Mobbed in the locker room (part 3)

The lap swimming pool at Lynnwood Recreation Center is covered by a steeped roof whose peak is roughly in the pool’s middle. The roof is glass cut into panes. The walls that surround the pool on three sides are also mostly sectioned panes of glass. On one end of the pool, at the south wall of the building, is a dry sauna and jacuzzi. One the other, a therapy pool and then the exit to the locker rooms. Small banks of speakers run the length of the pool on either side; these are complemented by panel-type baffles to modulate noise.

When I swam in a pool in Shoreline, the speakers were over the pool. Here at Lynnwood, the configuration of the speakers on either side of the pool in combination with the building architecture of the steeped roof that crests in the center of the pool, alters the effect of what is probably speaker harassment as I swim.

In the last days I swam at Shoreline Pool before it was closed for maintenance, I asked them if they used underwater speakers. This was because my general experience of the harassment during swimming is that I hear it with my head partially to fully submerged, and not so much when my head is above water. Shoreline Pool said they did not. I had wondered about the use of a submarine radio band, but perhaps that is not required.

At Lynnwood Recreation Center, the harassment comes pretty clearly from same speakers that amplify music and public announcements. This is probably the best alternative for the pool area since the bleachers and deck chairs that seat those most likely to carry active cell phones are more distant and less occupied than those at Shoreline Pool. This means that I would probably not hear harassment that mobbers send to the speakers of those cell phones.

At the Lynnwood Recreation Center, the harassment is louder when music is being played; that is, the harassment is most audible when the speakers are being used, in other words, when the sound system is turned on and the volume is elevated so that those in the pool area can hear the music. My lane position can make a greater difference in the level of the harassment at this pool than it did at the smaller Shoreline facility. When the music is on, I hear less harassment when I swim in the center lanes. If there are many swimmers in the pool, the harassment becomes quieter; the sound may be broken up by the increasingly disturbed waters.

After swimming, I use the sauna. This makes it almost quiet. Sometimes I hear a harassing statement inside the sauna that comes from the pool area but it remains distant and less intrusive for me.

I also use the jacuzzi. The positioning of the jacuzzi is, interestingly, behind the speakers and in front of a partially windowed wall with a few windows that are usually cracked open. Here the harassment can be very quiet, especially if I keep my head below the pool deck. The open windows would break any surface harassment from outside or change the air currents that affect the sound waves. The positioning of the jacuzzi behind the speakers would weaken the waves of sound.

After using the jacuzzi, I return to the locker room, shower and dress. At Shoreline Pool and at Lynnwood Recreation Center, there is increased harassment when there are others present and especially when they carry active cell phones in their hands. Public swimming pools generally prohibit the use of cell phones in locker rooms; nevertheless, they are widely used and even if they are left in their owners’ bags, they tend to be on. I suspect that most people travel with wireless, cell and location tracking on.

The real estate mobbers rarely get a chance to harass me on my phone when I am not making a phone call; I do not leave my phone on and I generally shut down the channels on it that I have seen used for harassment. It could be, however, that even if I did not, the mobbers would mob me on the cell phones of others who do not know what mobbing is or sounds like, others who do not know that I am being mobbed. This could be a strategy they use as a matter of course to avoid detection, especially when they have a victim who is a reporter, like me.

To ensure that their harassment of the mobbing victim cannot be detected, mobbers must monitor their environment. This means that mobbing requires knowledge of the cell phones that might be available as a means to harass their victim, and those who are close enough to the victim to make out the harassing statements. To use the cell phones of those close to me, the mobbers must criminally lurk on them and utilize their speakers. Invasion of privacy is intrinsic in this approach to harassing a victim out of his or her home. This means that when someone is being mobbed in a public locker room or bathroom, the mobbers also violate the privacy of and commit a cyber-crime that affects those around them. The mobbers do not know whether the cell phone that is turned on in the locker room belongs to a minor child or adult. They don’t know if a sensitive child, for example, who hears a slur intended for me will think it is meant for them. I do not know if the mobbers camfect and might actually be spying on those in the dressing room in order to harass me, or might just make use of their speakers. But based on my experiences, I am sure that when criminals stalk someone, they violate the rights of others and likely endanger them as well. This is why cases like mine should not be ignored.

