Tip: You know your neighbors are tenant clearers when…

A tipoff that your neighbors are actually criminals who clear tenants is when they start using parabolic and parametric speakers—speakers that focus sound into a beam to isolate a single listener—to send statements demanding your departure into your home. For example, playing the role of the aggrieved home owner: “I want her out!”

“I want her out” is a statement I’m hearing a lot these past few days, just now in fact. It has been repeated so frequently that it is clearly a term of art used by those in the trade to “clear” tenants. It is a statement that increasingly loses its impact in a real estate mobbing as long as my own. And it’s even funny if you consider the fact that it’s often said in voices that are disguised or by those who effectively “mask” themselves by hiding inside the houses on either side of my own as they commit felonies in an attempt to constructively evict me, a legal tenant, from a residence whose owner does not want to sell.


Fences make good neighbors

I’ve been through a lot in these two years of being “mobbed” by criminal real estate developers trying to hoax, hack and heckle me out of my legal rental home. But this is the first time I’ve ended up with a cold, likely the product of experiencing spring weather both in California this last week as I spent time onsite working a new position, and then driving 14 hours to return home to Seattle and the mobbers. But it’s about time I finally got sick. There’s not a lot that hasn’t happened to me these last two years and “bad neighbors” can’t even begin to characterize the experience of having criminal real estate speculators move in around you, intent on pushing your buttons until they give you the old heave-ho out of your legal home.

Within 12 hours of my arrival home in Seattle, the captain of the neighborhood watch across the street and her husband vanished. The owner of the mobbing house to the south is also nowhere to be found and his familiar tattooed friend with the red SUV, a mid-thirties to early forties Asian guy who seems more like a “minder” to me seems to be parked in the driveway most nights. Interestingly, in my absence last week, the owner of the mobbing house to the north provided what I would call an “enhancement” to the old fence that separates his property from the lot on which I reside. He seems to have somehow affixed a series of planks to his own side of the existing fence, effectively lengthening the fence so that it stands at about the six foot height that I believe local codes allow. I might wonder about whether he is damaging the original fence or what he might be up to.

Just the same, if one fence is good, I reckon two are even better.

Perhaps I’ll be spared his next hot tub party.

On the up-and-up, my new job is going pretty well. It’s also satisfying to find that as a woman forced to work out of state because of some criminal house flippers, I’m making significantly more than I did for Microsoft before I lost my last gig there after telling my manager I had reason to believe that my neighbors had put an Internet “bot” on my laptop.

The mobbing harassment continued throughout my trip down to California, and despite the lack of television, it continued through my second AirBnB stay. The last time I was in California, though I still haven’t devoted an entry to any round-up of events—too busy, tired, and apparently working myself up to the coughing fits of today—the mobbing harassment continued, albeit with more caution, through the airport and onto the plane. However, this time, I spent much of the flight talking to the woman sitting next to me, another commuter on this morning flight who lives in Seattle and holds a position in California.  Between my proximity to another human being—something that always makes the mobbers more circumspect and sometimes silences them—and the noise of the wind coursing over the wing, the mobbers couldn’t compete. In the last weeks, as I’ve written increasingly openly here and taken additional measures to “advertise” my plight, I’ve had increased periods of diminished harassment.

At the AirBnBs I’ve been staying at, locations where I obviously cannot layer the windows with sound board, I am subject to increased harassment based on a few factors. The first is my location within the house. If there are other occupied bedrooms around mine, it’s quieter. For example, in the first house, a one-level house with three bedrooms and then a living room futon, the harassment diminished greatly after a guest began sleeping in the living room so that rooms on every one of the four walls of the home were occupied.

Another great factor in how harassment plays in the California homes I’ve stayed at appears to be access to heating and ventilation systems. Every house I’ve stayed at seems to have an attic heater or duct work running through a ceiling crawl space. This is another reason why drones make sense as a way to mob victims who travel, regardless of whether they travel on bike or to locales in other states. In the same way that a drone outfitted with a compact parametric speaker like the SoundLazer could use GPS coordinates to aim a beam of sound at a person, a directional speaker could project sound into a central heating or venting system. At least, a drone would be far easier than having someone physically following me and might be more plausible than some of the other options I’ve considered. The use of building systems and ventilation harassment is another likely marker of construction-related harassment by those with understanding of the physical science that underlies public utility systems and services as well as residential dwellings. I sure wish that the FAA would hurry up and open up the registry of drone owners for public inspection.

