The Theater of Property War

The ties between the Seattle real estate mobbers and development are evident in the theater of war, the property war that mobbing is.

The staging of real estate mobbing reveals the aggressing forces and their motivations. The mobbers positioned themselves carefully for this quiet campaign of aggression against me and my landlords, a campaign dubbed by a voice that sounded a lot like the snarky attorney friend of the south house owner as a “property war.” Probably four years back, in about 2012 when the economy began to pick up again, the houses north and south of me were purchased by two single men. Soon enough, it was clear that I was flanked by hostile neighbors on either side. To carry forward the metaphor of war, my home was immediately straddled by fronts encroaching on borders south and north. That formation, when extended to the house of the nasty neighborhood watch captain who sunk her teeth into me within weeks of my moving in (as would later become evident), constitutes what the mobbers have gleefully called my “triangulation,” not coincidentally a radio term.

This “triangulation” gave the mobbers the proximity to begin to plan what they probably came prepared to do: To “mob” me out of my home and then press my landlords to sell the home where they raised their children, a home whose rental now helps them to pay their kids’ college education, and a home they might well intend to give to their kids to raise their own families.

Physical proximity on north and south with triangulation achieved to the east creates the foundation for the daytime skirmishes and covert nighttime incursions in the “property war” that the mobbers wage. With a foundation of physical proximity on the home front, the mobbers can deploy technologies of sound and sight to lay siege to the victim and the victim property. This is the second primary component in their approach, one in which they bank on their knowledge of building trades and harness the structure and materials of your home to harass you out of it.

Mobbers use parabolic, laser and shotgun microphones to get to know their victims long before the victims become aware of being monitored. They can begin to access the potential of the home for acoustic leakage, something that becomes critical to a successful effort to deploy inescapably audible verbal harassment into the interior of the victim home without the sound spilling out to the street and creating witnesses to the melee. They can leverage Comcast hotspots and Century Link WiFi to get information to use against victims, to blackmail them more or less cleanly from their homes, by running a packet sniffer. If a Comcast line is shared from the pole, you might even see their host machine on your network segment. From houses on either side, universal remote controls are within range of your devices, shortwave radios and linear antennas create line-of-sight to transmit harassment onto any radio you use. If the mobbing house shares a common slab with your own or if the earth between the two houses allows, there is the possibility of using seismic devices or a dipole antenna sunk into the earth to silently transmit sound through your foundation and walls.

If you exit the house for the driveway or garden, the points of the triangle emerge from their homes to noisily maintain their own homes or throw around building materials and run power tools to rattle you or, at least, like the noble profession owner of the north house once warned as I stood in the garden, to make sure you have no quiet.

If you sit at your windows and write, they set up a meat smoker in hopes of “smoking [you] out” of your home. Or maybe their nasty bratpack friends, who probably run the same racket elsewhere, crowd the driveway and make a night of a “harassment party.” If you have allergies to wheat, they run through loaves of bread burning the toast next to the exhaust fan that vents at your windows. How do I know this? Because earlier in the mobbing, when the nasty girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house and her skanky green-wigged friend who drove a black Jetta were consistently heard in the mobbing and in evidence at the south house during mobbing, one of them would intone in a foreboding voice as the scent of burnt bread would waft the short distance from their exhaust system into my home, “We’re making toast!”

I kid you not. For the mobbers, knowing you means knowing your vulnerabilities.

If their homes are taller than yours, if their windows look into yours, they watch you. If you put up window film or shades as I have done, they at least use eavesdropping with harassment that includes description of your activities to make you think they do. Note that many of my countermeasures are all about making it harder for the mobbers to do what they do. When they are arrested, I want it to be clear that their every invasion of my privacy was criminal. The mobbers can track you through your home by microphones alone as they grow accustomed to the sounds of your life. How do I know this? They let me know from the opening of the mobbing as they laughed at me in their own voices and reported to one another my location within my home while I dragged a ladder from room to room looking for cameras in light fixtures and behind the face plates of switches. Their communications of my position in my home, as it turned out, were perhaps more to let me know I was being monitored (legally a form of stalking) than to provide each other with the information. Women who live alone and are being monitored in their homes are expected to be frightened and to flee.

Mobbers, criminals who can make you wish you lived next to a comparatively honest drug house, can position surveillance drones or the infrared devices they use on their own roofs, or even use night vision goggles to see inside your home. They let you know they have visibility into your home by describing your bodily position in bed. Once you believe, they run a hoax to convince you that cameras have been planted in your home, maybe even by your landlord, a tactic meant to create distrust between landlord and tenant and to destabilize a legal contract, even to cause its breach or dissolution.

