Something’s rotten in the state of—er, Seattle

This last week the owner of the north mobbing house nailed a bunch of planks to his side of the backyard fence, effectively increasing its height. This was after I wrote about some intense harassment over what were probably parabolic microphones or parametric speakers as I was out in the backyard gardening.

Today I went out to the backyard to get a bit deeper into the spring cleanup and realized that there was a break in the fence close by where the north house owner would have been hammering planks into the fence. At the time I figured he was up to something with the planks, though I welcomed the increase in fence height which obstructs line of sight between that house and my own at least along the walkway that goes to the backyard as well as into one of the windows of my home. Now that I see the broken fence, I have no doubt the sneaky scumbucket is up to something.

The break in the fence is a few inches with the top falling towards this yard. It will get worse. And past the break, there is increasing weight on the fence from shrubs, some mature and 14′ or so high, and the fence is now leaning from the top.

So today I took a pair of shears and trimmed a bunch of foliage off of the fence. But for the 14′ shrub that goes the distance back over the rest of the yard, I’ll have to get out the chainsaw-on-a-stick to get the reach necessary to lop off the heavy branches that lean into this yard and press against the fence. It’s probably too late for the fence, but this will buy a bit of time.

It seems likely that deliberately breaching a fence that marks a property line would be a strategy for real estate mobbers. Especially if they don’t expect a tenant to either notice or to realize its significance in a neighborhood where real estate speculators move onto one side of a fence and plot to acquire the other. At the least, a fence that is broken gives mobbers another pretext to argue that a house that is not owner occupied is ill-tended and should be sold, preferably to them.



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