Note on the deployment of directional speakers in the residences occupied by real estate mobbers

These last days I’ve been wondering whether real estate mobbers–the modern racketeers–might hide speakers inside the walls that face the victim house, facing outward. Both owners of mobbing houses north and south went through phases of tearing out walls or paneling and this sort of deployment would make a lot of sense. They could have an end-to-end array of speakers that travels the length of the victim house. The sound might even be enhanced by the cavities inside the walls or if it is channeled to the exterior of the home through vents, light fixtures and other small openings of the exterior walls. The mobbers could simply enable and disable wireless speakers so that the mobbing babble follows the movements of residents inside the victim house. WiFi shouldn’t be a problem and the mobbers in the houses that have surrounded the victim house can share access to the wireless speakers to allow for complete coverage.


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