Don’t steal cars near houses that are being mobbed

Last night the new owner of a home near me told me that a new Audi was stolen from his driveway earlier this month. I hadn’t heard.

If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you know that I’ve had security cameras. At present, I only have one, but after the new home owner told me about the loss of his vehicle, I checked my security footage to see if it included the stretch of time during which the Audi was stolen. It does.

At any rate, I told the home owner he could drop by and see if the framing of the video might make it worth reviewing or turning over to the police.

The thing is that, in my experience of this real estate mobbing, I am constantly being monitored. What is happening to me is a crime that is highly illegal. To protect their interests and those of their associates or supporters in the neighborhood watch, in development, and in real estate speculation, the real estate mobbers must monitor my driveway and the street. I have noted in the past that at least some of the harassment is quieted when police cars, cars with scanning radios, are close by me. This requires an eye on the street that I have assumed to be constant.

And that means that there may be a real estate mobber or professional tenant clearer, especially one who might have been working in the house to the north of me that is directly across the street from where the Audi was stolen, who might have seen something, and had a better view than my security camera, when the vehicle was stolen.

Because of the constant threats included in the harassment from the neighboring houses, harassment that has been intended to scare me out of my home, this column is anonymous. But I write a letter, at least monthly, that is addressed to the Attorney General, the Seattle City Attorney and other officials. And the police do know who I am. I hoped that this combination of anonymity and reporting would protect me until I could get an investigation. So if the information in this blog is used, I would hope that it is used in a way that continues to protect me, and perhaps finally to investigate and arrest the real estate mobbers and let me get back to my life.


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