Their towering homes that surround the victim lot function like lookouts for police cars with scanning radios that could pick up Citizens Band harassment and potential witnesses who would hear the verbal abuse transmitted between houses through the use of fans and ventilation systems. Houses north and south can share a network of wireless speakers aimed into the victim house from both sides, “throwing” their voices onto the speaker with the best shot at the victim. They know when you leave; they know when you come home. This is what I have dubbed the mobbers “surround sound” method of harassment.

(As I’ve been writing this, a familiar silver Miata SUV has just departed from the north mobbing house after the return of the Asian guy with the Crossfit stickers in his red SUV to the south house. These fortuitous departures and arrivals are a familiar part of the waging of the war and represent what I have called the mobbers’ shift changes.)

I remember one of the threatening email of the nasty neighborhood watch lady across the street to my landlords, an email that said, “Maybe you care about money!”, a statement I can only construe as a threat of financial damages that would accrue if my landlords would not meet her demands for whatever it was that she was demanding at the time. While I was made to appear as the target for her campaign, the real goal, based on the kinds of statements that have been made in the mobbing—that someone wants to build on this property—as well as the words of the nasty neighborhood lady herself to my landlady and as she helped to kick off the mobbing with a hoax that the brat-pack kids in the south mobbing house had bought this house out from under me and would be turning my front yard into a park, it’s clear that while ruining my life was a delightful prospect for a neighborhood watch gone criminal, it is profit that turns the wheels.

At any rate, as I recall the mobbers once said in the mobbing, I was doomed as soon as they got here, I suspect that was the case. I mean, normal people don’t do this. Normal people do not acquire property because they want the property next to the one they acquired. Normal people do not join a neighborhood bullying situation led by some dysfunctional people who soothe their narcissistic wounds by bullying. Normal people would probably not go along with others who say, “Hey, let’s get some shotgun microphones and eavesdrop on our neighbors so that we can try to get something on them we can use to blackmail them into leaving their homes or at least to embarrass them out of their homes by describing their bodily functions back to them. Then we can buy the lot or we can get paid when our developer friend buys the lot and buys back the ones we’ve been holding for him in our names and then tears down the house and builds on it and then flips it for three or four times what it was worth before! Whaddya say?”

So, first the mobbers go for physical proximity. Stalking outside the home is not enough, cyber-stalking in and outside the home is not enough, using the “surveying” drone of the developer is not enough. Mobbing is most effective when you can penetrate into the privacy of the victim to gain information about what makes them tick and how they can be quietly manipulated out of the house. If civil harassment, including insinuations and defamations aren’t enough for the residential clearers who flatter themselves with the label “mobbers” to clear the victim from her home, the mobbers have to move on to making the victim flee by frightening him, through trickery and hoaxes, or by making her as uncomfortable as possible. To do this, you need more than sensitive microphones or the information about a private individual that is gained by their felonious use. You need to be able to effect a “white-glove” eviction quietly and when your “target” is at her most vulnerable. You need to be able to speak to the victim, night-and-day if necessary, and to protect your clientele from arrest, you need to be able to speak to the victim while leaving the victim no forensic evidence, at least none that cannot be challenged in court, and you need to be able to say things to the victim that no one else will hear. This is where beam-focused sound comes in.

Mobbers are acutely aware of how homes are built and how to harness the channels running through them: The vents that carry currents of hot and cold and the pipes that feed your sinks and showers. There are historical forms of tenant harassment, like the rumble machines of mid-20th century, that made tenements uninhabitable and cleared quickly. But this type of clearing, of large numbers of people from a single building, is difficult to hide. Not to mention the fact that the technique is more than you need when you’re a shady developer working the residential market. House flippers work one house at a time and criminals who masquerade as upstanding citizens demand pinpoint accuracy in their campaigns of domestic terror.

Forced eviction by third parties to lease and mortgage contracts does not occur in the United States. At least, that’s what we would like to believe. To keep the illusion, criminal real estate speculators and other tenant relocators must ensure that the visible bullying appears to be civil—an unpleasant situation that makes anyone with any awareness of it want to look the other way. More importantly, the felony crimes that mobbing includes must be hidden. To make the language of the mobbers secret, beam-focused sound is just the thing. See my next post to learn about how mobbers use directional sound to effect their crimes and to violate your human rights. ▪


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