How mobbers use directional speakers to provoke

As a victim of real estate mobbing in an upscale Seattle enclave overlooking Lake Washington, I’ve developed a few theories about how they operate. I’ve observed in this blog that it’s likely that the mobbers are either professional residential clearers or criminal real estate speculators who are willing to hire or host tenant clearers for a good deal.

Because of the fact that harassers seem to come and go in shifts from the mobbing houses that flank my own residence to the north and to the south, it’s been clear that a long-term mobbing like this one, one in which the victim fails to leave, requires a lot of staffing. Those mobbing me have run the gamut of hoaxes, harassment and threats. All of these seem intended to manipulate and prey on the victim. The victim who is vulnerable or naive may be led to believe that he is the target of some angry mob that has been joined by landlord, family and friends. The victim may experience great fear or shame at being mobbed and quickly acquiesce and leave his or her home. And if victims of workplace mobbing are vulnerable to depression, broken health and suicide, the victim of real estate mobbing who faces not only malicious gossip and extreme defamation but constant monitoring and harassment within and without his own home is likely to experience greater risks.

I don’t know much about the toll that forced migration has on peoples who are forced to flee their homelands because of oppressive regimes, violence, and genocide. I have studied the Holocaust but have little knowledge of the lives led by those who survived the Nazi evil. How is it that one human being would do such a violence to another human being? How is that people who pretend to be professionals or in business would so lose sight of their humanity that they would target legal residents to be monitored and stalked from their homes, and all this to profit while making their crime difficult to detect or to prosecute. As a victim of a brutal attempt at forced eviction at the hands of real estate speculators and a dysfunctional neighborhood watch, I am fortunate that two years of constant harassment hasn’t broken me. If this is what real estate speculation and house flipping culture has spawned, it is not business but instead has become a predatory and criminal undertaking that must be prosecuted. Based on the intricate web of hoaxes, taunts, insults and “defamation traps” that the mobbers inflict, they have obviously spent many, many hours coming up with strategies to quietly and criminally evict people from their homes. Obviously, only a special kind of person is willing to go to that extent. And at this point, it’s likely that I’m getting special treatment since not only have I refused to acquiesce to their demands, but I’m trying to expose them and the neighborhood watch people who got into bed with them.

Speaking of which, I think I hear the voice of the girlfriend of the south mobbing house owner in the harassment as I write this before my front windows. When I sit here, at my windows that overlook Lake Washington, the mobbers usually apply surface harassment to the window panes. It tends to be quieted by my “breaking” the surface by opening the windows. But they always move on to the next unbroken surface, the next device, the next technique. The girlfriend—the one who said in court that she and her future husband would not have children if I continued to live next door—seldom comes to the house anymore and the owner hides whatever vehicle he’s driving in his garage. But her deep involvement in the mobbing has been clear from the beginning, when she played the role of the queen bee in the hoax that she and her boyfriend had made a deal with my landlords to buy my residence and that I would soon be notified of it.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone would do this to another human being. I’m looking forward to ordering and looking through some of the transcripts from the property-related civil lawsuits that some of the people around me have been in. I suspect it’s not the first time they’ve done this, and suspect that in an acrimonious civil lawsuit, there could be allusions to just this type of activity.

When I went to the backyard this afternoon to mow and weed whack, what happened had me thinking not only about the likelihood of these people being a ring of modern racketeers but thinking about the possibility that for them,  bullying people out of their homes is a way of life.

As I began to work, the owner of the north mobbing house responded by pumping the volume of his country music way up.

This is the owner of a noble profession, the one who introduced himself by his profession, in fact, in court when he set out to ridicule me and insinuate that I’d lost my mind when I admitted to the judge that I hear harassment voices on my radio and wireless TV when I turn it on. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at that time that there are recipes on the web for how to do exactly this by using Citizens Band radio and a linear antenna. For Century Link’s wireless TV, I find myself thinking that it would be easy  for a hacker to open one of the applications and play sound in the background.

The scumbucket’s girlfriend was over, along with some children. I’ve mentioned how a likely harasser or “minder” in the south house, the guy with the tribal tattoos and the red Toyota SUV often has a child there with him, and how when the child is in evidence, there is usually a child’s voice in the harassment. I’ve considered that, if the voices in the mobbing are filtered or the mobbers use voice changers to alter their voices, that perhaps they attempt to confuse by using the voices of those who are present in their harassment. But I’ve also considered that when you simulate a mob, you need a lot of voices, young and old, and that’s what I’ve generally heard in these two years of being mobbed.