Back at the ranch, although the co-captain of my very dysfunctional neighborhood watch seems to have taken off with her husband, and the owner of the south mobbing house is nowhere to be seen, the mobbing harassment at home has something of a bitterness about it as male harassers increasingly come to the fore, repeating the same insults again and again that the mobbers seem to believe should cut me to the quick. “Old!” says the voice of the girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house, the one who in court said they wouldn’t be able to have children if I lived next door. The noble profession owner of the north house, or at least his voice, continues in his attempt to force a square peg into a round hole: “Move on!”

I get up and get another kleenex. “Snot-puppies to you,” I mutter into the tissue, hoping my younger roommate who is home today doesn’t hear.

It’s one thing to know that my housemate doesn’t believe what’s happening to me because he doesn’t hear it; it’s quite another for him to know that I actually converse with some hobgoblins I call “mobbers” in the houses around us when, owing to the phenomenon of “sound beams” formed by directional and parabolic speakers in combination with surface harassment applied by tenant clearers who’ve adopted techniques of surveillance, his experience of living here is strikingly different than my own. This is what makes possible the mobbers’ gambit that they can convince the victim to give up, either because he begins to fear for his own sanity, or because mobbing puts the victim into a catch-22 situation of facing great difficulty in proving what is being done to you while those around you refuse to consider the possibility that it is true and instead get that look in their eyes like you’ve started to describe a colonoscopy whenever you talk about “mobbing.” Reports that people have been criminally stalking you in some elaborate scheme to forcibly evict you from your home and take the property are not something that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) rushes over to investigate. Nope.  When I tried to report that the neighbors were looking into my windows at the beginning of the mobbing, before I put up window film, the officer who came defended their right to do that “to a point.” When I reported overhearing a woman who had parked in the driveway of the south mobbing house asking if they could get her “on [my] router,” the police dismissed my claim after exchanging a few words with the owner of the house who conveniently sat in his parked car in his driveway when they arrived; and when I reported that I believed listening devices had been planted in my home in the early days of the mobbing—before I realized that with parabolic and laser mics they didn’t need to “plant” anything—the officer said I would have to find at least one device to get probable cause.

This is what the mobbers and their brat-pack snarky attorney bank on. When you report a crazy crime, you sound… well, crazy. Well, I do. But if I manage to last through this until I get an investigation, which I do hope is soon, you won’t sound so crazy when the same thing happens to you. “What?” SPD will say. “You hear things others don’t? Dagnabbit, them criminals must be using directional speakers! Sounds like mobbers to me! Hang tight. We’ll talk to the prosecutor about convening  a grand jury and indicting them for racketeering.”

See how easy that was?

And this is all I have time to write tonight. I have to get to bed. The night is young and by the time morning comes, my mobbing will continue over the sound of my own hacking and amid wads of soggy Kleenex. Thank goodness the mobbers somehow seem to have medical knowledge. I often feel I’m being attended by a doctor, and sometimes even a dentist. Mobbing wouldn’t be the “white glove” approach to forced eviction without control of the very real risks involved in moving in around the victim home and subjecting the victim to continuous harassment until they give in and, in the mobbers’ words, “get out.”




Note on the deployment of directional speakers in the residences occupied by real estate mobbers

These last days I’ve been wondering whether real estate mobbers–the modern racketeers–might hide speakers inside the walls that face the victim house, facing outward. Both owners of mobbing houses north and south went through phases of tearing out walls or paneling and this sort of deployment would make a lot of sense. They could have an end-to-end array of speakers that travels the length of the victim house. The sound might even be enhanced by the cavities inside the walls or if it is channeled to the exterior of the home through vents, light fixtures and other small openings of the exterior walls. The mobbers could simply enable and disable wireless speakers so that the mobbing babble follows the movements of residents inside the victim house. WiFi shouldn’t be a problem and the mobbers in the houses that have surrounded the victim house can share access to the wireless speakers to allow for complete coverage.

How mobbers use directional speakers to provoke

As a victim of real estate mobbing in an upscale Seattle enclave overlooking Lake Washington, I’ve developed a few theories about how they operate. I’ve observed in this blog that it’s likely that the mobbers are either professional residential clearers or criminal real estate speculators who are willing to hire or host tenant clearers for a good deal.

Because of the fact that harassers seem to come and go in shifts from the mobbing houses that flank my own residence to the north and to the south, it’s been clear that a long-term mobbing like this one, one in which the victim fails to leave, requires a lot of staffing. Those mobbing me have run the gamut of hoaxes, harassment and threats. All of these seem intended to manipulate and prey on the victim. The victim who is vulnerable or naive may be led to believe that he is the target of some angry mob that has been joined by landlord, family and friends. The victim may experience great fear or shame at being mobbed and quickly acquiesce and leave his or her home. And if victims of workplace mobbing are vulnerable to depression, broken health and suicide, the victim of real estate mobbing who faces not only malicious gossip and extreme defamation but constant monitoring and harassment within and without his own home is likely to experience greater risks.

