The FBI gets another bite at the apple

The FBI is just about to get another bite at the apple. At least, a bite at catching the mobbers as they harass me all the way to California using some radio-based system, maybe even a low-power radio station or a drone, which would work kind of nicely since these days you can follow, perform reconnaissance, and even hack from drones. AND, the drone registry is not yet public, which makes it difficult to have a chance of seeing what real estate businesses conveniently use drones for “surveying.”

And then, next week, the FBI gets an opportunity to see how real estate mobbers follow and harass their victims in secured areas of airports and even onto planes. The jury’s still out, but based on living as a mobbing victim for two years now, I’d say they probably do it using cyber-crimes like following over speaker-enabled access points, hopping from WiFi network to network and touching down on the intermittently available public address system, and perhaps even using Boeing in-flight entertainment systems coupled with the cell phones of anyone who has one turned on as I return home.

All this and more begins tomorrow, uh, today, when I drive down to California to work onsite.

I hoped to get a couple of good posts written tonight, including one on the mobbers’ use of beam-focused sound or beam-focused sound in combination with surface application (to window panes, for example) to evade detection. Alas, as always, I’m running behind on getting ready for the road trip. I’ll do my best to get a few posts written during the week.

Let’s root for the FBI. Can they catch the mobbers? Will they catch them this week? I sure hope so. I’d like to return to my life as a regular civilian and stop being Super Tenant, trying to save the world from scumbucket criminal real estate speculators who’ve built their business plans around monitoring and stalking tenants out of the homes of “reluctant sellers.” Send them some encouragement. Remember, if you can tell the FBI what mobbers do and who they might be, if you can help me, Super Tenant, in our mutual fight against scumbucket real estate speculator EVIL and what you tell Seattle Police Department and the FBI leads to the arrest of said scumbuckets, you’ll receive a reward of FIVE GRAND. Yes! FIVE GRAND for doing the right thing.

All the excitement is making me giddy. I better sign off now and pack.

(BIG HINT. There are houses on either side of me—yes, it’s true—and the nasty neighborhood watch lady lives across the street.)



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