Mobbed in the locker room (part 2)

Yesterday I read an article on the web that used the term “Tenant Relocator” for a professional tenant harasser in New York. Perhaps the “service” they provide of “relocating” a tenant does not always include harassment. I’ve planned a blog on the rhetoric of documenting real estate mobbing that will talk about how to write a believable account of a crime that the criminals who do it design to be unbelievable. The term “Tenant Relocator” is a sometimes euphemistic name given by the classes who hire these consultants to use legal or semi-legal means to “clear” renters; the term “real estate mobbing” is used in this blog to mean forced eviction accomplished by criminal means. I settled on the use of the latter term based on the harassers own declarations that they are “the mob” or “mobbers,” and that they are “property mobbing” me and the property on which I legally reside. This dovetailed with the use of the term “real estate mobbing” that I found in published documents on forced eviction by the United Nations and Amnesty International.

At least twice in the last week, when I’ve been talking to people outside, the nasty co-captain of the neighborhood watch has come out and made a grand disturbance of throwing things around on the deck in front of her driveway. She opens and slams shut the lids of her garbage cans and flings blocks of wood across her deck. The people I’m talking to look over in alarm. I don’t bother. Her displays return to her old “normal” as I settle in new roommates and prepare to begin a new piece of work out of town. Her scheme to have me harassed from my home and to force the sale of the property, every bit as grand as her maliciousness, has failed, and after two years of continuous stalking, monitoring, and harassment, the owners of the mobbing houses on either side of me, owners who either are real estate mobbers or employ them, have only created a tremendous criminal and civil exposure for themselves, the malicious  co-captain, and their speculator cronies. The harassment coming was intensified last night and this morning, making it hard to get enough sleep. Symptoms of physical stress that were evident as I lay down to sleep last night continue today, including an increased heart rate, a feeling of squeezing in the temples and brow, a running nose and constricted respiration. To finally sleep last night, in addition to the sound board, I stacked pillows around me in an attempt to further dampen sound from windows already laden with sound board.

The winds have picked up this morning, but I can still hear the voice of the owner of the north house inside my home demanding me to “Move on!” This is the owner of the much esteemed and supposedly benevolent profession who eavesdropped on my discussion with Seattle Police when I told them about the harassment being put onto my wireless TV when they showed up to my door after he made a complaint about my legal noise. This was when he was under a temporary restraining order not to harass me, before I attempted to get an anti-harassment order because of the radio-based and wireless harassment and stalking. This man then, banking on the court’s lack of familiarity with this type of harassment, stood in front of the court and asked if I had in fact told the police such a thing. The judge, having never heard of such a strange thing, picked up on the insinuation that I had a screw loose and banged the gavel: “Dismissed!” This is one of the mobbers’ plays in the courtroom that should get them indicted for obstruction of justice.

In court that day were the owners of the south and north mobbing houses, the malicious co-captain of the malignant neighborhood watch, the girlfriend of the owner of the south mobbing house whose voice has played such a strong role in the harassment and who posed as the “queen bee” of the mob at its outset and their attorney, and the snarky thirty-something with a BMW who responded to my complaint to the Washington Bar Association about him saying one night when I was outside my home that he was “evicting a senior” and would have “her out tonight” by including my complaint as an exhibit in his poorly written complaint and  alleging that I was harassing him. That’s also a routine tactic these people use, and threaten to use, to shut their victims up. These people who’ve now been engaged in a criminal effort to harass me from my home for nearly two years laughed their way out of the courtroom that day, donning designer sunglasses and flashing smiles. And this morning the man of the benevolent profession who has openly stood outside in his yard and complained, “We won’t get her out for not gardening,” and backhandedly threatened me, “She’ll leave when she sees what we have in store” for [some other renters who left after a year in this neighborhood which included fighting an attempt on the part of the malicious co-captain across from me to get an order of protection against them in court] plays an active role in the harassment, demanding “I want her out.” My understanding is that he has building permits which last year were extended into this year.