I don’t know much about the toll that forced migration has on peoples who are forced to flee their homelands because of oppressive regimes, violence, and genocide. I have studied the Holocaust but have little knowledge of the lives led by those who survived the Nazi evil. How is it that one human being would do such a violence to another human being? How is that people who pretend to be professionals or in business would so lose sight of their humanity that they would target legal residents to be monitored and stalked from their homes, and all this to profit while making their crime difficult to detect or to prosecute. As a victim of a brutal attempt at forced eviction at the hands of real estate speculators and a dysfunctional neighborhood watch, I am fortunate that two years of constant harassment hasn’t broken me. If this is what real estate speculation and house flipping culture has spawned, it is not business but instead has become a predatory and criminal undertaking that must be prosecuted. Based on the intricate web of hoaxes, taunts, insults and “defamation traps” that the mobbers inflict, they have obviously spent many, many hours coming up with strategies to quietly and criminally evict people from their homes. Obviously, only a special kind of person is willing to go to that extent. And at this point, it’s likely that I’m getting special treatment since not only have I refused to acquiesce to their demands, but I’m trying to expose them and the neighborhood watch people who got into bed with them.

Speaking of which, I think I hear the voice of the girlfriend of the south mobbing house owner in the harassment as I write this before my front windows. When I sit here, at my windows that overlook Lake Washington, the mobbers usually apply surface harassment to the window panes. It tends to be quieted by my “breaking” the surface by opening the windows. But they always move on to the next unbroken surface, the next device, the next technique. The girlfriend—the one who said in court that she and her future husband would not have children if I continued to live next door—seldom comes to the house anymore and the owner hides whatever vehicle he’s driving in his garage. But her deep involvement in the mobbing has been clear from the beginning, when she played the role of the queen bee in the hoax that she and her boyfriend had made a deal with my landlords to buy my residence and that I would soon be notified of it.

It’s hard to imagine how anyone would do this to another human being. I’m looking forward to ordering and looking through some of the transcripts from the property-related civil lawsuits that some of the people around me have been in. I suspect it’s not the first time they’ve done this, and suspect that in an acrimonious civil lawsuit, there could be allusions to just this type of activity.

When I went to the backyard this afternoon to mow and weed whack, what happened had me thinking not only about the likelihood of these people being a ring of modern racketeers but thinking about the possibility that for them,  bullying people out of their homes is a way of life.

As I began to work, the owner of the north mobbing house responded by pumping the volume of his country music way up.

This is the owner of a noble profession, the one who introduced himself by his profession, in fact, in court when he set out to ridicule me and insinuate that I’d lost my mind when I admitted to the judge that I hear harassment voices on my radio and wireless TV when I turn it on. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at that time that there are recipes on the web for how to do exactly this by using Citizens Band radio and a linear antenna. For Century Link’s wireless TV, I find myself thinking that it would be easy  for a hacker to open one of the applications and play sound in the background.

The scumbucket’s girlfriend was over, along with some children. I’ve mentioned how a likely harasser or “minder” in the south house, the guy with the tribal tattoos and the red Toyota SUV often has a child there with him, and how when the child is in evidence, there is usually a child’s voice in the harassment. I’ve considered that, if the voices in the mobbing are filtered or the mobbers use voice changers to alter their voices, that perhaps they attempt to confuse by using the voices of those who are present in their harassment. But I’ve also considered that when you simulate a mob, you need a lot of voices, young and old, and that’s what I’ve generally heard in these two years of being mobbed.

So the noble profession owner was there in his backyard having a hot tub party with his girlfriend and kids I assumed to be hers. And as I worked, the intensity of the harassment from both south and north mobbing houses, depending on who had best access to me, increased. And it began to incorporate the voices of the noble professional owner, as well as children.

Now, I’ve seen them use a strategy of looking away from me while uttering harassing statements. The owner of the south mobbing house likes to look at his shoes and say things like “You’re the wrong demographic.” I’m fairly certain though, that there was some muttering under their breath the familiar statements of harassment while in the presence of the kids on the other side of the fence. To cover the harassment, when I turned off the weed whacker or mower, the harassment would decrease or temporarily quiet and then I turned it on, it would pick up again and gain in aggressiveness and volume. Intense harassment continued side-by-side with the owner sitting in the hot tub with the children, smiling and remarking on their stories. But speakers were also used, probably parametric or otherwise directional speakers, concurrent with whatever utterances the owner of the north mobbing house was willing to make with children in tow. I also heard harassing statements in the voices of children but I could not be sure whether it was the kids in the tub or some voice changers being used by adult mobbers.

