Guantanamo in South Cedar Park

Real estate mobbing, continuous monitoring, stalking and harassing done to constructively evict legal tenants and “turn over” a property for speculation, has been named as a violation of Human Rights by Amnesty International. Real estate mobbing as performed by the criminal tenant clearers in my northeast neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, a variant of real estate mobbing that at least in this one case involves the “mobbers” moving into the houses on either side of the victim house and subjecting the legal tenant—me—to continuous harassment day and night within and without my home, is a mobile form of illegal imprisonment that is tantamount to torture.

Sleep deprivation, a human rights crime, as a significant strategy in the “surround sound” system of mobbing used by those mobbing me in northeast Seattle. Let’s take this morning as an example. At the moment, I’m between upstairs roommates. This is an opening that the mobbers like to take advantage of. On mornings like this one, for a few hours before the male owner of the south mobbing house leaves for work, the mobbers use a combination of techniques to penetrate into the sound board-laden fortress that is my bedroom.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve seen frequent allusions to the countermeasures I’ve tried against the mobbing over the months, ear plugs, sound board, breaking the surface of windows. The mobbers are creative about finding ways to hurt me, and I’m creative about finding ways to protect myself. My countermeasures work, and then the mobbers find a way around them. Or sometimes I just end up sleeping on my side again, with my ear on the pillow. Recently, I inserted a sheet of soundboard beneath my pillow and found it quieted sound that seems to vibrate through the bed. This is a method they began to rely on as I blocked windows from surface harassment. My theory on the “vibration” of sound coming through the floor boards or bed included looking at the possibility of a dipole antenna system, which would dovetail nicely with “surround sound” harassment where criminal mobbers occupy houses on my either side. Another possibility might be some direct manipulation of the concrete slab that joins the earth on either side of the property line. For example, if there were seismic machines that could send a low sound beam. There are also radio bands for mines that support the underground movement of sound waves. And the mobbers are likely also using a beam-formed sound device like a parabolic or parametric speaker. The beam-forming characteristic means that they can blast the harassment with the certainty that unless someone is within inches of a beam of some 8″ or less, no one will hear, not even my roommates.

Even if the infliction of continual sound on a human being is not considered torture, sleep deprivation is. And the mobbers, a network of people who work for real estate speculators and may themselves be real estate speculators working for some portion of the profits that accrue from development, use sleep deprivation as a basic technique designed to clear a home. When you cannot sleep, it can become difficult to function and even to think. If a victim cannot make a good decision, for example, a decision to call the police and try yet again to report that the home owners on either side are hosting harassers, the chances increase that they’ll make a bad one. The chances also increase that a weary resident will respond poorly to the harassment or other circumstances in their lives and that this poor response will also erode the relationships that are necessary to make a living or to otherwise survive in the world.

Just as the mobbers harass, the mobbers inflict sleep deprivation on their victims without regard for their health, physical or otherwise. It is incredible that people who pretend to be upstanding members of their communities,—health professionals and attorneys—could be so corrupt and greedy as to inflict torture on their neighbors for the sake of profiteering and be encouraged to do so by a neighborhood watch that should be protecting its residents.

Real estate mobbing is, in effect, a punishing mobile imprisonment constructed to be inescapable. Mobbing envelopes the victim, containing him in a prison of constant monitoring, stalking and harassment, situating him in an existence of torture. I have in the past referred to this as an extortion—to regain my integrity, I must leave my home. The mobbers would say, as one is saying right now as I write this, “Leave.”

You see, the mobber attempts to convince you that it’s your own fault that you been mobbed for two years. If you didn’t want to be mobbed, you should have left your home. But for the naive mobbing victim who doesn’t put it together that her neighbors are the source of the harassment, there’s no guarantee that the mobbers or the mobbing will ever stop. So she would leave to an uncertain future. Because the mobbers perpetuate hoaxes on their victims, even pretending to be gang-stalkers, and because they tell their victims that they will be watching them after they leave their homes to ensure that they keep quiet, the victim who believes may fear that once she leaves her home and any community she has behind, there will be nothing to keep her from harm. The mobbers, with all of their hoaxes and lies, may end up defeating their own purpose. Once convinced there is no safety for her, the victim may refuse to leave her home.

The hoaxes inflicted during the night in the harassment can be seen as a form of interrogation. In fact, I remember early in the mobbing, probably when the mobbers thought they’d flush me out by hitting hard, lights being shined at me in my house through the windows, and answers being demanded of me about my life. Combine this type of harassment with sleep deprivation of a legal resident, a predatory crime that is founded on essentially “trapping” the resident of the victim house by occupying the properties on either side of her and monitoring her moment for moment within her home, and you have something that I once compared to Foucault’s panopticon. In this case, however, I should have suggested it was an inversion of the panopticon. You see, the panopticon is the model for the modern prison in which the all-seeing sentry occupies a central and superior position that makes him omniscient. Mobbing, on the other hand, situates you, the victim, in a fish bowl or a bubble, with the mobbers greedy hands and eyes all over you, turning you round and round until you are dizzy with taunts, insults and threats. If there’s a nasty neighborhood watch involved, the mobbers simulate the mob for their pleasure, even use the voices of the watch, canned or real time, or use their technologically-enhanced access to you to inflict upon you their malicious slings and arrows. If not, the mobbers may still simulate some angry mob—what better way to flush someone out of a community? Throw in some insinuations of degeneracy, a veiled accusation of pedophilia here and there, and you’ll mob them out of town in a jiffy and be off to get those building permits.