“I want her out” is a statement in the harassment that has been said by the voices of the owners of the north and south mobbing houses. I suspect that like, “We’re harassing the Village Idiot,” this is stock in trade in their mobbing-style harassment in which the harassers play the role of aggrieved home owners (also called “Krolls” in the harassment, now that I think of it), the spiteful captains of the neighborhood watch, and the small-time speculators and house flippers who often combine this with accusations that I’m “ruining [their] biz” and that my mobbing is a “professional real estate hit.”

In the last year, I’ve raised my own rent to ensure my landlords are getting closer to market value on this house, and I’ve done so despite ongoing and brutal harassment from third parties. I’ve had the gutters cleaned, I’ve finally started to do landscaping in the garden that I can be proud of and I started a blog about “mobbing” style tenant harassment—this blog—that I hope will educate people about a brutal and deceptive form of tenant “clearing” that probably happens in the United States a lot more than we might have thought.

I’d like to get a couple more blogs up before I head out of town, but might settle for just this one and my monthly letter to the Washington State Attorney General, various local officials, and the Seattle Tenants Union.

Heads up, FBI, I’m going to another state to do some work and this is a great opportunity to track the stalking. Typically when I leave the state in a vehicle as I’ll be doing this weekend, I’m harassed all the way to my destination on the radio, something that is audible even without a connected iPhone and with volume I can muffle to some extent by turning over air conditioning, venting, and lowering the volume control on the car radio but something I cannot altogether stop. Once I’m at my destination, there is usually harassment obvious over access points, radios, and telephone. But this time I’m staying in a different place, and there may be people there with better hearing than the older relative I was staying with last time I worked out of town. The layout of the house and the location and use of wireless access points and radio inside it will affect it. Since I’ll be working at a different place in a different location, my habits will also be different. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out. It’s possible that these changes will increase the challenge level for the mobbers or, if I’m lucky, their increasing risk of detection could quiet the harassment substantially. One constant will be swimming, so I’ll finish up this blog in advance to make clear how the monitoring happens in public locker rooms and bathrooms.

With any luck, I’ll write some blogs while out of town. And, another heads up FBI, there will be a round trip flight on a weekend from my work locale. This could be a chance to dispense with my speculation in Flying the friendly skies, and to find out  exactly how the real estate mobbers who’ve been stalking me and trying to harass me from my home “mob” in airports and on airplanes.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like living in my situation. Even if I say that the harassment is almost continuous, the experience of it probably won’t be grasped by anyone who has never been in my situation, anyone who has not been continuously stalked, monitored, and harassed. I note that it is possible that at least some points, they harass me with sound loops (a recording that endlessly repeats) and do not listen, but for their own safety, and the safety of the real estate speculators and neighborhood watch members who were instrumental in setting up my mobbing, the real estate mobbers are likely always watching to avoid the detection that would take place if the wrong person overheard the harassment that is vented, projected or transmitted into my home.

My refusal to leave my home has required me to live in a state of constant monitoring and harassment as I lived before I became aware of it. As I’ve become acculturated to it, the harassment has become less and less of a factor in my daily activities. So I rise, I respond to email with the sound turned off on my laptop. I respond to calls while ignoring the demand, heard from my speaker, to “Get out!” and “Move on!” I shower and dress while giving as little attention as possible to the insults and the threats. Some of the time, a shift of attention silences them. If I listen to music in the car, I listen loud and with cell, wireless, and GPS tracking turned off as much as possible. If I stand at the sink in front of the windows that have always been a target for the mobbers in the south mobbing house, I focus on the task at hand and, if I cannot, I get a piece of sound board and prop it up onto the window sill. If I go to the bathroom, I ignore the chatter if I can and, if not, I put packages of toilet paper and bottles of shampoo on the window sill to block and break up what is probably harassment projected onto surfaces. They have crafted a mode to harassment no matter the environment I’m in.

When I am in public, the mobbers must take care. But this does not stop them from harassing me in public spaces shared with others, even public spaces where privacy is carefully guarded.

(To be continued…)



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