But these are the machinations of criminals, psychopaths and sociopaths. I remember a snowy day over the lake years ago, when the neighborhood watch captain across the street encouraged the neighbors’ nine-year-old and his friend to stay behind her car on the icy hill, pushing her as her unchained tires slipped and slid on the road. This is the way in which the mobbers use their children, and even the very concept of the child—a signifier of innocence, vulnerability and abject need—as a tool in criminally bullying people off of properties that they or their criminal developer friends want. Simultaneous with incorporating the voices of children into the harassment—perhaps using at least the sampled voices of their own children or perhaps directing their children to make statements that their victims experience as harassment—the mobbers make children part of the reason why their targets must leave.

In the same way in which the girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house invoked the need of children to be protected when she said in court that she and her boyfriend home owner would not have children if I lived next door, real estate mobbers include their children in the masquerade that they are upstanding professionals, family men, and families looking after the welfare of their children. They use their children to make their victims into pariahs, to effect their crimes, and as children began making appearances in the homes around me concurrent with criminal harassment, I began to think about the insinuations that came before the mobbing and the “Wenatchee Witch Hunt” of the 1990s in which children, it turned out, were coached by adults into saying that they’d been victimized (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wenatchee_child_abuse_prosecutions). The Wenatchee witch hunt is held up as an example of prosecutorial abuse, but it was enabled by hysteria over child abuse. It would also be interesting to examine any property issues that preceded the witch hunt or to examine what came of any properties vacated by those who were the targets of the witch hunt.

Real estate mobbers, scumbuckets who criminally harass legal residents out of their homes to turn them for speculation, spare their victims no defamation. Accusations that an adult is a danger to children always come with an unspoken intimation of pedophilia. Mobbers use children—and like the girlfriend of the mobbing owner to the south of me, even the possibility of children—to effect criminal harassment and forced eviction.

Provocation is a major part of the mobbers’ strategy. They use directional speakers so that only you can hear the harassment. They’ve already been working to spread malicious gossip that you’re crazy in order to discredit your reports of being criminally victimized. And they probably work to make their victims completely lose control of their emotions by harassing them publicly in a manner that only they hear, and harassing or, if voice changers are in play, harassing using the voices of the owners or other “sponsors” of the mob while the owners or sponsors are entertaining guests. If the victim is overcome with anger because of the duplicity that attends the crime and loses control, the nobly professioned owners of the mobbing houses can call 911, report that the neighbor has really lost it this time, and demand that something be done. They can all lie in court, effectively obstructing justice, and claim that they were having a family party in the backyard when the victim let loose with a string of profanity, a slew of accusations or, even worse, yelled at their children.

The directional speaker, then, does not only allow the mobbers to silently harass the victim while claiming that the victim is “paranoid schizophrenic.” The directional speaker is also quite useful in a provocation strategy that is intended to end with the victim appearing to be crazy or dangerous, or even better, under arrest.

$5000 reward for Seattle real estate mobbers

TenantHarassment.com is offering a $5,000 reward for the real estate mobbers or “tenant clearers” who continue in their attempt to harass the author of this blog out of her home in northeast Seattle in order to force its sale to real estate speculators. The reward will likely be matched and will be given for the arrest and prosecution of the mobbers themselves, or those in the neighborhood watch or in business with them who were instrumental in installing the mobbers in the houses around the author of this blog. This is a serial crime and there may be a circle of people who “clear” residents for developers or for their own ventures, so it’s possible that if you’ve experienced something similar or heard of something similar, that some of the same people may be involved.

We’re in the wind: Drones and other fly-bys

Real estate mobbing as I have known it for about two years now in this upscale enclave of northeast Seattle, blends what are likely “classic” techniques of development-related harassment that hail from the days of blockbusting, with surveillance techniques as well as the bleeding edge technologies and techniques of wireless stalking and hacking. In the property mob that affects me, historic methods of ventilation and speaker harassment are not only applied, but updated. Speaker harassment becomes the surface harassment of modern surveillance; ventilation pairs with up-to-the-minute methods of enablement including parametric (“directional”) speakers.

One night, a year ago or more during nighttime mobbing harassment, a female mobber declared, We’re in the wind. This was a taunt, a con uttered to convince me that there was nothing I could do but leave my home, that their crime would neither be detected nor prosecuted.

