Beam-focused sound: The Artillery of Property War

It is the short-range technology of beam-focused sound that makes secret the language of the mob.

Sound is a wave, diffused and without focus. Beam-forming sound allows for the placement of sound with near pinpoint accuracy, and the lack of familiarity of the police and the victim with the phenomenology of beam-forming sound gives the mobbers great advantages, setting the stage to meddle in the relationships of the victim and to run a hoax that the victim “hears voices” and has become crazy. Running this hoax successfully on a victim who is naive and fearful can end with the double-whammy of discrediting the victim reports and making the victim himself question his sanity and be panicked into leaving his home.

The primary tools for beam-focused sound are the parabolic loudspeaker and the parametric speaker. I suspect mobbers use both of them. The laser microphone is another beam-focused method of eavesdropping; I won’t cover that today.

Parabolic sound technologies

The parabolic loudspeaker, companion to the parabolic microphone, has been acknowledged as a sonic weapon (Wikipedia, The parabolic shape of the reflector is put to use with microphones in surveillance, espionage, and even in more mundane activities like bird watching and at sporting events. The following image shows the Sound Shark parabolic collector whose boast is that it is the “zoom lens of audio” ( Loudspeakers, according to Wikipedia, which convert electrical signals into sound waves, are the “functional opposite” of microphones. The parabolic dish lends itself to focusing sound for delivery as well as to collecting it. A satellite is a parabolic antenna or “dish.” (Wikipedia’s Parabolic reflector,


The parabolic loudspeaker focuses sound into near “plane waves” through reflection, at least into a localized region of space. Just the same, the wave of the parabolic loudspeaker has a throw longer than the horn loudspeakers that police have traditionally used to disperse crowds. In addition to throw, the sound of a parabolic loudspeaker can be transmitted to selected targets, isolating them for a message or instruction. This combination of long throw and near pinpoint accuracy makes the parabolic loudspeaker suited for carrying sound in stadiums as well as in quieter environments like museums. Parabolic loudspeakers are used by sound artists in installations and “soundscapes.”

The physics of the parabolic reflectors or collectors themselves have historic uses apart from electric amplification. In wartime England, for example, the parabolic sound mirrors at Denge on the southern coast gave early warning of attack by the then slower enemy aircraft. ( and Wikipedia’s Acoustic mirror,


This image by Paul Russon depicts the parabolic curves of these massive wartime listening devices that these days stand as seascape, collecting the sounds of the ocean.

In an earlier blog, I described my eventual realization that the mobbers conduct sound checks to ensure that I hear the harassment. The sound checks became critical as I made multiple trips to Lowe’s and increased my use of sound board, and also as I experimented with shortening the time I gave the mobbers to figure out a way around my helter-skelter arrangements of the sound-absorbing board before I went to bed. This generally means waiting to place the topmost pieces in the composition until just before I slip between the sheets. A complementary strategy is to vary the arrangement from night to night. By using such strategies, I hope to at least be able to fall asleep and stay asleep for a few hours before the mobbers’ early hour harassment that seems intended to deprive me of REM sleep and exhaust my resistance to their forced eviction. Wikipedia talks about how parabolic loudspeakers pair well with parabolic microphones in industrial tests of the sound-dampening capabilities of soundproofing. The loudspeaker is used to subject the materials to test while the microphone gathers the sound that permeates the dampening materials ( This would likely be the most reliable method to sound-check for acoustic access to a mobbing victim.

What gives the parabolic microphone and speaker power would seem to be the form of the parabolic reflector and the physics of the plane wave that is capable of transporting sound over long distances.

Ultrasound technologies

Parametric speakers have greater focus than parabolic loudspeakers. Based on ultrasound technologies, parametric speakers are powered by piezoelectric transducers that convert audible sound into the high-frequency sound waves of ultrasound. Ultrasound is inaudible to the human ear.

Like light, sound is subject to fall-off in accord with the inverse-square law: Each time the distance from the source doubles, the intensity is cut by more than half. Directionality changes this, however. The high-frequency waves of ultrasound are constricted to a shorter wavelength, thereby increasing the distance the beam travels. The result is a beam comparable to that of a flashlight. According to Wikipedia, the focused sound of a parametric speaker can travel 20 times further than the wave of a conventional speaker (

Early in the mobbing, the harassers in the house owned by the man who is ennobled by his profession and not much else attempted to scare me by saying they were pointing medical-grade infrared devices at me. I disregarded the threat. Not just because I hoped it was empty, but because I was determined not to be harassed from my home by some scumbucket real estate speculators. About six months into the mobbing, a programmer friend I’d met at Microsoft told me that parametric speakers could account for what I was experiencing. Eventually it became clear that while the medical-grade MRI equipment was likely a hoax, the mobbers were probably applying infrared in the form of ultrasonic sound.

Because the directional beam of the parametric speaker is ultrasonic, it remains inaudible to the human ear, at least, it does until an obstacle stands in its path. I suspect one of the benefits to the mobbers is using directional speakers to keep the volume of sound down between their houses and the victim house, my home in this case. They can aim parametric speakers at me when I’m outside gardening or aim them at my windows for surface harassment at lower volumes. They could even use a parametric speaker in tandem with radio-transmitted harassment from a drone that follows me when I cycle the Burke-Gilman bike trail in Seattle or navigate the Oregon-California passes as I attempt to stay employed as a victim of harassment who works out of California.