So the noble profession owner was there in his backyard having a hot tub party with his girlfriend and kids I assumed to be hers. And as I worked, the intensity of the harassment from both south and north mobbing houses, depending on who had best access to me, increased. And it began to incorporate the voices of the noble professional owner, as well as children.

Now, I’ve seen them use a strategy of looking away from me while uttering harassing statements. The owner of the south mobbing house likes to look at his shoes and say things like “You’re the wrong demographic.” I’m fairly certain though, that there was some muttering under their breath the familiar statements of harassment while in the presence of the kids on the other side of the fence. To cover the harassment, when I turned off the weed whacker or mower, the harassment would decrease or temporarily quiet and then I turned it on, it would pick up again and gain in aggressiveness and volume. Intense harassment continued side-by-side with the owner sitting in the hot tub with the children, smiling and remarking on their stories. But speakers were also used, probably parametric or otherwise directional speakers, concurrent with whatever utterances the owner of the north mobbing house was willing to make with children in tow. I also heard harassing statements in the voices of children but I could not be sure whether it was the kids in the tub or some voice changers being used by adult mobbers.

But these are the machinations of criminals, psychopaths and sociopaths. I remember a snowy day over the lake years ago, when the neighborhood watch captain across the street encouraged the neighbors’ nine-year-old and his friend to stay behind her car on the icy hill, pushing her as her unchained tires slipped and slid on the road. This is the way in which the mobbers use their children, and even the very concept of the child—a signifier of innocence, vulnerability and abject need—as a tool in criminally bullying people off of properties that they or their criminal developer friends want. Simultaneous with incorporating the voices of children into the harassment—perhaps using at least the sampled voices of their own children or perhaps directing their children to make statements that their victims experience as harassment—the mobbers make children part of the reason why their targets must leave.

In the same way in which the girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house invoked the need of children to be protected when she said in court that she and her boyfriend home owner would not have children if I lived next door, real estate mobbers include their children in the masquerade that they are upstanding professionals, family men, and families looking after the welfare of their children. They use their children to make their victims into pariahs, to effect their crimes, and as children began making appearances in the homes around me concurrent with criminal harassment, I began to think about the insinuations that came before the mobbing and the “Wenatchee Witch Hunt” of the 1990s in which children, it turned out, were coached by adults into saying that they’d been victimized ( The Wenatchee witch hunt is held up as an example of prosecutorial abuse, but it was enabled by hysteria over child abuse. It would also be interesting to examine any property issues that preceded the witch hunt or to examine what came of any properties vacated by those who were the targets of the witch hunt.

Real estate mobbers, scumbuckets who criminally harass legal residents out of their homes to turn them for speculation, spare their victims no defamation. Accusations that an adult is a danger to children always come with an unspoken intimation of pedophilia. Mobbers use children—and like the girlfriend of the mobbing owner to the south of me, even the possibility of children—to effect criminal harassment and forced eviction.

Provocation is a major part of the mobbers’ strategy. They use directional speakers so that only you can hear the harassment. They’ve already been working to spread malicious gossip that you’re crazy in order to discredit your reports of being criminally victimized. And they probably work to make their victims completely lose control of their emotions by harassing them publicly in a manner that only they hear, and harassing or, if voice changers are in play, harassing using the voices of the owners or other “sponsors” of the mob while the owners or sponsors are entertaining guests. If the victim is overcome with anger because of the duplicity that attends the crime and loses control, the nobly professioned owners of the mobbing houses can call 911, report that the neighbor has really lost it this time, and demand that something be done. They can all lie in court, effectively obstructing justice, and claim that they were having a family party in the backyard when the victim let loose with a string of profanity, a slew of accusations or, even worse, yelled at their children.

The directional speaker, then, does not only allow the mobbers to silently harass the victim while claiming that the victim is “paranoid schizophrenic.” The directional speaker is also quite useful in a provocation strategy that is intended to end with the victim appearing to be crazy or dangerous, or even better, under arrest.


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