At the time, I took that metaphorically, as some kind of lore that the kind of people who would dare to surround the home of a legal resident and systematically monitor, stalk and harass them out of it would be flattered by. But like other statements in mobber-speak, the cocksure doubletalk of mobbers, I later considered there might be some truth in the claim that they were “in the wind,” one known only to them. For me, such statements were designed to be taunts designed to “break” me and compel me from my home, however legal, however well kept my obligations, my yard, and my tenancy.

In many ways, the mobber’s statement, We’re in the wind, can be seen as an allusion to ventilation harassment, to the rogue waves with which they infect my communications and entertainment services, and perhaps even to any drones that they might use.

Come on, you say, drones? This is the stuff of science fiction! Yes, it might be, and perhaps that’s why the property mobbers have exuded such great confidence. Who would believe that someone is being followed by a drone? Obviously, anyone who would suggest that, must be crazy.

Which is exactly that the mobbers want you and anyone to whom you report their crime, to think.

Let’s backtrack for a minute. The real estate mobbing that has afflicted me has been going now for two years. The drone registry has been in play for less than six months. Until recently, you could probably use a drone without being personally associated with any surveillance activity. Criminals using drones as a sneaky way to get away with something, were probably thrown for a loop when the FAA passed a rule demanding registration of small unmanned aircraft last year.

A few months back, I wrote a blog entry on the new rule requiring the registration of drones and voiced my support for this rule. But although the penalties for lack of registration are substantial, what’s to stop a drone owner from simply changing ownership or selling off a drone instead of registering? And, although I’m kind of tired tonight and not in feeling like sorting out the FAA rules on the possible use of transponders or flight plans for drones, who is watching where a drone goes? Even if I have seen drones in my neighborhood, and I have, how would any investigation prove that a drone follows me from time to time, for example, on my bicycle rides on the Burke-Gilman Bike Trail. This is quite possible; as I discussed in a recent blog, there are even drones now that are designed to follow cyclists and capture their activities. And if you’re going to hack, hacking from a drone is probably a better move than hacking from a house. Besides, you can follow, easily perform reconnaissance on the wireless networks you cross on the route, and store it for later use or hack it on the fly from a home location while the drone stays within range of the victim network.

Moreover, if someone is using a drone that stays hidden or can fly high enough to be obscured, how would a victim of drone surveillance, for example, even grasp that they were being stalked by a drone? As the victim of a real estate mobbing, I can tell you that it takes months and months to even begin to sort out the phenomenon of mobbing: To understand that the listening devices are not in your house, but are being used from next door; to understand that the voices of your neighbors that sound so loud are probably being projected by speaker onto  your window panes or by dint of a slowly whirring fan. If it was so easy to figure things out, or if most people remained “in” the crime that is mobbing long enough to figure these things out, the real estate mobbers who are trying to do a “whodunnit” to you would find another way.

In my property mobbing, this crime that continues to victimize me, there are some specific circumstances in which the use of a drone would make a lot of sense. In an earlier blog, I talked about the increased use of drones in construction for surveying steep lots like those around me in this hillside neighborhood, and in real estate, an industry quick to adopt any marketing strategy that could yield some hefty profits. Why not then, use the same drones to “clear” and “acquire” properties held by those “reluctant sellers”?

Indeed. as well as increasing return-on-investment (ROI), the use of surveillance and harassment drones in real estate mobbing makes great sense. We’ve already heard about surveillance drones reasonably priced to include infrared to see into structures as well as outfitted with WiFi to gather information and hack wireless networks or to remotely hack networks with reduced risk of detection. And there are consumer drones now that make it easy to follow bicycles, as I have been followed concurrent with voice harassment on the Burke-Gilman, or drones that offer superior vantage points and mobility, and the harassment moves to the cars I travel in, even for long distances. I have assumed radio, but do not understand how the signal would be following me. The EFF has described micro-transmitters but these are hard to find and, frankly, don’t seem to fit with the “white-glove” approach that mobbing is. Remember, when you have clientele or associates who cannot afford to be caught, such as those in a haughty “community” watch or real estate speculators, you don’t want to leave any forensic traces behind, not even tiny micro-transmitters that are nearly impossible to find.

In the cars I drive, it has been clear that where vents are open, and when fans are on, the sound of the harassment is louder. But there have also been times when it sounds as though some fragment of harassment has caught my ear from outside the window, from some speaker at some intersection, or maybe, I’ve assumed, from some cell phone used by some driver in the next vehicle. And as of late, when I don’t feel like hearing the mobbers, I drive the car that doesn’t even have a radio with a matching face plate. But I still hear them. I assumed that even when a radio was “dead,” or otherwise broken, you might be able to transmit to its tuner. I even took out the antenna from the car and though the sound was further quieted, I could not stop it entirely.