The beam of a parametric speaker consists of two parts: A carrier wave that is a reference tone at a constant 200,000 hertz (Hz), and a modulating signal wave that fluctuates between 200,200 Hz and 220,000 Hz. When the beam meets an obstacle, a mobbing victim, for example, the waves collide in a “parametric interaction” and the ultrasonic sound is converted into the range audible to the human ear. If no one stands in the beam, there is nothing to hear. Similarly, if you stand in the beam but the guy next to you does not, you hear sound that he does not. This means that your “reality” at that moment is fundamentally different than his and that his experience cannot confirm your own. Even standing next to you, he cannot be the arbiter of “the real.” If you are a mobbing victim, you might experience this as “hearing voices,” a description that in and of itself, implies that the voices are not “real” or that they are “all in [your] head” (SoundLazer Snap Beams Directional Audio at Your Head,

Mobbers use this to great advantage. I suspect that the use of directional sound is common in real estate mobbing and tenant clearing and that most of those victimized by the use of directional sound have not stayed in the mobbing long enough to realize that “voices in your head” is yet another hoax intended to force you from your home. And it is one of their nastier ploys, revealing the lengths they are willing to go to, to effect their crime. There is little more damaging than gossiping that someone is crazy or a pedophile, and mobbers use insinuations and gossip of both to scare you from your home.

This reminds me of one of the great discussions in the history of photography: The photograph as truth. With the advent of the digital image in the 1990s, references multiplied to On Photography, and author Susan Sontag’s discussion of the perception of the photograph as truth. Over that decade and the years that followed, years in which the propaganda of radical Islam came to the fore alongside an awareness of the malleability of the digital image, the American public came to understand that images are constructions. However, the directional speaker shows that while we might have learned to mistrust the image no matter how much the heart chooses to believe, we continue to regard sound and our perception of it as truth. Embodied experience is undeniable and perhaps for each one of us, sense is truth.

Because the ultrasonic sound of the parametric speaker is directional, it can be aimed. And because you can aim them, you have a reasonable expectation that they will hit their mark. A military application of directional speakers mounts them on the sides of ships to transmit audio warnings to vessels up to a third of a mile away (Directional loudspeakers, In applications where the speakers must overcome environmental noise the the speakers can be aimed and their volume elevated to ensure they are audible.

There is increasing interest in the use of parametric speakers in advertising, with companies using them as a novel means to get consumers to listen to advertisements. Marty Ramos of Microsoft plugs for the HyperSound speaker, “The ability to target [emphasis mine] audio directly to guests in front of our product kiosks provides an immersive experience that has been very popular at the Microsoft Experience Center” ( As someone who reported the first antics of the mobbers to Microsoft Security and lost a contract of more than two years for doing so, allow me to suggest that Ramos needs to talk to his security team about the technology. Stalking crimes that affect Microsoft workers are something Microsoft should be and should have been concerned about when I took the risk of telling my manager about what seemed to be a security risk for Microsoft. You can find an interesting example of the use of a directional speaker in advertising on YouTube at (Directional Sound: Heinecken Inner Voice – By Crossworks).

With the availability of small and inexpensive piezoelectric transducers, parametric speakers have also crossed over to the consumer market. The SoundLazer, a small directional speaker about the size of a cell phone, is easily secreted in a pocket and can be mounted on a surveillance drone for applications where the sound waves of harassment transmitted by a cell phone, for example, might diffuse before reaching the victim’s ear.


Parametric speakers also pair well with sound systems used to broadcast verbal harassment to mobbing victims, including shortwave radio, software-defined radio, or streaming applications. When the HyperSound people talk about virtual reality sound, they’re not kidding. The SoundLazer marketing “literature” goes on at length about the creation of “virtual sound sources” around a room, giving the example of how pointing the SoundLazer at a stuffed animal can convince the listener that fuzzy wuzzy speaks ( On a personal site, a blogger waxes enthusiastic about all the fun you can have playing tricks on friends. Turns out that, if you get it right, you can aim the Audio Spotlight brand directional speaker so that even the listener perceives that the sound it carries is coming from “inside” his head (  And while the “target” for the sound may understand that there is a difference between this “voice” and his own interior voice, any description of his experience to another will probably sound “crazy.” This last site also includes a few videos showing the use of parametric speakers in advertising and conceptual art.

You can find an example of a non-directional Bluetooth speaker used in tandem with a cell phone to toy with people on YouTube (Hearing Voices Paranoid Prank, In this video, one subject asks his companion, “Can you hear that?” The other assents. With a parametric speaker the “hoaxer” (and one night the mobbers around me referred to themselves as “hoaxers” as though that meant they were somehow innocuous) could do one better when the one person who gets the message can find no one to confirm it. This particular video ends with the police telling the hoaxer that they cannot tell them to stop because they are not doing anything illegal. That would not be the case in real estate mobbing, no matter the kind of speakers in use. The range of crimes that are effected in real estate mobbing by using parametric speakers include extortion, blackmail, monitoring, and stalking. Real estate mobbers effectively use parametric speakers in domestic terrorism. International terrorists could easily make use of them to commit acts of terrorism.

In a similar YouTube video using the SoundLazer directional speaker (The best tool for AUDIO PRANKS!,, the creator, who may be affiliated with SoundLazer, exhorts his audience to “Think of the possibilities! Make random people think that they’re hearing voices. How about scaring just one person out of bed and havin’ the other person think that they’re frickin’ insane?!”

It’s all fun-and-games when you’re being mobbed by criminal real estate speculators. Even Dr. Pompei, the inventor of the Holosonics directional speaker, appears in a YouTube video in which the major appeal of the parametric speaker is as a gimmick. Perhaps the most interesting thing in this video is the demonstrated use of the parametric speaker to send sound so loud that it can cause human pain for a good ten miles (Whispering at Long Distance and directional audio.mp4,

All novelty aside, the parametric speaker is something that criminologists need to examine. With criminals like real estate mobbers using parametric speakers to effect hoaxes and harassment in forced eviction, the use of directional speakers by other criminals and terrorists is not far behind.


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