The woman who would take her neighbors’ house

For the more than two years that criminal real estate speculators have been attempting to monitor, stalk and harass me out of my legal home in northeast Seattle, the woman across the way, the co-captain of the neighborhood watch who maliciously instigated the real estate mobbing of me and my rental home has been a constant. She’s been involved from the get-go and has gone out of her way to make sure I know it.

Six to eight months before the mobbing began, her developer cronies, fronted by an aging developer from a state whose politics are more conservative than the coastal belt, put an offer on the home in which I reside. He told my landlords, “She’s just a renter. There are ways to get her out of there.” My landlords declined his proposition, both to purchase the house, and to “get [me] out” of here.

The mobbing started within months, with the co-captain of the neighborhood watch taking an active role by participating in a hoax with the owner and his franchise family girlfriend in the south house that they had purchased my home. The watch co-captain referred to something my landlady had told me she’d called at one point to demand, that the front yard of my home be “returned to green space.” The franchise family girlfriend of the south mobbing house owner talked about how they thought, in light of their acquisition of my home, that I’d “be more comfortable elsewhere.” And the co-captain across the street boasted to a passerby that “we” have “very sensitive microphones” deployed to hear when I move my vehicles. This occurred within weeks of the day I sat on the toilet in the bathroom on the north side of my home and heard the voice of the owner of the north house piped into me, likely by virtue of a directional speaker: “She’s in the john. I turned down the mic.” I soon understood that the “very sensitive microphones” of which the co-captain spoke had a larger purpose.  The goal of the “monitoring,” legally a form of stalking that I was being subjected to by those in the houses north and south of me, was to take my privacy and constructively evict me as third parties and without regard for the legal lease agreement that my landlords and I continue to enjoy.

More than two years have passed and the co-captain of the neighborhood watch seems increasingly troubled. Like those highly troubled people who are controlling and passive-aggressive, she wants to hurt others but does not want her machinations to be visible.

It’s little past 7:00am and already quite warm. Yesterday it was in the mid-90s in some parts of Seattle, near-record setting temperatures for this mild climate near rain forests and coastline. Despite cooling the house with window fans until after midnight, the bedroom grew hot with the unwanted insulation of the sound board that helps me to sleep through harassment directed onto the bedroom window panes. The harassment broke into my sleep by 5:30am and by 6:00am I got up to open windows and break the surfaces—the window panes—that the mobbers in north and south houses project harassment onto using ventilation systems and directional speakers.

I haven’t been up this early in while; the mobbing has resulted in a pattern where I do not sleep until I am exhausted and then I sleep later into the morning than I would like to do. In the past, I’d be up by 7:00am cycling in this weather; perhaps I’ll try to get back to that this week if I can discourage my roommates who I thought had day jobs like me, from coming in late on weeknights.

At any rate, I went out a few minutes ago to photograph the license plates of the overnight guests at the south and north mobbing houses. Most of the vehicles are the usual ones: The cars of the owner of the  north mobbing house, including the silver Mazda van, as well as the white BMW SUV that last night was driven by the owner of the south mobbing house and parked on the street. His passenger was the usual driver, a probably thirty-something blond woman who talks like a “Valley Girl” in what was in the 1980s the ridiculed inflection of some southern California women who were perceived as airheads. This woman in the BMW has been there a lot as of late, and there is a determined feminine nastiness in the mobbing when she is.

During the time of the mobbing, I’ve seen vehicles coming and going with the mobbers including those sporting the Christian infinity symbol and with angel wings dangling from the rear-view mirror. Especially at first, the mobbing did seem constructed to invoke the imagery of hellfire and brimstone, but when these hooks didn’t work they dropped most of this. There are those mobbers in the mobbing, however, who continue to castigate me with bizarre claims like “You’ve killed three kids” while invoking the “right-to-life” movement. But it’s interesting to see the willingness of those who wear their religion on their sleeves to participate in criminal acts that, in “unhousing” a legal tenant, make the mission of their church  hypocrisy. From time to time, it also makes me wonder about the climate that preceded the purchase of the south house by the south mobbing owner, when it was inhabited by a Mars Hill Church pastor who seemed to resent my failure to offer his large family and their conservative Christian friends parking on my side of the property line and on a driveway situated all too conveniently for a land grab by adverse property lawsuit in an acquisitive neighborhood. When you live across from a neighborhood watch co-captain so malicious that she would instigate a neighborhood bullying, it’s likely that she’s roped everyone she can into the campaign.

About hypocrisy, this real estate mobbing is ridden with it. The nasty co-captain of the neighborhood watch told me when I first moved in, that my landlords were “cheap.” This was perhaps around the time (after I moved in) when she told my landlords that she would find them a good tenant, always trying to drive wedges between people to suit her needs. Around the time I moved in, she had three or perhaps even four college age students renting from her, numerous of these less than competent at navigating her parking strip. One young woman in particular twice hit the nasty co-captain’s property, first her van, and then her deck railing. The nasty co-captain, relieved that she hadn’t hit her then boyfriend’s vehicle, told her to park in front of my house. I heard that the co-captain had nearly lost her home after a divorce, before she began to rent rooms. So it was surprising when she voiced anti-renter sentiments to police and went after the renters who lived down the street… Anyway, the hypocritical aspects of all of this go on and on and perhaps are not surprising when it comes to people like these. Home owners are usually former renters. Do the people in this neighborhood demean those who rent to make themselves feel they are of a better class? Or are renters just a convenient target in a real estate market overrun with investors who are willing to break the law to make a buck?

The real crime is being a member of a neighborhood watch who arranges for criminal real estate speculators to be sold the homes around the home of a family she lived across the street from for a good twenty years in an attempt to turn over the home across the street from her for redevelopment. The real crime is not only arranging and supporting but participating in the violation of another human being’s rights by forced eviction attempted through constant felony crimes including monitoring, stalking and harassment. The real shame is a neighborhood watch captain who is so disturbed that in frustration that despite the criminal harassment I remain, she often emerges from her house when I am outside gardening to drag and scrape her garbage cans along the roadside, to throw blocks of wood around on the narrow covered deck adjacent to her parking strip, and even to demand under her breath, “Move on!”

The City of Seattle should set down rules on the conduct of neighborhood watch organizations. This is a woman who should not be in government of any kind. She is incapable of administering a public organization in the spirit of fairness or with respect to the law. This is a woman who, like some told me when it was already too late for me, they tried to avoid.

This is a woman who would take her neighbor’s house.




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