So today, when I stuffed my swimming towel into a vent and threw it up onto the dash to cover the heating duct as I traveled to Lynnwood Recreation Center, I had another thought. What if drones enable simple ventilation harassment by easily tracking the victim or “target” of a mobbing? The drone could be “armed” with a directional speaker of some kind and be projecting the harassment using a radio technology at my vehicle. Radio technology makes sense for the projection because whenever I am in the vicinity of Seattle Police Department vehicles, the harassment pauses or is momentarily quieted. But my vehicle, even without power to the speakers or if I’ve taken the speakers out, could serve be a target for projected sound. Perhaps if the aim of the drone was good, if the drone carried a directional speaker, for example, the sound “beam” could be “aimed” and the sound would go directly through the windshield into the vent for one of the heating ducts, or into the engine compartment where it might resound and gain some volume before being sent through the vents by the onrushing wind. This means a direct channel into the passenger compartment. For transport, my forward motion supplies the wind. This kind of methodology might also work well for projecting harassment through glass roofs, like that at Lynnwood Recreation Center, or perhaps to “inject” sound into attic heating systems or other utility pipelines for conveyance through the ventilation system of the victim house. These drones of real estate are armed not with guns, but with tools to infiltrate the systems of your home that make it habitable.

Now, I have to say, it’s after midnight, and I’m not interested in looking this up right now. Jobs can be difficult for victims of harassment and I’ve a new job to keep. But considering these possibilities, I’ve had to say that in addition to being in favor of the drone registry and public access to the drone registry (which seems to be yet to come), I would strongly support transponders and flight plans for at least a certain class of unmanned aircraft.





Countermeasure: Quieter sleep for side sleepers during mobbing

As a side sleeper, I’ve been especially vulnerable to being harassed during sleep. It is this nocturnal harassment that has made me wonder about a dipole radio system running through the earth or concrete slab between the mobbing houses where the real estate mobbers—tenant clearers—work round the clock these days to force me from my legal rental home. Such a constructive eviction would likely be followed by another attempt to purchase this house from my landlords, probably on terms very favorable to the owners of the mobbing houses or their developer friend who is working up the street.

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Seattle businesses where mobbers work

Real estate mobbing would not be a complete solution for the constructive eviction of legal residents without the stalking of victims in public as well as in private. It is in the public eye that mobbing can exact some of its greatest tolls by shaming and ridiculing its victims. Fortunately, the backbone of mobbing is built on extensive use of communication and cashiering systems in businesses of all kinds. These fundamentally insecure and overlooked systems make it easy for real estate mobbers and small time black hats to work both sides of the fence: Business enterprise and the residential market. Julia Angwin writes in Who is Watching You? (https://backchannel.com/who-is-watching-you-7296eeb036c1#.m5lwv3tki) of a “Dragnet Nation” of indiscriminate tracking of personal information. But Angwin writes about information whose aggregation is enabled by a comparatively innocent act of recording. The dragnet from which hackers and mobbers gather information is life lived in real time, its recording enabled by the networks you traverse and the artifacts or imprints of your movement across hubs that are neither dumb nor innocuous. These artifacts may include the sound of your voice heard on the speaker of the cellphone of the guy next to you, the record of your purchases stored in a grocery database, the grainy image of your face on store video. The key systems that allow for the gathering of these personal artifacts include the following:

  • The public address system such as that used at Target some time back, to play what was likely an entertaining selection of pornography. (Social Engineering Your Way to the Target PA System, http://hackaday.com/2016/03/04/social-engineering-your-way-to-the-target-pa-system/)
  • The intercom system, such as that used at bank ATMs or gas stations for attendants to assist customers at the pump.
  • Music systems, which tend to share speakers with public address systems, vulnerable wireless networks and which often offer the mobber or hacker a handy connection to the Internet through the use of streaming services or which, even if they do not download music, may be a platform for hacker downloads and uploads because wireless is allowed to remain on.
  • Customer mobile devices which generally expose a wireless interface and speakers, as well as customer data to the real estate mobber or enterprising hacker.

These unprotected or poorly protected systems expose the public to harm. Businesses like Comcast have built an infrastructure that exposes customers to data loss and criminal ventures including real estate mobbing. In this picture, real estate mobbing represents the significant exposure to loss of home by criminal bullies, something generally pursued by criminal real estate speculators who would profit from the turnover of your property through its redevelopment.

