Mobbed at Chase Bank

Another frequent occurrence I haven’t yet described is being harassed—”mobbed”—at the bank by the real estate “mobbers” who’ve been attempting to force me from my legal rental in northeast Seattle for two years now.

The mobbing kicked off in late spring or early summer two years ago with mobbing during transactions at places like the gas station as well as at grocery stores like Whole Foods, QFC, and Fred Meyer. It took some time to reason it out but the two consistent elements in the transaction-oriented harassment are wireless infrastructure combined with speakers. This may be a public announcement or Help system.

I pulled into the Chase Bank parking lot in the Wedgewood neighborhood of Seattle last night, at about 8:00pm or so. This Chase location is on 35th Avenue at about 70th.

When the mobbing first started, I stopped banking online and worked with Chase to delete my online bank presence. Around that time, one of the themes in the mobbing harassment was to tell me, whenever I was about to make a transaction of any kind, that I was overdrawn, was about to kite a check and, as always, needed to “Get out!” By lurking on the speakers at cashier stands and ATMs, they convinced me that they had visibility into my bank accounts, and there was even a hoax that one of them might work at the bank though Chase assured me that when employees open customer accounts, the action is tracked.

For the longest time, I refused to use my ATM card as a debit card, even at the bank. Until recently, I would see a teller and present my driver’s license to access my account. In recent months, having concluded that the mobbers, because they work with real estate investors, neighborhood watches and investors, were unlikely to carry out at least most of the threats they made, I started using my bank card to make debit transactions and for general banking purposes at ATMs. It had become obvious that these are people who want to avoid leaving a paper trail. The goal is, as I have stated before, a “white-glove” constructive eviction, where there is no sign of coercion or other crime, and where victim reports are ignored because the racket is unusual and because the perpetrators spread malicious gossip and even make statements in court that a reporting victim is crazy, and even paranoid schizophrenic. All of the safeguards I tried to apply in making transactions and, indeed, in pursuing my life, have made little difference anyway. The mobbers are always there on the radio, on the WiFi, or on some speaker. That’s what the neighborhood watch and their developer and real estate speculator friends pay them for.

Tonight was no different. The mobbers were there at the Chase ATM as I inserted my bank card. The usual harassment was clear on the speaker at the ATM (“Move on!” “You’re ugly, old, and too bold!” “Get out!”), a speaker probably provided to call for assistance from a teller. But tonight, I began to speak directly to the camera. I explained that I was being harassed as I made the transaction and that I had been harassed in this manner for nearly two years. I asked Chase Bank to secure their wireless network and the speakers that criminals were accessing to stalk me.

A footnote: If these criminal harassers who call themselves mobbers find it so easy to access bank speakers, and if those speakers are accessed through the wireless network, what other information about transactions can they see? The same methods of intrusion could conceivably allow hackers to lurk and get confidential information about any transaction by any person.

The stalking of one person affects all of us. Cases such as mine must be investigated, the racket exposed, and the criminals brought to justice.



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