If the FBI can infiltrate the Mob…

If the FBI can infiltrate the Mob, a ring of two-bit  criminal real estate speculators who  call themselves mobbers and scare people out of their homes should be a piece of cake

Lo and behold, later this week I will again be sojourning to work onsite in another state for a few days. Once again, I invite the FBI or other authorities interested in what those house flippers won’t do, to come along for the ride. If you are an investigator, you can find out who I am—the Seattle Police Department can tell you. And from there you can find my flight itinerary and where I’ll be staying. This time has me in staying in two places, one for weeknights near work, and another for a journey with a friend to some redwoods grander than any mini-mansion on the shores of Lake Washington.

Come one, come all. The scumbucket mobbers will be with me until they’re arrested; at least, they want me to think they’ll be with me until their methodology for forced eviction does the trick and sends me packing. So feel free to join us, FBI and anyone interested in domestic terrorism that involves rackets and organized crimes committed to turn over properties for personal profit. Let’s show those scumbucket real estate mobbers that the pen is mightier than the parametric.

See you on the road.


Sunday morning in northeast Seattle

It’s Sunday morning and I can hear the voice of the mobber with the tribal tattoos: “Move on!” He doesn’t own the south mobbing house but seems to be one of the main minders and harassers there these days; his red SUV is in the driveway more frequently than that of the owner and has been there since yesterday now. This guy is one of those I was thinking of when I sent a letter last week to Seattle Police Department and said that they need to look into who these people are and what they’re doing here.

The tribal tattoos mobber has a female compatriot who shows up in a mini cooper that last night began to slide down their driveway in fits and starts. Considering the fact that she’s part of the ring of real estate mobbers who are working with the nasty neighborhood watch and their development cronies to turn over the house I legally rent by harassing me out of it and showing my landlords that they cannot keep a tenant in this neighborhood, I was tempted to ignore the sliding vehicle. But instead, to protect the cyclists and walkers who would walk behind the carelessly parked vehicle on their way down to the Burke-Gilman bike trail, I had a roommate inform the owner.

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How to catch a mobber: Talk to the neighbors

I recently mentioned the fact that the neighborhood watch co-captain, the one who lives across the street and almost certainly instigated my being real estate mobbed, has been renting one or more rooms in her house for the entire six plus years I’ve lived in this neighborhood. Naturally, this woman is one and the same with the one who once complained to Seattle Police Department (SPD) 911 dispatch that I do not have the same civil rights and liberties she enjoys because she pays taxes and that I do not. This blog entry takes a look at how the sociopathic nature of mobbing is in fact its greatest vulnerability.

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Fighting crime with acoustic detection systems

It was good news for me a few days back when I spotted a Seattle Times headline reading: Seattle mayor pushes for gunshot-detection system. Hoping that the City of Seattle was purchasing acoustic cameras that might be used to prove the real estate mobbing in my real estate speculators’ paradise of a neighborhood in northeast Seattle, I wasted no time in reading the article.

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The woman who would take her neighbors’ house

For the more than two years that criminal real estate speculators have been attempting to monitor, stalk and harass me out of my legal home in northeast Seattle, the woman across the way, the co-captain of the neighborhood watch who maliciously instigated the real estate mobbing of me and my rental home has been a constant. She’s been involved from the get-go and has gone out of her way to make sure I know it.

Six to eight months before the mobbing began, her developer cronies, fronted by an aging developer from a state whose politics are more conservative than the coastal belt, put an offer on the home in which I reside. He told my landlords, “She’s just a renter. There are ways to get her out of there.” My landlords declined his proposition, both to purchase the house, and to “get [me] out” of here.

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Forced eviction by shame and guilt

Real estate mobbing is clearly intended as a tricky way to run the renters out of town, and a strong theme in the mobbing is an attempt to shame. Having lived in Japan for a significant period of time a few decades back, the participation of several men of Asian cultures, as well as the context for the mobbing being a neighborhood bullying situation kicked up by a dysfunctional neighborhood watch, has me thinking about Asian shaming traditions.

There is a Japanese saying, “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down,” and in this anti-renter neighborhood, I am undoubtedly a nail, one that likely protrudes more than she should. I also remember Ruth Benedict’s seminal text on Japanese culture, Kiku to Katana (The Chrysanthemum and Sword, 1946), and Benedict’s description of Japanese child-rearing practices in which, contrary to western discipline, the errant child is not kept inside the house as punishment but is expelled from the house and from the familial domain.

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Fool me once—shame on you

Think about what it would be like to have criminals hosted in the houses to your north and to your south. To observe them monitoring and stalking you, not only outside the home you legally rent, but inside as well. What would it be like to watch them committing crime with the knowledge of those who captain your neighborhood watch. And to see the same neighborhood watch whose captains pretend to be so interested in keeping the neighborhood safe, instigate and openly support crime against residents they don’t like, including cybercrime, stalking, and monitoring. And to know that not only do these sick and malicious people illegally seek to hurt you in many ways, to serve their never-ending spite, but they do it to turn over homes that they do not own and to gentrify and profiteer from a Seattle neighborhood and make it evermore unaffordable to honest people.

Think about what it would be like to be sitting at your front windows, like I am, and to have criminals who want your home, relentlessly bullying  you inside your home by using the methods of shady private investigators—parabolic and parametric speakers—to create audible harassment on your window panes. How would it affect you to have to use sound board to sleep at night and to avoid listening to radio or TV because as soon as you turn either one on, the criminals around you use Citizens Band radio or software-defined radio to add a harassment track to the sound? What would it be like to live in this situation for years as you wait for an investigation into racketeering in your neighborhood?

This is what it’s like in this neighborhood over LakeWashington and the Burke-Gilman bike trail when you live across the street from a co-captain of a dysfunctional neighborhood watch in northeast Seattle.

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