Tip: You know your neighbors are tenant clearers when…

A tipoff that your neighbors are actually criminals who clear tenants is when they start using parabolic and parametric speakers—speakers that focus sound into a beam to isolate a single listener—to send statements demanding your departure into your home. For example, playing the role of the aggrieved home owner: “I want her out!”

“I want her out” is a statement I’m hearing a lot these past few days, just now in fact. It has been repeated so frequently that it is clearly a term of art used by those in the trade to “clear” tenants. It is a statement that increasingly loses its impact in a real estate mobbing as long as my own. And it’s even funny if you consider the fact that it’s often said in voices that are disguised or by those who effectively “mask” themselves by hiding inside the houses on either side of my own as they commit felonies in an attempt to constructively evict me, a legal tenant, from a residence whose owner does not want to sell.


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