When you are real estate mobbed (“mobbed”), the scumbuckets assure you that the only way to end it is to “get out” of your home because “somebody wants to build on it.” The price to regain your privacy, to get the mobbers’ round-the-clock taunts and threats out of your living room and their narrations of your bodily functions out of your bathroom, is to give up your home. This is extortion.

By the time the mob is on, the scumbucket mobbers have probably been eavesdropping on you for some time, gathering information in hopes of being able to threaten you out of your home without exposing themselves or their high-end clients to liability for constant crimes of surveillance, stalking, and the obvious use of hacking and cyber-stalking which enable the end-to-end harassment pipeline of the mob. Remember, the mobbers babble, first and foremost, to let you know you are being watched. Second, they babble to deprive you of privacy, of the quiet that is home. But before they begin to babble, they know all about you.

Business places with communication systems that are not secure are no better than businesses whose internal corporate networks allow hackers to steal the data of millions of customers or businesses whose employees forget laptops carrying databases of thousands of customer Social Security numbers. It’s the same thing; we just don’t “get it” yet.

When you stand at an ATM and hear the tone of every key press, a mobber listening on the intercom can hear it too. When you stand at the check stand at Fred Meyer and the electronic cashiering system reads your purchases, mobbers can too. If a mobber wants to figure out how to shame you out of your home, they can go for the low-hanging fruit by watching to see if you buy adult diapers, Rogaine, or Viagra, maybe they watch and see if you bleach your hair, eat junk food, or buy porn magazines. They can learn a lot when they’re allowed to lurk on business networks, especially if they can access not only speaker-enabled access points but security systems that make it easy to sync sound with picture. Do you cut in line? Did you respond poorly to someone who did? Do you look at men or women? Do you look at people of appropriate age or do your eyes linger on “jail bait”? In mobbing, this makes it easy to track the victim and apply harassment using the nearest available speaker. It also makes it possible to watch the victim’s reaction to this public harassment, that can be especially high-stakes in the workplace, and to tighten the thumbscrews, perhaps even triggering an emotional response that is not appropriate in the environment.

Business networks and communication systems that allow themselves to be a platform for hackers of any kind, real estate mobbers or not, expose their customers to grave harm. While we can’t do that much about Comcast’s vastly insecure residential Internet service, we can encourage the stores we patronize to begin to look out for our interests by tightening up security.

Businesses should get rid of free WiFi services. This is a liability that may well lead to lawsuits after enough people get hacked within the premises of the stores that allow free use of their networks. If you have a Smart Phone, use cellular data to access the Internet when you have to and leave WiFi off as much as possible. Businesses should pay attention to how any public address system is accessed. Some wireless speakers used for public address allow announcements to be phoned in by using a Smart Phone application. This is probably pretty easily manipulated, especially if you never change the phone number. If your public address system shares speakers with music, streaming music online or patching in a device with a streaming music player gives hackers access over the Internet. If you use an intercom system at a bank or a gas station, can a lurking hacker or real estate mobber hear the tones for the numbers in the PIN you use to access an account or credit card? Is there a camera that allows customer data to be accessed by a malicious agent? Do emergency systems allow eavesdropping in the bathrooms?

The crime of real estate mobbing, like many hacking crimes, is built on invasion of privacy and illegitimate access to personal information. These small pieces of information can be invaluable. Businesses should not set their customers up as crime victims.

Tighten it up. With this post, I will begin to list the companies whose communications systems I know to be used by those real estate mobbing me in Seattle, mobbers who probably include hackers who mob, to further their felony crimes. Note that I will only list businesses where I have heard mobbing babble on systems that are part of store infrastructure, not businesses in which I have heard mobbing babble on the portable devices of customers.

Fix the problem.

  • Whole Foods Market at 1026 NE 64th Street Seattle, Washington (Store speakers, possible access points)
  • Shell Gas Station, Lake City Way and 115th Avenue NE, Seattle, Washington (Gas pump intercom)
  • Fred Meyer, Lake City Way and 130th, Seattle, Washington (Check stand intercom, most likely)
  • Microsoft Corporation (Speaker-enabled access points, for starters; at least wireless services)
  • QFC at the University Village (Open wireless network at the in-store Starbucks; intercoms or wireless services at check stands)
  • Chase Bank ATMs, specifically those at the Sandpoint and Lake City branches in Seattle, Washington (ATM intercom for customer assistance, most likely)








Next up: Future posts and current rewards for turning in scumbucket criminal real estate speculators