But at heart, and I cannot stress it enough, real estate mobbing is not simply a covert crime of constructive eviction, it is a Human Rights crime that makes the life of a lawful citizen into that of a detainee at Guantanamo in Seattle. And to anyone who would say, why don’t you leave? It’s because this is a crime. It’s because I expect to finally get an investigation soon. And then I expect that my two years of community service here as I’ve been exposing criminal practices on the part of the neighborhood watch and their developer friends to make it hard for what has been done to me to be done to anyone else, if only because people will be able to search, and to find, information about something called “real estate mobbing” that sounds a lot like what is happening to them.

The mobbers have had to be somewhat quieter in the last months since two of the houses around them have changed hands and are now held by owners who are not real estate speculators and do not covet their neighbors’ property. These new owners are beginning to get the drift that something bad is happening in the neighborhood, they’re catching onto the fact that that something bad is happening to me and that it likely involves the neighborhood watch and real estate speculators.

The thing is, that when new home owners begin to suspect that a nearby renter is in fact being harassed inside her own home, they can’t help but become a bit uncomfortable about whether this might happen to them too. And suddenly the welcome wagon that the neighborhood watch rolled out for these owners willing to pay for homes in a seller’s market begins to look less than welcoming. What kind of a neighborhood did they buy into? And are they going to be liable for the crimes that the neighborhood watch commits against its residents?

At any rate, the mobbers have had to be a bit quieter, especially at the front of this house, to ensure that the insults, taunts and threats of the harassment don’t drift across the street to the new upscale home to two doctors and their toddler. The mobbers also need to keep it quiet because of bumper stickers and signs on a few local cars designed to attract help. And the mobbers are quieter than they were because of the stacks of sound board I put in my windows. Here it is, the opening of real estate season in what should be a banner year for house flipping, and the criminal scumbucket real estate mobbers haven’t been able to get this middle-aged woman to decamp so they or their developer friends can give the home owners a lowball offer complete with a not-so-veiled threat that the next renter they bring into the house won’t last as long as this one has.

Skeptical? Consider the email of Sandra Motzer, a woman who chaired the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance during the recent review of Mayor Murray’s plan to take action against homelessness in Seattle. In an email from Motzer to other captains of her neighborhood watch, the South Cedar Park Good Neighbors Association—among those co-captains Lee Mozena, John Clark and Motzer’s husband Tim (a former City of Seattle manager), Motzer openly talks about another of the neighborhood watch campaigns of that neighborhood to force certain tenants out of the neighborhood by using city codes against them. This email was discussed on this blog in a recent post and was copied to two developers working the neighborhood, the male owners of the houses on either side of a female renter who would soon attempt to get anti-harassment orders against them, and Kipp Strong, an officer with the Community Police Team (CPT) of North Seattle Precinct.

This is the kind of neighborhood watch activity that comes out of a vast preoccupation with others and a resentment of the rights and privileges they are accorded under the law. The preoccupation of the Good Neighbors Watch with legal residents and their determination to treat them like criminals requires continual maintenance. It’s the same kind of attention evident in co-captain Lee Mozena’s admission in U.S. District Court in a 2015 proceeding that she was in fact the person who made most of the 120 plus complaints against the vehicles of one of the renters in the neighborhood. Or in the complaint made by Mozena against the same renter to the police about noise that was “legal,” in which Mozena, frustrated that Seattle Police refused to take the renter to task, calls back the police and, according to the 911 transcript, astutely and somewhat histrionically points that she pays taxes and the renter does not. I note that if 120 complaints are lodged against a vehicle, it’s possible that more were attempted but not taken. But consider the time and energy it would take to call in even 50 complaints about someone’s car. It requires actively watching the vehicle, tracking plate numbers, and tracking the movements of the vehicle—at least, it would if there is any pretense of making a valid complaint. But anyone could just get their neighbors’ plate numbers, stick them on the frig with a magnet, and calendar a task to “inform” on them. Small minds have gone to greater lengths. Why not just turn those pesky renters in to the Stasi or report them for thought crimes? How about a little tar-and-feathering? Isn’t that what people who would do this are really going for?

Now, we know that renters do in fact pay taxes—they often pay their landlords’. But filing even a portion of 120 complaints against a neighbor requires real vigilance. Combine this with the complaints filed against other renters in other locations—not just for parking but for dog barking, trash disposal, and (horror of horrors) alleged cocaine dealing (an accusation that was apparently false) , and you have active monitoring of the lives of inhabitants by a neighborhood watch of uncertain and perhaps even malevolent purpose.

Real estate mobbers are criminals. Neighborhood watch groups that use them bring crime into the neighborhood. Neighborhood watch organizations should be required to adhere to a code of principles and held to terms. They should be sued when they run amok and use their watch involvement in a manner that is harmful to local residents and creates a liability for the city that allows them to represent their neighborhoods. A charge of racketeering makes the most sense. Once the neighborhood watch members are indicted, the underlying felony crimes against individuals in the community will be revealed and those, too, should be prosecuted.

All we need to know now is when does the water-boarding start? ▪


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