Don’t count on provider DVR to get evidence of mobbing

This morning the real estate mobbers who’ve been trying to “clear” me from my legal rental home, at the behest of the nasty neighborhood watch and its real estate speculator friends, got going early. Despite the presence of roommates in the bedroom on the south side of the house and downstairs on the basement level, they  raised the volume of the sound harassment probably applied to the window panes of my bedroom, high enough so that I went to sleep in the living room on the couch. They tend to keep it down at the front of the house, despite the long driveway that separates numerous of the houses on this street from the roadside, especially since a house across the street was finally purchased by a couple of doctors. That house was built by a developer who who apparently attempted to enlist my landlords in harassing me after they turned down an offer to purchase this house. The cozy relationships between that developer, the neighborhood watch, and the owners of the mobbing houses on both sides of me has been obvious since the mobbing houses were purchased within a month or two of each other several years back. It doesn’t take much to put together the likelihood that it is no coincidence that criminal real estate speculators willing to harass people out of their homes ended up around me in this anti-renter neighborhood.

On mornings like this one, the pattern is to raise the volume of the harassment high by 3:00am or 4:00am, when I am most likely to be in the deepest sleep, and then to continue as loudly as possible until the walkers, runners and cyclists who frequent my street on clear spring mornings like this one come frequently and close together.  It usually tapers off, for at least a short while, when the owner of the mobbing office leaves for work and this morning was no different, with the red SUV with a Crossfit sticker that belongs to a guy who now is the most constant presence at the south mobbing house, suddenly pulling out of the driveway, followed by the appearance of the now husband of the nasty neighborhood watch captain across the street.

At one point in the harassment, the mobbers used to taunt me with statements about having me “triangulated,” a term I realized was a radio term, a configuration that referenced not only the mobbing houses south and north of me but the house across the way of the nasty neighborhood watch captain whose instigation of the mobbing of me and my landlord’s house—people she lived across the street from for a good 20 years—has been obvious by her word and deed. Before the harassment was actually projected into my house, the nasty neighborhood watch captain would practically rush out of her house whenever I came outside to garden, to turn on the stereo she kept at her parking strip. This preceded the statement of the owner of the mobbing house to the north after the mobbing was on, “Don’t give her any quiet.” And as the mobbing progressed, when I began to put my own stereo speaker outside to counteract the verbal harassment that was projected to me by directional speakers even as I stood outside my home, they began to call the police and complain about my music. The “triangulation” has been apparent in the coordination of their efforts, and even in the sharing of the same corrupt attorney friend of one of the mobbing houses who has been an avid participant in the mobbing by the nasty neighborhood watch captain. The triangulation also leaves open the door to speculation about whether the din of directional and vented noise projected into my home is aided by devices on the property of the nasty neighborhood watch captain or in their cars that face my home that, especially on mornings like this one, they seem to so frequently need to attend.

If the new owner of the house across the way comes out, sometimes carrying his toddler, to take out the trash or opens his garage and continues to organize the boxes from his recent move, the harassment suddenly goes quiet. Sometimes, as an apparent safeguard in case of detection, the vocal insults and slurs of “Move on!” and “What you did to that kid!” are replaced by a thrumming and churning mix of industrial sounds, water, or some kind of layered sound track, even just the sound of broadcast TV or radio. The bullying voice of the mobbing owner from the north house, someone I cautioned my landlords to be careful with early on when his hot tub kept leaking onto the property of this house, has insisted again and again over the now two years of this out-and-out mobbing that includes a host of felonies including cyber-crimes, that they’re not going to stop until I get out so I might as well get out now. Despite his benevolent and well-thought-of profession, that man always seemed to me to be something of a psychopath. It’s funny to have seen that before the criminal harassment began with his voice such a prominent feature.

I’ve never seen the appeal of men like him to women, ugly little men with inflated egos who love to listen to themselves talk. I’ve never thought much of the women who would be with someone like that. But then, I wouldn’t have gone for Pol Pot either. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that someone who worked for this guy said he was a real dick.

If you’re new to this blog, maybe you don’t know, but real estate mobbing done in Seattle, at least done by these scumbuckets around me, is all about people coming and going in shifts, under cover of night if possible, and in any number of cars—especially when you’ve got a victim, like me, who is photographing license plates—and holing up behind the walls in houses next to the house of the mobbing victim. From this place of hiding, and as though masked (which increases the penalties for certain crimes in some states), the tenant clearers or harassers use means of harassment and methods of transporting harassment ranging from modified ventilation systems to directional speakers while stripping the victim of privacy with the use of listening devices that may include laser microphones, traditional shotgun microphones or parabolic microphones. A simple surveillance drone could probably be set up to apply most of their methodology and the harassment does travel with me. Don’t assume this is my imagination—the harassment can be modulated, depending on its source. I can turn down the volume of radio and TV that the mobbers jump on, I can block the surface harassment with sound board. But mobbing is a kitchen sink approach to tenant clearing and there’s always another way to harass someone when you’re able to maintain proximity to the person. Mobbing is enabled by stalking.

And now, I must get on with my day, but a quick tip on a method I hoped to be able to use to record forensic evidence of the harassment on my Century Link TV, something I learned could possibly be done with a simple CB radio and a linear antenna, but something which these days, with wireless TV, might be done with hacking into your neighbor’s wi-fi and applying audio from your own pirate TV station or maybe just by opening an app on the TV service and streaming your own “music.” A person pays a price for mindless entertainment and the mobbers assume that you’ll lack the willingness to either forego the TV or tolerate the overlapping sound. Me? I take both as I can. This is my home and it takes more than some scumbucket little men real estate investors to make me leave my legal lease agreement with my landlords so that the scumbuckets can attempt to finally pressure them into selling.

Anyway, I got the Century Link DVR service and began using the Record button liberally whenever watching TV. The mobbers hesitated only briefly. I did find that if I set up a tape recorder with a mic in front of the TV, they lowered the volume of their harassment more. So I suspected that they’d learned that, for example, if a person records a broadcast, that simply means they have permissions to download it later from the back office. I suspected that what is “recorded” has nothing to do with my own TV tuner.

I’ve been learning a bit about video on demand and it turns out that a lot of these things are handled on the back end for internet protocol TV systems. When a consumer makes a record request, the broadcast is often converted into a file on the back end. And then, if the recording system uses a hard drive in a set-top box, the created file may be placed on the set-top box of the requestor.

So don’t spend your money on DVR services without learning, for sure, what is recorded. And don’t trust customer service to know.



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