Next up: Future posts and current rewards for turning in scumbucket criminal real estate speculators

Let’s try something different. It’s Monday afternoon, going on 3:00pm. When I came back from swimming at Lynnwood Pool, two vehicles were in the south mobbing house driveway, a black mini with white stripes that’s been there before. I usually see a woman with long black hair eventually leave and there is the voice of a woman from the direction of the south mobbing house right now, probably using speaker harassment to get in through my sound board, which is amply stacked. She is saying, “Come on. Move on. Give us the bot.” And the voice that I associate with the guy with the tribal tattoos who is there much of the time recently with his child is also there. I often hear the voice of a young child when he is here too. “Bot!” he says, which is shorthand for “Get out” and based on one of the first hoaxes in the mobbing, of an Internet bot on a computer of mine. The voice of the owner of the mobbing house to the north is also audible today. Oftentimes the bullying is intensified during the days when he is home. I also hear the voice of one of the harassers who has called herself “Daria.” She keeps talking about what I “did to that kid.” Real estate mobbers apparently think that all they have to do is call a person a pedophile and they’ll hand over their lease. This is why people should never cave into threats and blackmail. It only encourages people of this ilk. I suspect that if the technique that these scumbucket criminal real estate speculators or tenant clearers use hadn’t worked well on their victims in the past, that I wouldn’t have had to spend the last two years of my life trying to expose this crime.

The mobbers are putting on a good show of giving me a hard time this afternoon, probably because it’s been harder to increase the volume enough to ensure it gets through the sound board when I have roommates upstairs and downstairs. And I’ve also gone further in reporting as of late, writing more about the fact that at least one person who is involved in or well aware of the mobbing works for Boeing, a fact that is disturbing considering that the harassment follows me into secured areas of Seattle-Tacoma Airport and onto the Boeing jets I’ve been traveling on over the last year as I’ve supported myself by working out of state because of the real estate mobbing. I also sent off another letter to the Washington State Attorney General, the Seattle City Attorney and various other local officials asking again for an investigation into racketeering in my neighborhood and suggesting that they consider the acquisition of an audio camera, also called a sound camera.

And now the nasty co-captain of the neighborhood watch has returned and parked, directly opposite the sound board that I put into my front windows as the harassment picked up.

So if Seattle Police are reading this, feel free to come on by and figure out who these people are. Chances are, one or more of them work with real estate developers on jobs to “clear” tenants.

As for what’s next up, I’ll be writing the FAA again to find out when the drone registry will be going public. I’ll finally report on my recent trip out of state to begin some work and write about how that has me thinking more about the use of drones to “clear” properties that developers want. Lastly, I’d like to write a post I’ve planned for a while, on the “configuration” of mobbing, one that talks about the end-to-end nature of real estate mobbing as harassment that is both local to the home of the victim and also mobile. And now that I think of it, it would be great to finally get to that post on the difficulty of having to try to “prove” this crime to even get an investigation into it. This means that the victim is forced to remain in a situation of criminal victimization while running around with a tape recorder in hand trying to record the sound of harassment that is designed to be undetectable. There’s got to be a better way in which the City of Seattle and the State of Washington can aid victims of criminal real estate speculators. I have attempted to suggest other avenues including civil forfeiture of properties used for real estate mobbing. and investigations of racketeering since criminally stalking and harassing a resident out of his legal home in a bid to make it available to speculators is certainly a racket.

The weather in Seattle is a bit windy this afternoon with dark clouds traveling overhead. As I sit here writing this, despite the sound board leaning against most of the front windows from which I would ordinarily see Lake Washington, probably the owner of the house to the north or the girlfriend of the owner of the house to the south is projecting surface harassment onto the windows in front of me of slurs (“Old and ugly”) overlapping a loud television broadcast that could be something like Fox news. But the birds are singing, deciduous plants are leafing out, and the tulip fields of Washington State have bloomed. This is what it’s like in spring, when you don’t give criminal bullies what they want.

The reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those involved in this crime stands at $5000 and will stand until they are arrested.




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