The implications of this are ominous: That a corrupt neighborhood watch would collude with developers and speculators in their neighborhood to have a renter criminally stalked and harassed from a property they want to “turn over” and, in effect, would engage in this racket knowing that the harassers would follow the victim into public places, locker rooms and bathrooms and while attempting to “chase” her from her home would also monitor and violate the privacy of minor children and of other women. Stalking crimes victimize everyone. Mobbing, where the victim is painted as the “Village Idiot,” is the “It takes a village” approach to harassment. Perhaps this is why neighborhood watch organizations are alternately called “community watches.”

I write this is in hopes that it will encourage people to press for an investigation into the racketeering in my neighborhood that could prompt such a crime. The tactics that are used on me have likely been used on others with good success. This means that the privacy of people in public places is routinely violated by criminals in this manner. This is what those mobbing me paid for—for me to be relentlessly pursued wherever I go until I finally give notice and they can press my landlords to sell their first home, probably to the developer whose offer they already turned down or to the owner of one or both of the mobbing houses who’ve openly talked about how my tenancy here is stopping them from “building out.” To vent their spite and sate their greed, they would turn criminals loose on the community.

Am I, the victim, responsible for the criminals following me into locker rooms and jumping on the cell phones of minor children? I think not. To say otherwise would be a pretty bad case of “blame the victim.” But my willingness to report this crime and the sacrifice I’ve made in staying in this situation for two years to keep my home, these acts should make it possible to discourage crimes like this in future, if only the FBI will investigate this probable ring of criminal tenant “clearers” or real estate speculators who make the criminal harassment of tenants from their legal homes part of their investment platform.

Lastly, how is the swimming pool harassment enabled? Wireless is always the weak link. Since the mobbers live around me combining the techniques of surveillance, hacking and harassment, they can learn my plans by eavesdropping on my phone calls or listening to my port 80 traffic, for example, when I check the website to see what hours Lynnwood Recreation Center has lap swim. They can follow me there—they probably expected a short-lived mobbing that would not leave the area so following is likely and within keeping of their general method of operation. You have to chase the tenant to get her to run.

Once they know where I’m going, before a habit is established, they can probably use an IMSI catcher in the parking lot to get information about all of the cell phones that are active. They can map the available wireless networks and their access points using a software scanner. And they can probably get GPS information on the location of each of the cell phone devices and map them against the facility I’m in. Early on in the mobbing, I do remember the harassers warning me that they had every inch of my home mapped out using GPS. At the time I dismissed it; the mobbers have often and obviously made statements such as that in an attempt to induce panic and make me flee my home. But I can see now how GPS coordinates could be useful when mapped against access points or speaker-enabled devices used to harass, especially in a “surround sound” system of harassment when the mobbers occupy the residences on either side of the property they want to subsume.

The only question then is how they would track me through the facility. They would either have to guess, based on time, whether I’m in the showers or the pool, or they would have to jump on the facility wireless which probably gives easy access to cameras in the facility as well as to public address speakers they can use to harass their victim. Camfecting the cell phones of those around me might be of limited use based on placement. Once there is a routine established, or perhaps once the mobber monitoring me at home sees me leave my home with a swimming bag, they know I’ll reach Lynnwood in a given amount of time. They might not even have to follow or use any camera system on the highway if they watch the facility cameras for my arrival. And if they lurk on the wireless network they might be able to pick up cell phone information for any devices that are joined to the network without the use of IMSI catchers.

Of course, this is speculative based on what knowledge I’ve accumulated in the months over the mobbing. I am not a hacker. But has raised the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the tenant clearers who are mobbing me to $5,000 and expects to be able to find matching funds in the community. Real estate mobbing is highly criminal and needs to be exposed. If you’re a hacker who thinks you can explain how it would work, please comment and I will publish the comments. When it comes to preventing predatory and deceptive crimes like this one, knowledge certainly is power. When it comes to persuading investigative authorities like the Seattle Police Department to escalate this matter to the FBI for investigation, knowledge is everything.






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