Countermeasure: Quieter sleep for side sleepers during mobbing

As a side sleeper, I’ve been especially vulnerable to being harassed during sleep. It is this nocturnal harassment that has made me wonder about a dipole radio system running through the earth or concrete slab between the mobbing houses where the real estate mobbers—tenant clearers—work round the clock these days to force me from my legal rental home. Such a constructive eviction would likely be followed by another attempt to purchase this house from my landlords, probably on terms very favorable to the owners of the mobbing houses or their developer friend who is working up the street.

For several months now, I’ve been stacking sound board in the bedroom windows each night, and usually taking it out during the day to let in light and warmth, a necessity for a small and older northwestern house dwarfed by modern houses standing about four stories on either side. This has allowed me to sleep fairly well, though it does not entirely mute the mobbing harassment—unceasing babble whose goal is to make it impossible for me to function and apparently to break my resistance of two years now to their attempt to “mob” me from my legal home in this northeast neighborhood of Seattle, blighted by the nastiest of neighborhood watches in cahoots with real estate speculators.

The sound board in the windows—my “window treatments,” as I often refer to it—demonstrates that a major technique of conveyance for mobbing harassment is some type of projection onto the window panes of the house. I call it “surface harassment” in many posts on this blog. But during the night, the sound manages to reach my ears through the pillow.

After enduring this for more than a year and trying earplugs, then no earplugs or an earplug in one ear but not the other, I finally learned about “bone conduction,” which is just a fact of the anatomy of the ear. Several months back, I wrote a blog on this topic, Bone conduction: Mobbing close to the bone, I think it was titled. Unfortunately, as a side sleeper whose ear naturally winds up on the pillow sooner or later, I’ve been a sitting duck for whatever method of conveyance they use to get the harassment to either vibrate from the wooden floor and bed frame through to my mattress and pillow, or at least to my pillow, which might be possible if they are blanketing the house, for example, with sound waves. At least, it seems like it might be a reasonable theory.

If techniques such as this were in play, the ideal configuration for the mobbing of the victim home would undoubtedly be a mobbing house on either side. This is a major feature of what I’ve dubbed “the surround sound system” of mobbing. The mobbers themselves have bragged in the harassment that they have “triangulated” me—a radio term—and if you consider the positioning of a house owned by the most inhospitable captain of the neighborhood watch across the street, or the new house to her north that stood empty for a good year and a half or more after it was built by a developer I would tend to credit with helping to put the mob together, you can get your third vertex out of that.

In one of my trips through Seattle-Tacoma airport as I flew back and forth between Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area to support myself last year, I considered buying one of those airplane pillows that look like open donuts. You put it around your neck and it supports your head as you try to get some shuteye while in flight. I thought I could put my ear in the donut hole and that would keep it suspended above any soft material that was transferring sound or its vibration to the bones of my ear. I didn’t get one last year and ended up continuing to try to push the pillow away from my ear while still resting my skull on it. It helps, but eventually I end up waking up and realizing that my ear is on the pillow as mobbing babble resounds through the fabric. I continue trying to train myself to sleep on my back but it’s not comfortable for me.

In the last few weeks, however, I had another idea. I took one of the smaller pieces of sound board and stuck it under the pillow I used to support my head.

It’s been a great improvement. Sometimes, at least for a few hours until the mobbers find another way in, it’s as though there is no harassment, as though I have regained my life, and my solitude.

So, if you find yourself subject to mobbing babble during your sleeping hours, I can recommend this as a pretty successful method of getting increased quiet, at least for a while. A variation on this would be ordering a fabric-based sound-absorbing material. I have not tried this so far so I don’t know how it compares to the building grade sound board at Lowe’s, but if you have the cash to spare, it might be interesting to see how it would do as a curtain, as well as a pillow.

Sleep well. ▪


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