where it should have gone a long time ago.





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