Reporting cell phone harassment

When the real estate mobbing began, I was phone phreaked, my cordless calls were apparently intercepted as voices that sounded curiously like my neighbors began chattering on my line and pretending that the wires were crossed, and the intercom function on my cordless phone was used to monitor me—something I realized after coming into the bedroom and seeing the monitoring light active.

When I finally moved to a cell phone, my calls were immediately intercepted and there was harassment on the line whenever I used the phone. I didn’t yet know about IMSI catchers, nor had I seen the satellite phone contractor working on the line of the mobbing house to the south of me at that point.

It soon became clear to me that the harassment on the cell phone was enabled by the speaker of the device itself and that I could modulate it by turning off the ringer, checking for open sound or video applications, turning down the phone volume, and turning down the volume on iTunes. I also began to check for open applications.

Today I called the Chase Bank 800 number—the one that used to be the Washington Mutual toll free number: 1-800-756-8000—for account information. For some time it’s been apparent that the harassment during phone calls interferes with automated answering systems properly understanding the numbers I press or the information I say. I’ve had calls terminated and many, many frustrating calls when I’ve tried again and again to input sensitive information including account and payment data but each attempt is thwarted either by the simultaneous harassment that is channeled through my speakers or perhaps by intentional interference that likely includes monkey-wrenching by sending other tones or terminating the connection.

I know now that IMSI catchers make it easy to perform a “man-in-the-middle” attack on a cell phone, intercepting the call and allowing for eavesdropping. I do not know if an IMSI catcher makes it possible to speak on the call as well. I imagine if my calls are picked up by an IMSI catcher in the neighborhood, they can drop the call.

At any rate, today when I got tired of the inability of the automated phone system to understand my input by voice and on the keypad, I got a bank employee on the line and explained that I was being harassed on my phone, that this had been going on for a very long time and that it was connected to neighborhood development and that those known to me are involved. I asked the bank employee to tell a supervisor to see if there was a process used to report lurking on confidential calls with one’s bank.

Because of the apparent lack of interest of the Seattle Police and the fact that the cell phone harassment came later and has been just one type of harassment the mobbers have used, I haven’t specifically reported it. I did report the “party line” effect and harassment on the cordless phone and the analog one I briefly returned to afterward to Century Link, but it was very difficult to even get to talk to a customer service representative who knew what “phone phreaking” was. I think, since this is another indication of hacking that usually interests the FBI, I will call the police and make a formal report this week.

It’s now almost two years since I’ve been able to make a phone call without having to listen to harassment at the same time.

Come on Washington Attorney General and Seattle City Attorney, the past two years of my life I have been a victim to continuous monitoring, stalking and a host of felonies designed to scare me out of my home. This is professional tenant clearing and an investigation should easily expose it. No good city should let criminals do this to legal residents. The good City of Seattle must ensure that neighborhood watch organizations, developers and real estate speculators who would do this are harshly dealt with.



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