Let’s try something different. It’s Monday afternoon, going on 3:00pm. When I came back from swimming at Lynnwood Pool, two vehicles were in the south mobbing house driveway, a black mini with white stripes that’s been there before. I usually see a woman with long black hair eventually leave and there is the voice of a woman from the direction of the south mobbing house right now, probably using speaker harassment to get in through my sound board, which is amply stacked. She is saying, “Come on. Move on. Give us the bot.” And the voice that I associate with the guy with the tribal tattoos who is there much of the time recently with his child is also there. I often hear the voice of a young child when he is here too. “Bot!” he says, which is shorthand for “Get out” and based on one of the first hoaxes in the mobbing, of an Internet bot on a computer of mine. The voice of the owner of the mobbing house to the north is also audible today. Oftentimes the bullying is intensified during the days when he is home. I also hear the voice of one of the harassers who has called herself “Daria.” She keeps talking about what I “did to that kid.” Real estate mobbers apparently think that all they have to do is call a person a pedophile and they’ll hand over their lease. This is why people should never cave into threats and blackmail. It only encourages people of this ilk. I suspect that if the technique that these scumbucket criminal real estate speculators or tenant clearers use hadn’t worked well on their victims in the past, that I wouldn’t have had to spend the last two years of my life trying to expose this crime.

The mobbers are putting on a good show of giving me a hard time this afternoon, probably because it’s been harder to increase the volume enough to ensure it gets through the sound board when I have roommates upstairs and downstairs. And I’ve also gone further in reporting as of late, writing more about the fact that at least one person who is involved in or well aware of the mobbing works for Boeing, a fact that is disturbing considering that the harassment follows me into secured areas of Seattle-Tacoma Airport and onto the Boeing jets I’ve been traveling on over the last year as I’ve supported myself by working out of state because of the real estate mobbing. I also sent off another letter to the Washington State Attorney General, the Seattle City Attorney and various other local officials asking again for an investigation into racketeering in my neighborhood and suggesting that they consider the acquisition of an audio camera, also called a sound camera.

And now the nasty co-captain of the neighborhood watch has returned and parked, directly opposite the sound board that I put into my front windows as the harassment picked up.

So if Seattle Police are reading this, feel free to come on by and figure out who these people are. Chances are, one or more of them work with real estate developers on jobs to “clear” tenants.

As for what’s next up, I’ll be writing the FAA again to find out when the drone registry will be going public. I’ll finally report on my recent trip out of state to begin some work and write about how that has me thinking more about the use of drones to “clear” properties that developers want. Lastly, I’d like to write a post I’ve planned for a while, on the “configuration” of mobbing, one that talks about the end-to-end nature of real estate mobbing as harassment that is both local to the home of the victim and also mobile. And now that I think of it, it would be great to finally get to that post on the difficulty of having to try to “prove” this crime to even get an investigation into it. This means that the victim is forced to remain in a situation of criminal victimization while running around with a tape recorder in hand trying to record the sound of harassment that is designed to be undetectable. There’s got to be a better way in which the City of Seattle and the State of Washington can aid victims of criminal real estate speculators. I have attempted to suggest other avenues including civil forfeiture of properties used for real estate mobbing. and investigations of racketeering since criminally stalking and harassing a resident out of his legal home in a bid to make it available to speculators is certainly a racket.

The weather in Seattle is a bit windy this afternoon with dark clouds traveling overhead. As I sit here writing this, despite the sound board leaning against most of the front windows from which I would ordinarily see Lake Washington, probably the owner of the house to the north or the girlfriend of the owner of the house to the south is projecting surface harassment onto the windows in front of me of slurs (“Old and ugly”) overlapping a loud television broadcast that could be something like Fox news. But the birds are singing, deciduous plants are leafing out, and the tulip fields of Washington State have bloomed. This is what it’s like in spring, when you don’t give criminal bullies what they want.

The reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those involved in this crime stands at $5000 and will stand until they are arrested.



$5000 reward for Seattle real estate mobbers

Just a reminder, TenantHarassment.com is offering a $5,000 reward for the real estate mobbers or “tenant clearers” who continue in their attempt to harass the author of this blog out of her home in northeast Seattle in order to force its sale to real estate speculators. The reward will likely be matched and will be given for the arrest and prosecution of the mobbers themselves, or those in the neighborhood watch or in business with them who were instrumental in installing the mobbers in the houses around the author of this blog. This is a serial crime and there may be a circle of people who “clear” residents for developers or for their own ventures, so it’s possible that if you’ve experienced something similar or heard of something similar, that some of the same people may be involved.