Tuesday Afternoon

The owner of the north mobbing house, the one of the noble profession, is home today, so he’s doing what he can to try to prevent me not only from sleeping, but from accomplishing what I need to do for an upcoming release at work. I work at home and one of the real estate mobbers’ chief goals is to ensure that I cannot function, not at home or anywhere.

I always thought it was not logical that in real estate mobbing, at least in the mobbing that afflicts me in this rarefied enclave of northeast Seattle, that the mobbing continues wherever I go. I would have thought it would be more logical, when the goal is to get someone to leave their home, to mob them at home. Then, kind of like a Pavlovian dog, I figured the mobbing victim would begin to associate places other than home with comfort and ease. The problem is likely that to mob in this manner, while it might most effective in teaching a mobbing victim that home is where the mob lives, allows the victim to enjoy peace and well being in his or her life. The goal of the mobbers, male bullies that they are in spirit if not always in body, is to dehumanize and dominate their victim. And, at least in this case, this is what the good neighbors of the neighborhood watch want; this is how the good neighbors who watched my landlords raise their family over the twenty-plus years they resided in this house treat their neighbors.

Real estate mobbing is bullying that serves the purpose of criminal real estate speculators as well as a malicious and highly dysfunctional neighborhood watch. Remember, the owner of the north mobbing house, the owner who is enobled by his profession and not a lot else once said for me to hear, “Don’t give her any quiet.” This was a warning intended to increase anticipatory anxiety on the part of me, the victim. And today the scumbucket owner of the north mobbing house and his criminal friends are going at me non-stop. I slept four or five hours this morning before being woken up, and now they work as hard as possible to distract me from completing deadline work for my new position, barely pausing when people walk by on this balmy spring day.

This is what they do on their days off and in the last days, I’ve seen both owners of north and south mobbing houses, along with their scummy attorney friend (soon to be stripped of his license so far as I can tell, based on his involvement here) and their bullying male friends: the Asian guy with the tribal tattoos who brings his young son to the south mobbing house while harassment is ongoing and probably while he is the main harasser, and last night a tall thin man in a red new model VW bug. Also yesterday, the familiar silver Miata van that is sometimes driven by a man and sometimes a woman and parked at the north mobbing house, and today a white Chevy SUV that is here on a semi-regular basis, probably at the south mobbing house, these last weeks. As I write this, they call into the house, “Get out!” “Move on!” “We want you to move on!”

This is what it’s like on the 3rd of May as I write out my rent check while criminal real estate speculators try to bully me into giving notice to my landlords that I will leave a home they do not wish to sell, the home where I have lived longer than anywhere in my adult life, on what I came to call the “Street of Dysfunction” in this northeast neighborhood of Seattle.

It’s May now, and the permits that I’m told the owner of the north mobbing house had extended into 2016 must be approaching expiration. If not that, the home selling season is at hand and it’s not convenient to have someone you’ve criminally harassed hanging around still trying to expose racketeering and the host of felony crimes it includes while you turn tail and flip your house to get away from the scene of the crime.

My new roommate will arrive this evening, and then there will be someone sleeping upstairs near my own bedroom yet again. That will make it necessary for the mobbers to be quieter at night. At least when my new roommate is home, it will tend to blunt what now is two years of continuous monitoring, stalking and harassment led by this noble professional owner of the north house and his band of criminal real estate speculators who use their professional licenses and the knowledge that they gained as they prepared for their careers to intimidate and manipulate legal residents out of their homes.

Come on, Seattle Police, Seattle City Attorney, Attorney General of the State of Washington and other officials who are tasked with presiding over the public good, I’ve got a pack of criminals for you here. I’ve figured out this newfangled thing called real estate mobbing, at least a good part of the way, and I want to expose it so that the creeps doing it to me are arrested and so that others in what is likely a coast-to-coast movement in illegal house flipping get caught up in the dragnet. Come and get the scumbuckets.

(As I published this, a male voice demanded me to “Move on!” and outside a car sped away. This is what it’s like in northeast Seattle, in this northeast neighborhood where the neighborhood watch should have been reined in before it became criminal.)




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